The Blue Ginger Restaurant

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    The Blue Ginger Restaurant is an ideal venue for couples opting for that splash of personal touch on their special day!

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    Dedicated in crafting the most important moments in life into never-ending memories.
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    Authentic peranakan culture, Uniquely South East Asian.
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    In The Blue Ginger Restaurant, no event is a boring family affair! Contact us now to find out more about our set menu!!
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    Just like a fairy tale with a happy ending, we believe that the best way to end your event is with a sweet treat everyone will enjoy.
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    Ditch the usual orange juice on a Friday night!
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    Bound to give an unique wedding experience which leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your guests, and in the heart of our wedding couples.
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    Taste the legacy left behind by the Peranakans at The Blue Ginger, a shophouse located at one of the shop houses of Tanjong Pagar!
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    Our wedding team is always ready to transform the space to give an intimate ambience on your special day, and the wedding dining experience is brought to the next level with authentic peranakan cuisines.
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    Not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Come and talk to us to see what we have for you!
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    Having a themed wedding or party? Add a photo booth to that list and leave the customized props to our team!
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    The cute woodland made an appearance at our wedding yesterday!
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    The cute woodland creatures made an appearance at our wedding yesterday!
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    Prettify the ceremony space with our rustic themed dessert bar!
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    Add a few extra details to the dining table to make them pop even more! Our menu card designs are unique and you will not find them elsewhere!
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    Finish your celebration with something extra sweet!
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    Let your wedding flowers stand out on your special day!
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    Romance will be in full bloom with a pastel-colored dessert bar.
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    Serving peranakan cuisine right to your doorstep so that you just have to bring the guests and we will bring the rest!
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    ‘Burst’ with bridal joy when you opt for balloons on your big day!

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