TNP Story on Sunday : Would you pay this guy $8,000 to take your wedding pictures?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by dodolet, Nov 18, 2008.

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  2. academy_video

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    Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

    And I love reading the comments too!

    Still, the couples are the Judge, because they are the ones who pay for the services, so it's up to them to judge the value of paying $2000, $4000, $8000 or even $10,000 for an AD photographer.

    As a matter of fact, there are couples who are willing to pay few tens of thousands for an AD photographer.
  3. inspirationphoto

    inspirationphoto New Member

    hmmmm..... there are many many things one can comment. But ultimately, it's up to the couple to decide[​IMG]
  4. canbear

    canbear New Member

    True, it's up to the couples to decide.

    But somehow I find sometimes all these have been over-hyped.

    There are some who cannot afford the high prices but go ahead with the booking.

    Just know that, after all the hype, your albums will be stored cold in the storeroom or some cupboard for many years to come. No one cares how you looked or remembers what you wore immediately after they've viewed your album. Life goes on.

    Of course if you can afford it, yeah, go ahead. But if you are tight on budget, think carefully on how and where you splurge your money.
  5. angl17

    angl17 New Member

    I have a friend who flew in their photographer from US. They are well-to-do, but not really all that rich. Just that they appreciate photography enough to allocate a large part of their budget for wedding on photography.

    I will most likely be hiring Ken Teo of Colourdots. He's not charging 8k for sure, but some of my friends also commented that he's not cheap. However, my HTB and myself could see the value of his work so we're prepared to sacrifice in other areas.
  6. ahboyahbao

    ahboyahbao New Member

    it's a free market, so long as the customers know what they're entering into and getting, and likes what they're getting, who's qualified to say they're over/under spending? ;-)

    nevertheless, one shouldn't get carried away by the typical thinking of "good things not cheap, cheap things no good!".

    for those who are doing ROM and wedding dinner on the same day, you only have 1 chance to get your AD photography done well. so make your choice carefully. ;-)

    make very sure you're comfortable with the photographer and his/her style. research more, go into photography forums and look out for his/her work or comments on him/her.

    post in this forum or others to seek out his/her ex-customers to get their feedback.
  7. kiki123

    kiki123 New Member

    who will be in the right of mind to spend 8k on AD photography? I guess nowadays couples are willing to spend this kind of money because of peer pressure from surrounding ppl and friends. They have the mentality that cheap means low class, expensive means good. They will feel embarrassed or getting called cheapskate if they employ a cheap PG for AD. Those that spend so much on AD photography, few really knows how to appreciate the PG work. My advise to couples : No point spending too much on photography since it will only be view once by friend & relatives and yourself too. Save up and put the cash to better use.
  8. kc_of_greymatter

    kc_of_greymatter New Member

    Hi Peter Chan, I am KC, a photographer and also a friend of 2 of the photographers interviewed in the article. I just wish to say that one shouldn't second guess or assume what a couple would think unless you really know the couple who have spent $8K on photography.

    1) If it's indeed due to peer pressure, that means the coupe have many friends who can spend $8k on photography. Does it mean the wedding photography market is maturing and more and more people realise the true value of good photography? On the other hand, if out of 10 friends, only 1 spend $8k, then I can hardly qualify that as peer pressure.

    2) Do you know of any couple who spend $8k but yet do not know how to "appreciate the PG work"? Maybe they do, and they find something appealing in those photogs' works that make them willingly part the money in the first place?

    3) Cheap means low class, expensive means good. If the photogs concerned are expensive and yet produce low class work, then it's just a matter of time they go out of business. There are photogs who are cheap and good, no doubt, and I think given a chance, the really good ones will want more monetary recognition for the good work they are doing. That's simple economics. Dare I say this, Kuang and Kelvin Koh were once cheap and good too.

    4) Again, do you know of any couple who has spent $8k and they only viewed their albums once and forget about the whole thing? Those who view their albums only once are probably looking at albums that don't "wow" them. To want to spend money on photography means the couple value the photos and they are the ones who love to look at beautiful captures of their wedding day so that they can always remember the lovely feelings they have for their loved ones. If my wedding photos can't convey that feeling, I'd probably won't give my photos a second look as well.

    Conclusion: pls don't do the discerning couples a disservice by claiming that they are ignorant, crass and vain. perhaps they really don't know much about wedding photography, but as long as they can fall in love again and again upon relooking at the wedding photos, I'd say that it's money well spent! On a lighter note, who says love can't be bought?

