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Discussion in 'Bridal Gowns and Wedding Packages' started by ml12, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    Anyone signed with TWC?

    Please share with me your package. I just signed with them and would like to know if I got a good deal.. i know they are slightly more expensive than the other bridal boutiques.

    Also, any recommendations for photographer and MUA to choose?


  2. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    What did you sign! I'm a twc bride! I think the package is ok but I love their white gowns.
  3. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    I placed a deposit and can choose between 2 packages. One with pre wed shoot and the other without (just actual day rentals etc). What about you? What perks did they provide you? Somehow I feel that I got pressured into signing and not sure if I got a good deal :( Also I realised for AD, there is only one suit included and not two! Totally forgot to check that..

    Yes i agree. They are on the expensive side but I love their gowns!
  4. fullofdusk

    fullofdusk Member

    I took the one without their PWS and totally loved it. I had the luxury to choose my photographer and 80 photos from the shoot! Best part, I don't have to sit down for 2 hours to choose photos and get pressurized to top up for photos.

    But of course if you prefer it all to be fuss free it's easier to go for the bridal PWS! Just that you have to choose your AD gowns during your PWS gown selection!
  5. ml12

    ml12 New Member

    I’ve decided to for the one without PWS. Will be doing my PWS overseas instead. But they have very kindly included an outdoor dress for me to rent overseas :)

    May I know who is your coordinator? Its been more than a month since I signed with them and they have not assigned me any coordinator. Haven’t heard from them since I signed. Do I need to call the SA myself to ask?

    Also, how early in advance do you choose your gowns?
  6. Jasmine2907

    Jasmine2907 New Member

    hi guys, i'm shortlisting TWC as one of my bridal choices.
    Would you guys be able to share the package with me? (with and without PWS will be good).

    thanks ! :)
  7. kailing21

    kailing21 New Member

    Hi ladies, I also shortlisted TWC. Able to share your packages (with or without PWS) with me pls??? Can pm or email me at
  8. snowy84

    snowy84 New Member

    Hi all, can share the package details without PWS please? Kindly email Thanks
  9. pastelrose

    pastelrose New Member

    I have a TWC package to let go, let me know if you guys are keen!
  10. MissGie

    MissGie Member

  11. Angela.anqi

    Angela.anqi New Member

    I have TWC package to let go . Do let me know if anyone is keen :)
  12. jojoilejolie

    jojoilejolie New Member

    Hi, I'm interested. Can you pm me the details? :)
  13. Angela.anqi

    Angela.anqi New Member

    Pm-ed :)
  14. Ajisai

    Ajisai New Member

    Hi, I just signed with TWC, any coordinator and MUA to recommend?
  15. Heee

    Heee New Member

    Hi I’m interested too! Can pm?

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