Things you hear/see in MRT


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Everyday we take the public transport..train/bus etc) to work/go out(sorry folks.those driving etc miss out these type of 'fun')
What are the things you hear/see on train?want to laugh/ see..yet choose to keep mum..coz happened incident can be quite ugly..

-Yesterday...early morning 8am when the train is soooooo packed..suddenly one lady shouted:"
Stop it, Chris..I am filing a divorce.This problem cant be solved.."
in a stern and angry tone..
and cup the phone..wif e bloodshot eyes
everyday eyes suddenly stare at her..but strangly..every1 quietly stand there ndun dare to move..

-another incident.early morning.there is this small sized young couple.(tik poly students)lovely dovely there..suddenly the guy put one of his hand at the side of the wall (the place where the 2 trains connected) and brushed onto a 'wear-tie' office guy.I guess its just a gentle brush..and the 'wear-tie' guy says in a loud tone...hey.look at what you are doing.
the young guy just apologise.
the wear-tie guy says harsily,dun apologise if you dun feel apologise.
the young guy looks at him,the wear-tie guy want to pick up a fight is it

poor the side,looks like shes going to cry,try to pacify the boyfrend down..
every1's eyesight also towards that direction.

after both males stared at each other for a while...luckily the couple reached dover n get off
y so heated up in early morning?not enough sleep?cant stand pple lovely dovely in front of him?
so what the guy is a professional..wear a tie..also cant tolerate little issue/action

-That day on bus my friend genna anyhw scold by 1 crazy ah ma
ah ma says so long..go die better (in hokkien)
9.30am liao...still haven go to work..go die better in hokkien)
sweat so much..go die hokkien)
he dun noe wan to cry or laugh...haaaa
of coz..tat crazy ah ma also scold other pple.

How about yours?

humans..are funny indeed..


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i saw one young man around 30 or so who brought two girls out with him, who looked to be 13 and 10 respectively. i can't for the world imagine how they could be related but their body language was very bizarre.

as the man is quite big-sized he stood over them, two arms leaning over their heads and bodies, pressing his hands against the window pane. he looks like he wants to corner the girls physically by encroaching their personal space but they did not seem to mind at all. they chatted with him animatedly and happily. the older girl even let him brush his hand against her waist momentarily.

the whole scene smacks of paedophelia and perversion. i can't imagine which parent who allow her precious small daughters to hang out with a dubious man. they alighted at the same stop as me and i almost felt like tailing them. i just wanted to see more and find out if my instincts were right.

in the end i did not, haha.

mrt is the stage where life of ordinary citizens play out. i like to people watch on the train. each carriage is a snapshot of singapore's socio-economic development. but of course, most of the time we see only average or poor people on the train. the rich never ride public transport, unless you are talking about those who get rich by saving money (as opposed to those who earn a lot of money).


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i am just a poor average singaporean



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i don't bother. I would rather observe what are the coolest latest games folks are playing on their iphones nowadays.


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I think I really miss those days of taking buses and MRTs. It is really an opportunity of looking at people.. how interesting they can be.

The last time I took buses it was like 20 plus years ago. MRTs.. hmm like just once or twice a year.

I think human beings are very interesting and in MRTs/buses, we can look at them at close range..


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so heated up in early morning?not enough sleep?cant stand pple lovely dovely in front of him?
so what the guy is a professional..wear a tie..also cant tolerate little issue/action

I suspect that man is chris :p but then i also keep a lookout for cute guys onboard!


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What is the definition of average and poor singaporean???? Is that what Singaporean use as a guide for affluence? Or is that what usually Singaporean think of fellow singaporean riding on a train?


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hi kenturik. aiyo, i am not a government statistician or economist lah. i am only generalising.

i assume that the truly rich do not ride on public transport regularly because if i myself have money overflowing from my pocket, i will be the first one to opt out of SBS and SMRT. if i were rich, those thousands a month spent on keeping a car would mean nothing to me - i become price-inelastic. i won't want to have anything to do with people watching on a train, if i have the means to. so likewise other people, right?


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Why the negativity about public transport?
"I won't want to have anything to do with people watching on a train" The mode of transport changes nothing about the mentality of the people.

