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A long overdue entry.. we have been very caught up with work issues ever since we came back from our June PS and hence this late entry…

I had the pleasure of having TG Goh as my overseas PS mua and it was one major blessing because he will go the extra mile to ensure u look your best. He’s super professional, meticulous, friendly and thoughtful. My friends asked me what are the things they need to bring for their outdoor PS since I’ve done mine and I told them I do not know and have never thought of this because TG was there to take care of everything & my job was just to smile. Me and my fiancé love the way he did the make up for me, enhancing my features yet not being over dramatic. TG is also very good with hair styling! He did different types of hair styles for me and we love every single hair-do he did. We just heart his very classic taste. Being ever so professional and sincere in making every bride of his beautiful, he brings along many different types of hair pieces as well as accessories for his brides.

Even at 1am, along the crazy Champ Elysee when we were all so tired after a long day, one of the last thing on my mind was to have make up touch up, TG surprised me further with his professionalism by taking the initiative to redo my hair & added matching hair accessories in e middle of Champ Elysee. That’s really just one small incident of how professional and nice he is.

All in all, the photoshot was an amazing experience for us and we’re glad we chose TG as our mua because he did a great job in my make up & hairdo and made our trip so much more fun and enjoyable!


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Just had my wedding in Nov. TG was a total sweet heart..!! He was with me in the early morning from 4am till 11pm on my actual day. His makeup is flawless, stylish hairdo and most of all.. Always making sure that the bride feels comfortable.

If you are worried about the makeup being nude.. Just tell him and he will be happy to accommodate you. Communication is the key and having some faith in his skill.

All I can say is that he delivered and did more than his share as a makeup artist. To all the brides to be.. If you have the budget, choose TG.


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Hi ariel! How much does it cost for TG to stay throughout the day and how many makeup n hairdo changes did u have? Any photos to share?


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Hi guys,

I m new here as I don't know much make up artists for my big day.
I saw good comments about TG Goh so I am considering about him to be an artist for my Actual Day :)
Can anybody share me the price for bridal hair & make up and photos to [email protected]
Thanks guys!! :)


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Ya i absolutely agree TG is fantastic. He is super professional and i dare say his makeup brushes are so clean as he ensures high hygiene level! and all my frens commented how nicely done my makeup was on that day. He doesnt do drama mama style of makeup but one which is natural and play up your features. When i told him i cannot find a suitable gown from the bridal shop, he even went down and spoke to the owner and i managed to get new gowns that were meant for their upcoming bridal show. I can't stop raving how gd he is. My sis used him for her wedd n i also recommended tons of frens and everyone has great reviews of him. he may be more costly than those MUA from the bridal shops but it is $ well spent


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Hi any kind souls can show me some of ur wedding pics by TG? Is he able to do out pretty hairstyles based on other bride photo if we show him? Any website or fb that i can view his works? thanks Kindly email me at [email protected]
I'm engaging tg goh to be my makeup artist for my wedding next year. Just met up with him! Very lovely guy and can't wait after seeing all te ravings about him in forums
I just ended up my wedding and my best investment was engaging Tg Goh as my make up artist. He doesn't come cheap however it's so worth it! Like someone mentioned in one of the previous posts, his taste is classic and he made his hair accessories himself! Very talented guy! He made me look like myself but a much more beautiful version. Everyone was full of praise for his makeup as well as the hairdos.

He is very diligent and even made a trip down to the bridal studio when I went down for the final gown fitting so he can visualize what kind of hairstyle and makeup would go well with the respective gowns. Very good service and in my opinion, he's really one of the best makeup artists around! Pm me if you need more information. :)

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