The White Rabbit @ Dempsey


hi, i tink they dun post any packages on their web.. called them up b4. they will onli quote u when u tell them ur needs. but think rental of half the main dining area alone is abt 5-6k... which was way over my budget... :p but the place is sooooo nice tho...


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Hello Ducky / Jenny

There is no package

Like wat Jenny says is rite, they quote you base on what you require

To book the whole venue exclusively or just certain area

For me, I've booked the bar area to hold my solemnisation then will adjorn for lunch at the full long table side (assuming if you been there to see the layout)

Mine is just a small function for my immediate family members, xiondi, jiemei and flowergal/pageboy... Total of 22pax

I just simply love the area, it's an old cathedral that they transform to a restaurant

It's definately a beautiful place for picture taking

This place was featured in Mar Brides magazine for gown photos

Booked the place just before seeing it on magazine (somewhere end Feb), so maybe they know they will be featured in the coming magazine, hence they kind of mark up the price?

If you have multiply, can add me ID=Prificelia
Will definately post my pictures after the event if all turn up well... ^_^


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I saw their website. venue is very nice but is ang mo food. my parents and relatives dont like. is a waste~


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>> w3n
My even date?
Or are you asking my event date?
If so, it will be on 5May(Tue) ^_^

Initially the food is one of our concern, both our dad don't like angmoh food, typical China man, need RICE
So we went back talk to them, thankfully they say it's our day, food is small matter, most importantly is we are happy.
At most after that we bring them go have a good hearty meal, coz I'm sure my hubby and I also won't have time to eat much rite?

I didn't invite relative, seems like you having alot of guest, so unless you intend to book the place exclusively...


Prificelia: so they chg the menu for you? the ppl there are quite nice actually.. when my fiance n i went to recce the place, we had dinner there but after that we had to go for supper!!

cos tho the food is nice, the serving is not very big, so definitely go hungry after the meal, especially for guys (or for my fiance rather)..

and we shared a salad, our own main courses plus desserts!!



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>> Butters
I guess you are still in the lovely dovey state, don't you realise you tend to eat more when dating *_*
At least I do, gain weight then, coz got people to share and order more and eventually eat more...

But anyway main thing is the food have to be nice, no point giving you a huge portion and the food sucks rite?

And I always believe with small portion making you eat not enough is better than a huge portion forcing yourself to finish, end up no matter how delicious the food is also become 'sick' mah...


haha... actually my fiance is one who eats a lot.. more like those american portion kind..

but like i said white rabbit is a really lovely place and the ppl/service is pretty good.

wishing you the best on your day!

pls post some pics for us to admire..


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Hello I'm back... as Mrs. Pua, OFFICALLY

Finally 1 down, after 2months of planning and stuff, it's all over just like that in 1day

>> Butters
Wow so meaning to say he is so much more IN LOVE stage lor

It's a good thing, it's better to be loved then to love

Well TWR didn't change the menu for me, they created a 3-course menu
Initially I was unhappy that they charging me 2times more than their standard 3course lunch and not giving me choice for each course whereas their standard has few choices
(I only wanted like 2choices each for my guest to choose)
Only agreement is they can only change if my guest have any restriction and have to let them know in advance
So I felt I was short changed (I paid the venue charge seperately)
But after yesterday, I'm glad I paid that extra...

What Happened
1) I only told them that my Dad cannot take beef (which was served for starter) but on the day, turned out one of my friend also don't take beef (YES I did SMS all to revert back to me if they have any restriction or sqecial diet requirement) and his parents don't take raw food
So they changed all this "last mintue" to salad (same as my Dad which has been pre-arranged)

2) Come to main course, they served Chicken
I only asked if it's breast which I hope not coz I find it tough, they told me it's thigh meat
But end up they gave both thigh and breast (hence the portion is really huge!!)
Then my Dad again when saw the main course say he don't want chicken (I suppose is due to his teeth) so last minute ask if can change to something else and they did
Asked him what he prefer, he requested for Fish with Rice (Ya typical Chinese, must eat rice...