When u r rich, others will continue to watch u. They will observe what car u drive and how u drive and park it. Take photo and STOMP it like sour grapes. And if you r famous, good luck to you and say bye bye to your privacy for life. Face it, this is life.


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susanna low Teng Yee (susanna_low) -

that professional wear tie guy is not chris...

different story

chris is the husband of the lady want to divorce

-rich also can take train.
My ex colleague got car...park at hm for wife to drive..take mrt..coz workplace is so near mrt..just a stone throw away in city..n much e hassle to find parking lots in cbd area

i also look out for cute guys n gals on train
will steal glances at them

make my day...ahaaaa


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once i saw a boy, 16 or 17 years old, board the train at Nanyang Poly. he looked like a cute korean boy straight out of a drama serial. what's cuter is that when he saw me looking at him, he looked away like very shy like that. wahahaha !!!!


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dim, tat's meant as a joke lah..

Hi-5 for the cutie guy part, it makes my day to see one :p

but then I agreed rich do take the MRT too and like to people watch, my aunt will take mrt/bus even though she has several luxury cars parked at home


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May, you're such a cougar.

Anyhow, I've not taken MRT in a long time. Not saying anything here, just matter of fact. Do miss it a bit. Altho I do remember once kena crowded train, and then someone farted... you can never tell which carriage it came from, it could have wafted all the way down from the first...

I've not seen much else but a youtube vid of this Indian dude singing and dancing quite hilarious...



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ya loh...who never check blind spot and release their gases..

this indian dude genna gong-tao?
he dun mind genna videoed..haaa


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I am not rich as well. But trust me, nowadays better MRT than driving. Traffic almost ALWAYS jam... even on EXPRESSWAY!

MRT is ok. Too crowded? Step out, wait for another. The only time I'd miss my vehicles will be when late night going home... That's the only time the way is clear to go full blast. LOL~


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I saw this scene on bus while travelling to work this morning.

A young looking chap in black polo n jeans n a sling bag from China who speak fairly fluent English, approached a total of 4-5 pple in the bus asking for directions and where to alight.
This is actually quite normal but things seem got a bit weird when he tried to extend his conversation to each person. At first he will start asking about hp with the first guy he spoke to and asked him where he got his phone. After that he will take out a book and show pple where he work and start passing namecards to them. When he did this to the first guy.. didnt think much bout it.. but then hor.. to 2nd, 3rd .. 4th.. really wondering what he is doing. And finally when he reaches his bus stop, it seems that he knows when to alight and where he is heading to. Why act blur?


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Once, I was reading on the MRT, then I look up and saw a well dressed lady standing in front of me. She had lifted her arms to hold the support... and her armpits were full of hair...


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snoopies (snoopies) -

perhaps he trying to be dish information on the latest cheapest phone..
beat ms

ariel-thats a real turn off man!!


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Not sure tho, only clues in my mind is that
1. He just got a job here, very happy n proud so sharing around telling pple where he's working.
2. In sales... trying to pass namecards ard hoping pple will call him back.



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This incident took place at a bus stop (waiting for public transport haha):

A mother and her 2 daughters were waiting for the bus. Older girl was about 8-9? Younger one about 4-5.

Jiejie, pointing to the 'fcuk' (spelt the correct way lah) carved onto the pillar: Mummy... somebody write here.. F... C... U... K...
Meimei, repeating after her sister: F.. C.. U.. K..?
JJ: Mummy what is F.. C.. U.. K?????
MM: F.. C.. U.. K..!!
JJ, louder this time: Mummy!!! what is F.. C.. U.. K!!!!!!!

The mother ignored them, pretended she didn't hear.

JJ: F.. C.. U.. K...... (tried to pronounce) ffffffff....fffffckkkkk?
MM: ffcckkk???
JJ: fffccckkk?????? ffcckk!!!!!!!
MM: fck!
JJ: fck fck fck fck!!!
MM, repeats after sister: fckfckfckfckfckfckfckfckfck!!!!!!

The mother was so embarrassed and trying to shush her girls.. and everyone at the bus stop was trying not to laugh. It was the most hilarious scene ever!


