The Fullerton Hotel Singapore


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Hi Leah,

Something to share:

1a) Overprinting on wedding card (without scoring or folding)

Printing: 1C x 0C (gold/silver)
Material: Provided by client
Size: 30 x 15 cm

Artwork: Text and images provided, typesetting by Welon

Qty: 250 pcs = $88/- (excl. GST)
280 pcs = $88/- (excl. GST)

1b) Wedding Card Insert

Printing: 1C x 0C (gold/silver)
Material: 112 gsm France - Satin Extra Smooth Tracing Paper
Size: 30 x 15 cm

Finishing: 1 fold
Artwork: Text and images provided, typesetting by Welon

Qty: 250 pcs = $150/- (excl. GST)
280 pcs = $160/- (excl. GST)

2) Map Insert

Printing: 1C x 0C (Black)
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Size: 14.5 x 14.5 cm

Artwork: Provided by client

Qty: 250 pcs = $56/- (excl. GST)
280 pcs = $56/- (excl. GST)

Contact Details:
Jessica Au
Customer Service Executive
Welon Printing Co Pte Ltd
Tel: 6481 1180 Fax: 6482 5533
[email protected]

This printer does my office supplies like business card, letterhead, envelopes etc. This is a quote I got from them for wedding card inserts. Do give her a buzz if you would like to have a better/clearer quote.


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Hi all,

Im considering Fullerton to hold my wedding nx year. SO and i went down to take a look at the grand ballroom and we kinda like it, just find the walk-in a bit short as it is elongated.

I cant seem to find much reviews about the grand ballroom, most of them had positive comments for the straits rm. Anyone attended at the grand ballroom, any comments?

Also, the coordinator dealing with us makes it feel like its just a business deal. Just lack of the personal touch and i find that this is very important to make the whole wedding a memorable one.

Any good coordinator to rec?

Thank you


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Can we fit in 18 tables into the Straits Room?

The ambience for Straits Room is so nice! Yet so difficult to fit in all guests to 12 tables max.

Anyone has any idea to convince parents to "streamline" the guest list?


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Hi Cherry, max at straits room is only 12 tables!

I liked the straits room so much too that I almost decided to hold it on 2 days ( 1 day for relatives 1 day for friends ) just to hold my wedding there but in the end decided to hold it all on one day at the ballroom with the min tables of 25. Have anybody had a wedding at the ballroom or went to a fullerton wedding before with only 20+ tables? I'm so worried that it would look so sparse coz the space is pretty big (but htb n me really loves Fullerton n I love the loft suite! ) my coordinator mention that they will be putting decorations at the sides. Anybody had this experience to share how it looks and feels?


Hi all BTBs,

Anyone care to share their wedding dinner banquet packages for the ballroom with me?

I'm going to negotiate with them this coming weekend, and i understand that they are very inflexible with extra perks..

How about the food? anyone has any comments?


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Dear BTBs, I would like to highly recommend my coordinator Violette Ng.
I was transferred to her after my previous coordinator left and I must say the service that Violette has provided us so far is nothing less than 5stars or even 6!

Looking forward to my food tasting to meet up with her finally and my AD which is lesser than 2 months away! time is really flying fast!

Will continue to update.

By the way anybody has any updates on the food quality recently or any other stuffs?


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Hi PeaWea,

I had my food tasting last month and food was pretty good, except that the soup is a little salty.. Service is a little slow but that's in the Jade so I think its fine..

Having my AD next Saturday and shall keep you guys posted on the overall and things to look out for..


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I had food tasting ytd. And the food were great!! Everyone loves the dishes. I like them too! So so yummy! Hope AD will be the same. We were all so full ytd!


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Hi PeaWea! I'm glad Violette is good! We are also transferred to her. Haven't met up with her yet.
Looking forwards to more updates from you gals!!


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Sorry for the late reply! My AD was good and I'm starting to feel sad that everything is over! BTB out there please please treasure this moment!!

Hotel gave a follow up call at around 1.45pm that afternoon asking for our ETA, told them we are on our way down.. Arrived 10 minutes later, surprised to see the GRO standing at the drop off point waiting to 'welcome' us..

Had alot of barangs with us, together with brothers car behind, they were so helpful to arrange for 2 trolleys for us.. Left the car and barangs with them, thought she wanna show me the way to the Lobby check-in counter (which is usually the case) but she showed us directly to the lift lobby and up to the bridal suite..

Sit us down at the living area and sign a few documents, hand over a couple of room keys to us and we're done..

Had the 5.30pm meeting at the foyer of the Ballroom and i'm not too sure in details what it was about.. Everything was in order, including the little little special requests we made..

Went down at 6pm, was happy to see everything in order.. Did our rehearsals, etc.. Met the AV team and all is good even though we brought our own laptop and have it by the side of the stage.. Did some customization to our wedding favour and the arrangements was in order too..

Had our first march-in only around 8.45pm.. Received both positive and negative feedbacks about the food, but not to worry, I have very few negative ones and a handful of 'thumbs-up', however, service was a little slow as they take quite awhile to portion up the food.. Servers was 1 to 1, so if everyone is out to the kitchen to collect the food, there won't be anyone available to serve/replenish the drinks.. That’s one of the negative I heard..

Selected the Foie Gras Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf and I had many many good reviews on that.. =)

Duty manager of the day was very good, maintain close contact with my main coordinator, updating him of remaining of drinks, etc.. Started sending guests off only around 11.30pm and close the bill only at 12plus..

