Thyroid Surgery anyone??


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Can anyone share with me your experience on thyroid surgery and any recommended surgeon? My nodule has been with me for 7years and i'm seriously considering taking it out but am worried of the risk...


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hi HB, i see a doctor in SGH Dr Tan Hong Chay for my thyroid actually. I have several nodules around my thyroid and recently it went "to sleep" causing me to have increase in weight. (70kg in 3 months). He didnt advise me to remove or not as at the end of the day the decision lies to me, it was clear however if I chose to remove it I will back on life-long medication. Either female hormones or levothyroxine. currently I'm on the latter, and no I didnt opt to remove my thyroid and it has been with me for the past 13 years.


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Hi happybuns,

My bro's gf just have the surgery 2 weeks ago. Her condition was pretty stable all along, but she doesn't want to be on medication for life. Similarly, her doctor in mt. e is neutral on whether to go for surgery, she was the one who insist on having the surgery.

She was admitted early in the morning 8am and hospitalise for 2 nights. After the operation, there are 2 tubes sticking out of the lower area of the neck. Look kinda painful to me, as these 2 tubes are used to drain off those 'excess' blood from the operation. The tubes lead to a small bottle where you can hold on your hands. Those blood are still in liquid form in the bottle. I can shake and hold them also.

She had 1 tube off after the 1st night and the remaining tube was taken off on the day she was discharged. She told me that its very painful to take them out.

After discharge, there's a follow up and a blood test to test if everything is cleared off.


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I have a thyroid nodule that swells and goes away from time to time. It was discovered in Oct 2006 but only swelled to a big size about a year ago (which is abt 8 months after I gave birth). I have been seeing a TCM and a specialist.My thyroid functions are on the lowest end of the normal range and I have been put on levothydixin (50mg)for abt 3 mths.

I feel the symptoms of hypothyroidism whenever the nodule swells to a large size (say abt 7cm) - fatigue, daytime sleepiness and cold intolerance. During days when the swelling subsides (I may not be able to feel or see the nodule at all), I feel absolutely normal and fine. But whenever it swells, I feel like a walking corpse with a big adam's apple (yucks!) and cannot wait to just remove the lump!

The specialist advised me to go for surgery and take it out (risk of changing voice and lifetime medication and of course a neckline scar) once and for all.

The TCM doctor is confident that I will be ok without surgery. He says be patient and treat it slowly.

I am terrified of surgery and believe this is due to hormonal imbalance. I cannot however pinpoint what causes the swelling, and every time the lump grows big, it stays big for abt 2-3 weeks. What should I do? Any advice or sharing of similar experiences will be appreciated


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Hi gals,

My friend had this problem too previously, tried lots of medication and seek Western and Chinese doctors' help, but in vain.

However, after she changed her clothes to a different kind.. Her thyroid condition disappears and never re-occurred again. Never need to go for operation which she dreads.. She's now a happy and normal lady.

No medication or injection or cream. Just by changing the clothes. It's unique, economical, trendy and convenient.

Email me at [email protected] if you're keen to know more.



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I had my full thyroid removed. It was not but choice when they started my surgery only half was to be removed then they descovered that I had tumors on bothsides. I am in remission now but my sister the were more cautious and just removed the side with the tumor and it spread and by the time they removed the otherside it had gotten to her lymphnodes. So I would rather be aggressive and act now then be passive. My advice is that you probably know whats right for you just listen to your body. 1 surgery now versus 2 that is double the recovery time and the risk. Whatever you do I wish you luck and a speedy recovery!!!!


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Just to update that I finally had my thyroid surgery. My nodule was huge at abt 7cm.

The whole surgery is not as painful as I imagined and recovery is also fast. I could eat a piece of bread right after surgery on same day though i swallowed nothing else and vomitted due to effects of GA. By the second day, I could eat as normal. I could also talk. Only discomfort is the drainage tube i had and the IV tube on my hand on the first day.


anyone can recommend any good dr in SGH? my mom is going for thyroid surgery in aug.. this is her second surgery.. first one was 24 years ago..

it grow back and now need to remove her whole thyroid


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Hi Beauty Seet, presently I am having the same problem, mind to share with me your lifestyle now after the operation? How long is your recovery? Is the scar obvious? I want to go for 2nd opinion before deciding the surgeon, mind to recommend your surgeon to me?

Many thanks


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Hi, can someone please recommend any good experienced thyroid surgeons? My mum's going for thyroid surgery and we're at a loss of which surgeon to choose. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.