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What??? You still have time to worry about work? You should sort out this mess in your personal life first and work should be secondary, unless this job pays you fabulously or it can make or break your career... I would go cold turkey on this guy if I were you, Sky...


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I guess Sky stop reading this thread nor like what she hears so far....

I have not been into this position so to me I cant really understand the rational or reason for a person to stick to this kind of relationship??? Maybe if it is just purely sex for both parties i would understand but wasting you life and youth and you know you at the end of the day he or she will need to go back to his/her family is just plain sad,,,,

but then again I have not experience it so i cant or not in position to understand it and the rational....

pardon my post to those in the same as Sky's position now...


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I did not stop reading this thread.. if I don't worry about my work, sit there and cry everyday hoping that he will wake up he senses? definately No.. work is my piority.


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"if I don't worry about my work, sit there and cry everyday hoping that he will wake up he senses?"

sky, u should be the one to wake up ur senses cos u're hoping for something that's beyond ur ctrl...

and yes, focus on ur job is a gd thing to do, but putting wk b4 IT is not gd enuff. for long-term security, u should get IT out of ur private life.


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Hi Sky

Yes wake up girl dont waste your life to something not worth it and you will never have! I think you're still young I know you can still find a much much much better guy than him.

Like what all ppl are saying here leave him and dont waste your life on him.

Yep work is important but also set your priorities straight... you're work will only be as good as your mental/emotional state...

Learn to love your self a little bit...

Jokingly "if I would want to have a mistress I hope I'll find someone like you" =P just kidding

cheer up the world doesnt revolve around him! always remember that!


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Time to send out your CVs and look for another job. Leaving your current company (and of course severing all ties with him) is the first step to start afresh.


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Hi all.. I am out of de unit already.. the affair officially came to an end during feb.. it is more like a wake up call.. fell into depression during decemeber..undergo treatments.. but after much thoughts and more like a wake up call.. I stop my medications and recovered on my own determination.. I lead my life more fruitfully.. spent time travelling.. catching up with good old pals..and open up my social circle. and not to forget..put in my heart and soul in work..

I met a guy now ( is single and available) whom I know for more than 10 years.. and his birthday is nearing.. would like to treat him dinner..but I don't know where to bring him to.. doesn't want it to be romantic.. as we haven't advance to that stage.. but want it to be memorable for him.. ( as in maybe fun.. where I can make special arrangements to sa-bo him) need fellow forum members to share some ideas..=)


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I quite like the ambience of Dempsey and Holland V, heard of friends mentioning the nice ambience of Keppel Bay though i nvr been there be4..


Hi Sky, that's great news. To know you've broken free from unnecessary worries and troubles.

How about Hard Rock Cafe? The staff are quite sporting and can work together with you to do something fun and memorable. Plus, it's hardly romantic.


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"he choose his WTB.. because he is a responsible guy."

SO RESPONSIBLE.... hahaha... don believe in this crap. How responsible is he to the both women in his life? Please lor... humans are all emotional. We can and will fall. When we do, just admit it. Don't bullshit crap about responsibility. If he is so damn responsible, why start an affair and now come with this stupid excuse of responsibility to choose his wife? This kind of 2-time ass is total coward hiding behind his lame excuse portraying as goodie guy and victim of situation. He deserves a good kick on his groin.

Good for you that you are out of it for good. Take care and good luck on your new guy


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Hi all.. thanks for de feeback..
I heard about hardrock cafe too.. haha.. I went before keppel.. erm..sad to with that "responsible guy". So don't think I wanna go back there again..hahaha...

Milo: erm.. no budget.. as long is memorable n fun.. I am


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Hi Sky, u might wana try Dallas at clarke quay. Or maybe Zen Shindo at east coast. Or even Level 33 at marina bay financial centre. Nice view and ambience + good food.

Wish u real happiness or at least, a fren in life. =>
Thumbs up for Restaurant 1827! Really nice food and cosy ambience, quite romantic... But do not go on weekend... normally booked for weddings... call before you make the trip down...