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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by Paragon, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Paragon

    Paragon Member


    Anyone checked out The Westin Singapore as a venue for their wedding?

    Any comments?

  2. JaceJace

    JaceJace New Member

    My fren held her wedding thr 2-3months back.. the venue, decor.. all looks grand and nice!
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  3. Kudamono

    Kudamono New Member

    Hello babe, do you have any pictures as im keen in Westin Hotel too :) you may email me at Thanks in advance! :)
  4. berriesdot

    berriesdot New Member

    Hi there. Anyone has The Westin's wedding package for 2015 to share? Thanks!

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  5. Paragon

    Paragon Member

    I have seen the quotation before. It is $1619++ for Saturday dinner rate. Not sure if they have increased it again.
  6. berriesdot

    berriesdot New Member

    Wow. That's expensive. Do you know how much is the rate for weekday dinner? Thanks!!

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  7. Paragon

    Paragon Member

    I guess so as they are part of starwood hotels. I recalled for weekday dinner, it is about 1318++.

    The singapore bride rate is outdated as of now... price has increased for 2015 dinner.

    You may login to their website to request for proposal. Hope its still the same rate. All the best!! ☺
  8. Synee

    Synee New Member

    JaceJace, can you comment on the food there?
  9. berriesdot

    berriesdot New Member

    Thanks Paragon!

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  10. peachpokka

    peachpokka New Member

    Hi anyone can share their wedding lunch menu details? The package posted online doesn't show what are the dishes
  11. eiko

    eiko Member

    During weekends, Asia Square lacks life. Don't think I will consider having my wedding there :(
  12. Paragon

    Paragon Member

    On the contrary, i think it is good as parking will not be an issue. Just my 2 cents
  13. eiko

    eiko Member

    Hmm yes, the carpark is quite big though.
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  14. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Hi, anyone who attended or held the wedding at Westin, is the food nice?
    And the service staff, are they ok?
  15. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Hi , did anyone attend the Westin open house today? can pm me to share the perks?
  16. chan89

    chan89 New Member

    Hi, any westin btb/ graduated brides? Care to share your experience? :)
  17. sjunzz

    sjunzz Member

    I attended as guest, food was good...
  18. kewpie20

    kewpie20 Member

    attended the wedding show. place is v new and nice! lots of perks but too steep for lunch therefore we forgo
  19. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Hi, has anyone attended or held wedding at Westin recently?
    Can share?
  20. dreams2015

    dreams2015 New Member

    I held my wedding at Westin Singapore in mid 2015. PM me if you need more information? Btw, congrats! !
  21. Sasika

    Sasika New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm considering Westin Singapore for my wedding this year too. Would love to get more comments from everyone on the food and packages. I find the payment terms ($6k deposit, 50% 6 months prior, 25% 3 months prior, remaining on AD) to be rather daunting. Is it similar across the other hotels?
  22. dreams2015

    dreams2015 New Member

    Does it mean, you pay the remaining 25% on AD?

    For mine, it was 6k deposit, 50% six months before. 80% three months before and 100% one month before. Hence this means on AD, we pay for whatever excess we used on AD. Eg extra bottles of wine.

    I think your payment terms seem more reasonable if i interpret correctly. :)
  23. hannistellar

    hannistellar Member

    I booked my banquet with gwp. 25% deposit (abt 11k), 50% to be paid 2 months before AD and remaining 25% on the day of the banquet
  24. Sasika

    Sasika New Member

    I went back to double check, and it's 6k deposit, 50% 6 months before AD, 25% 3 months before AD, and the remaining 1 month before AD. So it's similar to dreams2015 then. On AD, what's left is just the excess. So I guess hotels nowadays ask for more way earlier in advance?

    Thanks dreams2015 & hannistellar. :)
  25. dreams2015

    dreams2015 New Member

    During my process of checking with other hotels, i know of some who allow 50% payment on AD. So each hotel may have different requirements. :)
  26. sherlynchong

    sherlynchong Member

    I think it depend on the hotel itself. For mine is just 5k deposit and then we can choose to pay progressively or pay the rest of the amount on the actual day.
    My hotel is pretty flexible about payment.
  27. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Mine also similar payment according to contract but can negotiate to pay progressively also. Tat way can max out the credit card for rebate. Maybe u can consider this option too.

    Has anyone else had wedding at Westin recently?
  28. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Westin seem to be not a common choice for banquet... But the ballroom is really nice :)
    Anyone signed up with Westin or had their banquet at Westin?
  29. jol9

    jol9 New Member

    Hi everyone, im also looking at westin for my wedding in 2017. personally I quite like their ballroom, and also their flexibility to personalize the themes. but I find that their perks are not as attractive as other hotels?
    do anyone here manage to bargain for more freebies?? can share with me? thanks a lot!
  30. azure_blue

    azure_blue New Member

    Hi jol9, I'm having my banquet at Westin in 2017! I liked their ballroom too, and their flexibility with regards to themes, wedding cards and their whole list of wedding favours :) I just dropped you a PM on my package

    My only (and biggest) concern is that it may be quite quiet in the CBD area during the weekends, and guests may have trouble getting cabs home, but I guess the ballroom and the service is enough for me to overlook it :)
  31. ginish

    ginish New Member

    Hi I am considering Westin too! Any comments about their food?
  32. cubbyhui

    cubbyhui New Member

    Hi @azure_blue, would you mind to share ur package wif me? My email is thnxs
  33. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    I am also with Westin and I just went to select my invitation card, wedding favor and have to give it to Westin as they did not limit the selection unlike other hotels as I heard.
    Now my concern is on the quality of the food as I have yet to go for food tasting.
  34. outtaworld

    outtaworld Member

    Is there any westin bride that has photo of the reception area set up?
    And also have u all done ROM at poolside?
  35. Chiou

    Chiou New Member

    Hi there! Will you be able to share with me the package too? :)
  36. melanieng

    melanieng New Member

    Looking to let go Westin package pls pm me if keen. Thanks!
  37. butterflious

    butterflious New Member

    We have just confirmed our venue with The Westin Singapore too!
    I am truly impressed with the service, attitude, set up, atmosphere and I love how they will allow couples to customize the theme! We have been to other 5* hotels and they are pretty rigid on the selection of themes and do not allow certain changes.
    Since it's the ONLY ballroom for the hotel, we can have the whole reception to ourselves and our guests will never get lost as to which ballroom is our wedding!
    Though the rooftop solemnization area is currently blocked by unsightly constructions, I guess the other pros outweigh this particular con.

    Not sure if we have a lot of perks? But I dont really know what 'freebies' to ask for too? lol.
  38. ZFer

    ZFer New Member

  39. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Hihi! We just confirmed our banquet with Westin for 2017! Any Westin brides to be or graduated Westin brides? Would like to hear more on your experience with them!
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  42. Waaegg

    Waaegg New Member

    Hi all, may i know what about the chinese banquet food standard at Westin? Any comments?
  43. jaschng

    jaschng Member

    Can pm me the rate for 2018?
  44. Ph low

    Ph low New Member

    Hi, Any comments/ reviews on the chinese banquet food standard at Westin?
  45. blurbtb18

    blurbtb18 Member

    Hihi! We just had our food tasting and happy to share that the food is good.
  46. Ocean29

    Ocean29 New Member

    Any more reviews?
  47. blurbtb18

    blurbtb18 Member

    We held our lunch banquet at Westin just November last year, everything went well, service was great and our wedding coordinator (Eddric) is a 5*****. :)

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