To design our own inv card or use hotel provided card?


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Like aiyoyo, I gave my friends and the closer colleagues handmade cards. I used the hotel's cards for relatives.

Here's a pic of my DIY card...



I sent the inserts to a printer to print the text in gold.


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I used a template, draw out the design on the card and used very sharp scissors to cut. U know those, small small sharp sharp metallic Made in China kind? Hehe...


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hi chicklet, the dynamic pages of elaine's website doesn't seem to work. I loaded them but there's no content after clicking on the flags. hm.. would you be able to PM me the card you mentioned? How much did the card, printing etc cost u? Thanks!


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hi, the hotel provided card which i don't want,i want my wedding card design like a bookmark, can i ask for discount or change other thing???


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Sure you can miss, you can negotiate or discuss it with your hotel's coordinator.

Sidenote > I got my friend to design the insert for me. I picked my card from overseas which I loved it at first sight!


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Hi all,
Juz wondering izzit more pratical to use the hotel cards or DIY my cards if i have abt only 15tables?


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Hi pongy,
I think its pretty subjective. I would engage a designer to design a front cover for my cards to create some personal touch then send for printing. =)