The best choice we made for our wedding was Loveinstills

kelvin tan

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Here is a short review of our experience with Loveinstills,

From day one to our Most beautiful Actual Day, Sebastian has given us countless advice and supports.

Pre-wedding in Lombok:

Sebastian has planned the whole trip and gave us advice on what color our gown and suit should be, what we need to prepare for. During our pre-wedding shoot, Sebastian give clear instructions and was very patient with us even when we did not pose correctly. The photos that we got back were so amazing that we immediately confirmed Loveinstills for our Actual Day.

ROM at Seletar Country Club:

On the day of our ROM, Sebastian came early to prepare his equipment. He briefed us on how we should march in, the speed of marching in. He even helped me look at our video that we wanted to show our guests. He was very patient with everyone and made sure that he did not miss any precious moments like our march in, vow taking, and ring exchanges. Our video did not work well as the venue’s projector had some technical issue, after taking all the photos he needed, he sat down to help us solve the technical issues. We very touched by his actions. He had step out of his way to help us.

Actual Day at Conrad Hotel:

Sebastian was supposed to arrival at the bride’s place at 4am but he reached by 3am to prepare himself. He also made sure the videographer team arrived before him so that everything can proceed on time. He perfectly captured the expression of everyone at the gate crashing. After arriving at the groom’s house, it started to rain. Sebastian assured us that its not going to a problem, he had already planned ahead another venue that we can use as a back up for our couple and brother/sister group photos.

Sebastian also took beautiful photos of all our families and relatives during the tea ceremony. During our lunch reception, Sebastian moved around the banquet hall, taking lots of candid and beautiful moments as we talk to our families and friends.

Sebastian is a One-Man Army, He will take all the photo himself, edit and send it to us.

As a Professional Wedding Photographer, he had taken a big step into our lives and became our dear friend. Throughout our wedding planning to execution of the plan, Sebastian had given us lots of advices and suggestions.

We will always remember what he tells us, “No Matter what happens! Let the brothers and sisters handle it, the 2 of you, go out there and have fun!” With that in mind, we enjoyed our wedding so much that all the fatigue is worth it. Thank you Loveinstills!! WE HAVE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!

Kelvin & Charissa