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That is a cute one..
stimes when you see kids say innocently things out w/o any ill intention....can be quite hilarious

once at taxi stand.those red cab r bigger than that blue transit..
then while queuing up...lots of blue comforts and 1 red one..
this little boi says...mami..y tat car so fat one..i dun want to sit.

another incident is we are having buffet...after 1 hr later....the little gal talking to her mum and flip up her blouse and point to her stomach
mami big..
with the happy face
the mother like so paiseh...say wei..put that down..

so cute..


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femme, i can't help it, wahahahahaha!

Scope, I agreed! I can't imagine driving to work early in the morn! Too sleepy
to concentrate and traffic is a killer! Prefer to take MRT home rather to ask
my hb to come and fetch me! I rather spent a few
mins more to wait for a less crowded train and
it only takes 20mins by train from AMK to Raffles plc!

dim, my little gal did that too! except that she's flipping up my skirt
*faintz* luckily there's no 1 ard~

I recalled a foreigners smooching passionately throughout the train journey in the morn! Perhaps they can't get enough of last night


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susanna low Teng Yee -
yest nite nt enough..cannot continue longer.
haaaaa..i am sure u understand too :p

your little also very are curious hor..

if your hse is near mrt.
stimes mrt is faster than the most take to the nearest mrt and ask your hb to fetch u from mrt rite..
better from all e way from hm to fetch ya



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dim, they continued part 2 on train, luckily "Chris" wasn't there or else if they bump into him, bound to be "chiam", sure kanna "hood" until jiatluck jiatluck!

My small one is 4 and behaving like a little parrot now. My cousin shared with me this little joke:

My ger asked her: How are you doing?
Cousin: I am fine
My ger: I am four

wahahaha faintz!! At times she will tell tales about my parents, telling me how my mum scolded my dad then i asked scold wat, she will say "scold until jiatluck jiatluck"

She really made my day!

my hse is 2 bus stops away from the bus interchange/mrt so there's alot of buses to take in the morn, quite convenient! Heehee tat's wat I am doing, i met him at the MRT near my hse instead, save time, petrol and ERP charges

Luv taking the mrt! Alot of interesting things to see!

Once I saw a guy enjoying digging his nose and then use his fingers to roll the mucus *puke*


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hahaa susanna, your girl is so cute..

there is once i saw this young couple in train..

i think the girl was angry with the guy and she wanted to leave the train.. he held her back and hugged her.. thn she was like sobbing in his arms.. the guy was like trying to comfort her and ask for her forgiveness..

thn the girl said to him, 'say you are a pig'

the guy did the snorting sound..

i was trying so hard to hold back my laughter..


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Rem (amulet)
-ur story really makes my day..haaa
the young guy so cute and guai..
bet e gal will surely forgive him


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I saw this in an eating place...

My hubby and I were seated next to a couple with a toddler. They were obviously quarrelling. The wife was bawling her eyes out. The husband simply kept quiet and ate his noodles. Not a word; not a sound from him. The wife yelled, "Why are you behaving like a block of wood?" The hubby continued eating his food, very very slowly.

All these while, the child was looking at his mummy and crying, "Mummy, don't cry." Suddenly, the wife got up and left the table. The husband quickly followed suit, leaving the stroller behind. One of the waitresses came over and reminded the hubby to take the stroller.

Hubby grabbed the stroller and joined his wife, who was standing at the entrance of the shop. The waitress then proceeded to clear their bowls. There was a lot of noodles left in the bowls; the wife's portion was practically left untouched (too busy crying throughout the meal). The waitress picked up the dirty tissues and other food scraps and dumped them all into the bowls.

Suddenly, the wife turned around and shouted at the waitress who was clearing their table, "Hey, what are you doing? We are not done yet!" After saying this, she turned to attend to her toddler.

The waitress was shocked and for a moment, did not know what to do. Then she did the unthinkable - she removed all the dirty tissues and food scraps that she had dumped into the bowls earlier - with her bare hands! Then she put the bowls back on the table.

The couple walked back to their table and resumed their dinner!


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tat day i ask my boi to snort like a pig..
when he late for almost half an hr..

he really snort..


