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Hi All,

I am a BTB2023, and had an unpleasant experience with Tiffining Beauty which I would like to informed all Brides who are planning to engaged her or have engaged her.

She is a dishonest and disrespectful makeup artist. When I engaged her, I thought that she was honest as most of her reviews from her client was positive but little did I know that there were many other brides who has been blinded by all these positive reviews. They posted it on social media and there were negative feedback from them which you could find it on telegram channels like SingaporeBrides BTB 2023.

My story was that Tiffining Beauty didnt gave me many dates to choose for my trial makeup just 2/3weeks before my wedding. I engaged her in Nov and had read the clause. In early March 2023, she casually told me that she was in labor in July 2023 and didnt gave me much choices to do my trial makeup as I suggested. Thus, I took up the courage to ask for a credit conversion (which was stated in the invoice) into pre-wed makeup which lead to her imposing a one-sided clause (T&C) on me stating that she reserves the rights to amend the T&C without prior notice. If she was honest in the first place when I engaged her by telling me those dates which were unavailable, at least it will give me some buffer time to arrange. After much nasty responses she was very reluctant to converting it. End of the day she did.

After the pre-wed Makeup, she posted a before photo of me (not taken by her) on her social media with nasty comments. The photos were posted without seeking my permission at all. It was very unprofessional of her to do that.

I am doing this thread to create awareness of this kind of behavior to expect from her and hope all the other brides were brave to come out and inform others of her bad behavior.


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