    Finally, let me ask you this:
    Who would in the right mind pay $60,000 for a Patek Philippe watch? Do they know much about the movement and mechanics of the watch? Maybe most don't, but that do not prevent them from getting something they love and can connect on an emotional level. I guess I won't understand them until I am able to afford one myself.
  9. happinessbliss

    happinessbliss New Member

    Hi Peter,

    I for one will not pay 8K for photography... but i will not say the people pay due to peer pressure... I have frds who went overseas for their PS and spend more then 10K including airtix for the photgrapher... and also I have a frd who engage Chris Ling as photographer and paid thousand of dollars.... The pics turn out really good....
    Peer pressure? Nope.... at least not for me.... This is really very personal.... Some people are more willing to spend on photography cos to them it is everlasting... some might be more willing to spend on banquet cos of fairytale march in or so.... so it is really up to individual choice...
  10. canbear

    canbear New Member

    Sometimes it's following the trend blindly. In a sense, it's sort of like peer pressure in a silly way.

    Some couples do spend a lot on weddings because it seems the "way to go", based on what they've seen done previously by their friends and relatives.

    The overused "once in a lifetime" tagline is really just an excuse used by bridal studios and photographers to get the couple all hyped up and want to spend spend spend.

    Seriously, after all the hype is gone, life's back to normal. Just make sure you don't riddle yourself in debts.

    At the end of the day, the wedding day is just a process. Theoretically, a couple can spend very little to just get the cert to certify they are married. What I'm saying is, it is the AFTER marriage that is a lot more important than planning the wedding. Or even the wedding day itself.

    Spend wisely.
  11. kiki123

    kiki123 New Member

    Hi KC, although i do not agree with what you have said but i believe you're right in your perspective. Im just voicing my thoughts as a consumer point of view whereas you as a "service provider" point of view. With this logic, of cos there will be a conflict of interest. The customer will always want the best and cheapest deal whereas the provider will always want better monetary recognition for their service. Guess it takes both hands to clap.

    I do encounter couples whom borrowed money to engage a high end PG as they couldn't afford it. No one is at the right mind to buy a 60k Patek Philippe watch but if they are filthy rich, 60k is peanuts to them. But if ordinary folks borrow money and go into a debt because of the watch purchase, then it's a sad thing. This also applies to the high cost of engaging a high end PG.

    I agree with what David Chan as mentioned.There's always the peer pressure to outdo other wedding couples to make it the most unique and special to impress their relatives and friends. What is important is the life after the marriage staying together. When a marriage is in trouble, i don't think a beautifully taken photo could do much help
  12. canbear

    canbear New Member

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I can't understand why couples have to resort to borrowing money to engage a high end photographer. I can't be unreasonable to say it's wrong. But personally, I'd say it's unwise.

    Actually, if you scout around, there are many reasonable ones which charge a lot less than the $8k of even less than $2k that we often read.
  13. kiki123

    kiki123 New Member

    you are right david, there are lots of cheaper PG that charges less than 2k. I engage one PG during my AD shoot that cost only about 1.5k with all soft copies and also a 40 page hardcover album.

    Hope couples that read this thread be prudent in realising their dream wedding. With some research and planning, you can get the best out of every dollar.
  14. joanne__huanghui

    joanne__huanghui New Member

    you're right, it really depends on how much research you do, and I guess as long you put your effort with your HTB or WTB, I'm sure you'll find a package and photographer that you'll trust with your day.

  15. melpin

    melpin New Member

    Peter: Agree with you on that.

    Afterall, its a free market and consumers are free to decide on how much they're willing to pay. Same goes for PG and VG companies, they reserve to right to charge exorbitantly if they wish.

    Just spend within our means especially when the recession hasn't even got into full swing.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  16. cupcakepris

    cupcakepris New Member

    Hi Peter, rich people borrow money too. Anyway I don't see why ordinary folks can't spend on wedding day. To me, it's my day. I'll save money for the wedding I want.

    Actually, I went to a few friend's weddings in Australia, their photographers are so much more expensive and the works so so.

    Subjective lah. Also depends on which country.
  17. scullywally

    scullywally New Member

    Other than spending money on a wedding photographer/videographer within your means - there's an element of luck too, I guess.

    Some people say if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. So if you opt for a cheaper photographer, don't expect too much.

    Was wondering if anyone out there paid a fair bit for their actual-day or pre-wedding photographer/videographer but were left disappointed?
    That's a bigger issue I think, not getting your money's worth
  18. paintednails

    paintednails New Member

    i agree with rachel.

    the thing is, if everything was cheap, who would still want to be a ............? (fill in the blanks with any job)

    when a top management hires, do they look at the cheapest wanted salary?

    if you want cheap, then most likely budding photographers. they can be good n cheap, BUT they will not be cheap forever.

    just like any other 9-5 job, being a photographer is a professional job.

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