So all these they didn't charge anymore extra nor did they say anything...
Ok maybe the waiter face abit black black, but common rite

So now I have to wait for my photographer to edit the pictures and give me the CD
Coz aunite here brought my camera but forget to pass to someone to help me take
Hence ended up I now don't have a single photo

Once I get hold of the pictures, I will post it, the place is really beautiful and I'm glad I chose that venue


Congratulations Mrs Pua!

Glad everything went well considering all the last minute changes..

I just did my studio and outdoor shoot today... am absolutely knackered!

Yes, please post the pictures... cant wait to see them...

Me and fiance decided to have our solemnization at Goodwood Park... that's in less than 2 months..


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So is that just solemnization or both banquet too?

Coz if you having both there mainly the banquet, you can get special rate for solemnization or even at times free (like my friend had hers in Hyatt)

Now it's your turn to get busy...
For how many guest?

I can only get my pictures back at least after 3-4wks coz the PG wanna edit all the pictures, montage and coffeetable book everything before giving me back
Will probably ask from my friends or check if they post on their facebook


Oh it's just solemnization.. not planning to have the money for house reno..

Inviting about 60guests, close friends and relatives but list seems to be getting bigger...

Preparations according to plan so far. Finalising my cake design in a couple of days. Just need to appoint someone to emcee, take care of rings on ring pillow that day, and to oversee the cake set up on that day... among other things..

Would you have any tips to share?


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>> Butters

My biggest advise for you is to remain FOCUS!!

Especially your guest list...
Have a clear mind who you wanna invite
Like for my case strictly only immediate families members and our 'xiongdi' and 'jiemei' and of course my Mum's friend who help us do the flower deco

I believe you gonna invite all your relatives and close friends, I suggest you inform them that you won't be holding any banquet, just this solemnization
As most people don't give much for solemnization, thinking that they will give again for the banquet
Some even just give presents!!
So by informing them, then what they intend to give will give now...
It may seem a bit thick-skin but you have too otherwise you sure 'lugi' like mad!!
If you haven't send them any invitation card, you can add that small clause in it

Do you have any PG, flower gal, page boys etc
For PG, give them a list of who and what you want them to take and what to take note, for me is of coz make sure I look slim

I don't know what your theme or how you intend to hold your event (casual, romantic...)

But like I say you need to remain focus!!

I was like towards the last few days, more and more idea keep flowing and I everything wanna do and keep adding on!!

So sit down now think what you really want and plan, don't change last min!!

Another most important thing is BUDGET!!!

Auntie here budget $2.5k for everything...
But end up, just TWR cost me $2.4k for 21adults + 2kids
So still need to add up all the other small cost here and there, total I spend $4k

>> Shermaine
If you got "Mar Brides" and "Style Weddings", it's featured in these 2 mag and I think the latest "Female Bride" too

Well as mentioned I still have to wait for another 3-4wk for my PG to return me the proper edited photos
Will either post it on Facebook or Multiply once I get it

Meantime these are just a few that I took from my friend's camera...




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3-course menu created by The White Rabbit

Starter: Beef carpaccio with aged parmesan & wild rocket

Main Course: Chicken vin jaune with sauteed cepes & asparagus

Dessert: Chocolate caramel tart
(The white powder there is not icing but rather is salt!! Surprisingly it has a unique taste


Hi Prificelia,

Thanks for your advice! Will keep it in mind.

Actually just inviting close friends and relatives.. even then its coming to about 65 guests i think.. a couple of my fiance's relatives said they need to bring their maids to take care of their kids!! (piang leh) I mean I don't expect to make money or make sure ppl gimme enough money to cover my costs but I honestly think it's very inconsiderate if ppl expect us to pay for their maids! then they told my MIL the maids won't be eating lah so won't step into the terrace where the tables are... I mean don't you think that's a bit mean to the maids...

anyways, am over that... will just go with the flow and not get upset over silly things..

ya actually have a lot of ideas going through head so just need to put everything together properly.. just decided that the main color theme would be pink and dark brown.. more of.. a spring color thingy..

