Tips needed for losing weight


Eat clean and less processed food and more strength + cardio workouts :)
For tummy area bulges, agree that eating clean is very important. Mainly more fresh veg and meat, less oil less salt and especially less sugar. Very easily done just by reducing the 3; there is no need to completely eliminate them otherwise the cravings come back doubly strong.

I've also been taking pilates for cheap at a CC once a week since Feb, which is my primary form of exercise besides the very infrequent cardio stuff like running and taking the stairs up to my house. Pilates trains and strengthens the body core muscles which in turn increases metabolism for more effective fat-burning. Although I haven't lost much weight on the scale, I've dropped one UK size and my body contours and posture have improved a lot in half a year. Both my instructor and classmates have commented on the visual difference.


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