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i accounter a dude listen a music and dance in mrt with a smily face, jumping around so happy.


i accounter suddenly a women complaining about government or family very angrily, first i thought she talked on the phone via bluetooth. after that i realize she is talking to herself.

last time, when i was walking on the road, there is a lady come approach me and suddenly yell at me and scold me for no reason, at that time i was so sleepy, then after this incident i was so awake, gossshh...never expect that women far more stronger than starbuck coffee.


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moist (moistfaucet) -
haaa..guess you need more this type of pple to shout at you to wake u up huh..haaa
*just joking*

just look ard n make sure u are not been attacked physically ..


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I encounter someone dancing in the middle of the train. Lols. Though weird but it is kind-of entertaining to have a free dance show on my way to work. Lols.


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Haven't taken the train for awhile. I don't know. As I read through stories by commuters in Stomp, I kind of freak out. I begin to have a phobia of taking the mrt. The last time I took one, I was rather disoriented. Didn't even know there were new routes and that there are gantries for security at the platforms. Never had good experiences on a crowded train anyway. Somehow I rather be trapped in my own car, own space on the jam-packed roads than to be encroached in a sardine-packed train that can cause clastrophobia. Besides, thousands know me and I probably know less than 100 of them. Privacy is so important. But now with iphone, I feel better. At least the train ride will be more tolerable.


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not in the train.

but my colleague and I were smoking outside a pub along Collyer Quay when an old lady wearing oversized 1970s glasses walked past us and as she walked past me she broke into a tirade-

'eh bastard, what are you doing here?'
'better be careful ah you you bastard, ask your mother to go and scuk your ccok lah bastard'

As she walked away, my colleague and I were to tickled that we laughed. That seemed to encourage her and she walked back, took out her slipper and waved it in front of my colleague's face. Then she spoke a little more and spat at us, on the floor but I think a little got on my hair.



I witnessed one scene on a ride whereby a guy went over to a few ladies to tell them to give up seats for the old folks. Although he had a good intention, the way he approached it was wrong. Firstly, he was blatantly rude. Secondly, he only dared to tell the ladies. If he came to me, I would definitely say "Of course but I don't like your attitude".


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wa liao, bedokboy, what a gross encounter u had!

if anybody were to come to me and scold me for nothing, i'll sure siam myself physically far far as fast as i could . .in case ganna mad person slap or spat for nothing .. then real suay ..


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sometimes when there is some1 staring at u in the train
cant help to turn my sight away..then i look back in that direction..still stare..
damn rude..

today at control ah-peh asks for $1 to eat lunch...looks pitiful..just give..
aiya..shd have bot him 2 eat instead....


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sometimes, people are just staring blankly at the space. Don't assume that he/she is looking. When in confided space, its definitely uncomfortable. That's why I always close my eyes and sleep. Then we have up-tight idiots that think we are trying to pretend being asleep.

Once, I got kicked and scolded by an old auntie. I was having a terrible headache. I stood up no know what happened and everyone staring at me. The old auntie just took the seat and continued scolding me in a dialect I have no idea still being completely blur.


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about those asking for money for food, most of the time, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. And I volunteer to bring them to the hawker center and buy him enough food. Most, will insist for cash. Its really a scam to cheat your money mostly. Don't be naive. Your money isn't helping them. Its encouraging their actions.


New Member time shd say to the ah-beh i will bring him to eat and order the food for him instead.

just now too rush ...dun have time to tik..then when 'settle down'....tik buying food for him is better than giving cash..

tok abt staring....if yandaos stare at me..of coz i feel happy..but bangala........eeek



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Reminds me of an incident that happened a few years ago. I was seated in the MRT train. Group of Indians walked in. One of them took the seat beside me. Another one tried to squeeze in between me and his friend! There is no space already. Yet he squeezed his butt in between us! I was so shocked by him. I refused to move at first. I felt so uncomfortable and i gave up my seat. I was so pissed off and shocked by him


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didn't happened in the train but when i was going out to lunch with a colleague and we were at a taxi stand ...

in front of us was an elderly lady sitting in a wheelchair with her helper .. seeing how the helper seemed to be having trouble helping her up and into the cab, i thought i would do a favour by opening the door for her ..

instead i got scolded cos she thought i was stealing her cab! so much for trying to do a good deed for the day ...