Also not having any ring bearer, flower girls or stuff like that. Just a simple march out. So just need to figure out the song for that. Oh did you greet the guests when they arrive or did they only see you when you made your entrance?


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>> Butters

Aiyoh then ask them don't bring their kids lah!!!
Unless if there's 10-11kids, put them seated together at 1 table and ask the hotel provide kids meal, usually that table will cost less than half..then the maids can take care of them there

Obviously is not a matter of make money but rather to try other possibles means to minimise lost

In fact bring the kids also cost as they also occupy 1 seat and definately don't eat much...

Nice theme... Mine was White and Green

About these greeting my guest part, I never expect them to arrive so early, at 1000hrs when it's stated 1045hrs in the invitation card (thinking some will be late)

So when they arrived, we're still doing some last min touch up for the flower deco and seating arrangement, putting their name on every individual seats (TWR not helping anything at all)

Thank God these are our close friends so they happily help us and same time busy taking photos

Hence my advise is go greet them, mingle with them, take lots of photos!!!
Why hide and wait till you make your entrance?
After that you won't have much time to take pictures
And when all seated around the table, limited posts, all surely very restricted pattern, stand and smile...
But if during reception, people tend to be a bit more expressive rite?
Hence will make the picture looks more fun...

You took so much effort to dress up yet you wanna hide in the room?
Go out show the world how 'chio' your are that day mah...


Haha...actually only abt 3 kids under 5 and 1 newborn.. MIL said must have some kids, cos kids laughter good... cant remember wat reason she actually gave... think she hinting at something...

Asked the guests to arrive around 1pm cos solemnization starting at 1.30pm.. so hopefully ppl dun arr late..

So when is your AD banquet? Hows your prep for that?


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Wa your MIL really waste no time hor

About how punctual will your guest be that you really cannot control...
But once 90% of the guest arrived, you can start already if the main important people are there
And you should not let your guest of honor which is the JP to wait!!

My AD is in Nov
Till now nothing done yet
According to most will be 3months before
But as for the GDL etc I totally know nuts about it, so I'm also at other forum reading up

Anything tips to share?
Both my hubby and I are hoikken


My JP is Mr Phang.. hopefully he arrives on time and not rush through things..

My fiance's peranakan and I'm cantonese but we both know nuts traditions and customs also so can't really help you there.. We are not even doing all the tea ceremony thingy..

But GDL involves some cake sending rite... I'm ordering a cake and mini cakes for my ROM from this lady who does really nice designs and quite reasonable also.. Can give you her contact if you wan..

so you are usually in the Nov bride or May ROM thread right... think this thread is survived only by just the two of us...



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Yup but lately I seldom chat liao, busy doing up my place currently after all the flipping on bridal mags, now moving on to Home Reno and Deco!!!

So I suppose I have to do as much as possible for the place first then 3mths before the banquet then shift my attention there

Still got 2wks before I can get my photos....

Do you have MSN?
Can add me ^o^


prificelia> i PMed u my addy for msn..

haha... i'm slowly moving towards home reno n decor too...

trying to find a resale in punggol.. but leaving most work to fiance... :p


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Hi can anyone share with me White Rabbit wedding package ? Can i try email them asking but since now no reply . They seems not very interested in such package

Can any brides please share with me how should i go about asking them ? Or can share with me how much you pay for your wedding ? like How any pax you have , Lunch / dinner and how much you pay ?

please email me at [email protected]

Thanks alot


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oh gosh.. I emailed them ytd yet to receive any reply from them. Really wish to have my ROM over there. Any ideas how to get in touch with them, ladies?


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Hello everyone,

Have anyone recently held their wedding at The White Rabbit? Saw some really nice pics and would like some real comments and advices from brides! :)