Service at the hotel room and Straits Club was awesome too!

Please let me know if you guys need more info!


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Hi Yan,

For Fullerton Hotel wedding packages, you can drop them an email and they will get in touch with you.

Hope this help.


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Dear all, wanted to share my experience with everyone.

Just had a wonderful AD at the Fullerton grand ballroom. I'm totally impressed with the entire wedding experience and I'll strongly recommend Fullerton hotel to everyone!

My coordinator was Priscilia and from day 1 contact, she's been a joy to work with. Very sweet and accommodating towards our requests and requirements. The planning process was quite fuss-free cos she's very experienced. Deadlines were met and replies were prompt.

On AD, like Jessica mentioned, we were met at the porch by the staff once our car door was opened, and we were led directly into our beautifully decorated bridal suite. Champagne, cake and bathrobes embroidered with our names prepared!

Everything went very smoothly on AD and basically, the banquet was very organized and the banquet manager tried his best not to bother us, the groom and bride, unless there were urgent matters to clear.

I had a personal assistant attached to me to ensure my train was adjusted, help me out with items given to me by relatives and friends and even constantly ensured I was well-hydrated.

Some last min requests for diet change by guests were seen to without any problems.

Food was excellent in terms of quality and taste, according to most if not all my guests. Haven't heard anything negative reviews yet. Ballroom decor was very pretty!! (I took the dazzling theme with white and red roses)

Steps down the ballroom was very daunting esp with my long train, but my coordinator allowed me to practise and do a dry run abt 3 days before the wedding. Tt helped reassure me a lot! Cleared the steps without problems on that day!

At the end of the banquet, they cleared up our items (like photo albums, frame, laptops, etc) and carried into our suite for us, so we din need our helpers to stay back.

They also kept and warmed up the banquet food and brought them to our suite for supper at the end.

Overall, I feel that the entire team was really dedicated and really helped us a lot during the whole wedding process. And this is very valuable cos we really dun want lousy coordinators bothering us the whole night. We felt we could actually enjoy this important day and not fret abt the banquet process going smoothly or not.

Yup! Thumbs up!



My coordinator and negotiate for additional perks with Allysa Lim, she quite nice and professional as well but you need to state, explain and remind her clearly for the perks that you need it.Sometimes the additional perks need to get approval from Ms. Zoulla Ng (Asst F&B Mgr).
As per my experience, they always prompt reply to my email and answer my question.

Thanks a lot ^^
Hi everyone,

Would like to ask if any of you managed to negotiate the min number of tables for weekend dinners for the Grand Ballroom?

We have abt 20-25 tables, but prefer dinner, hence the min is 35tables. understand we can top up menu, etc, but it's too much to top up for w just 25 tables. -_-

considered the Straits Room which we like more, but the menu is really expensive! n to have it in 2 sittings, a lil tough...

By the way for the brides who are looking for their packages, weekend dinners are $1388++ at The Grand Ballroom for min 35 tables (normal menu), $1588++ at The Straits Room with min 8 tables.

You can drop an email to them and they will get back to you :)


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anyone can share their package with fullerton with me? does anyone know if they have a venue for outdoor solemnization? :)


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Hi! It's my first day here and I'm still pretty new to this place. :)
Would like to know if anyone has Wendy Ng from Fullerton as their coordinator? What kind of perks can we ask for from them? Also, for solemnisation at the Straits room, do we have to pay extra?

Ethel Lim

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Hello! I am interested in fullerton hotel! Could anyone share their AD package with fullerton and the perks that they offered so that I can have a rough idea what to request for? Thank a lot!


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Hi! I'm new here :)

Have arranged to meet with Priscilia next Friday for a site visit and to discuss about the package. Anyone has any idea are the perks that I can ask for? I'm a little concern about the stairs in the ballroom. Would be a challenge going down the stairs in high heels and gown (esp with train). Any brides who held their WD there can share your experience? Thanks!

They have sent me the 2014 packages, if anyone wants it lemme know ur email I'll forward to u :)


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Hey everyone,

I just booked with the Fullerton Hotel, the Straits Room, for July next year. Have to say that my initial experiences with them were really good! I visited around 6 hotel venues and the Fullerton hotel coordinator was the friendliest among all of them. She was also amazingly quick to respond to my emails, even on her off days! I brought my parents to all the venues and she was one of the few who quickly switched to Mandarin so that they could understand everything. They definitely appreciated that a lot. Even though she couldn't negotiate as many perks for us as compared to other hotels, her service won us all over. Since I'm planning almost the whole entire wedding from overseas and was only in Sgp for 2 weeks to visit and decide on a hotel venue, it meant a lot to me that she responded to all my queries so quickly. This is compared to some other hotels who took over a week to get back to me, and a few of them never even responded.

Really looking forward to holding my wedding banquet there! =)


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Hi! I'm new here :)

Have arranged to meet with Priscilia next Friday for a site visit and to discuss about the package. Anyone has any idea are the perks that I can ask for? I'm a little concern about the stairs in the ballroom. Would be a challenge going down the stairs in high heels and gown (esp with train). Any brides who held their WD there can share your experience? Thanks!

They have sent me the 2014 packages, if anyone wants it lemme know ur email I'll forward to u :)

Can email the detail to me .Thanks
email: [email protected]