Terrible bridal experience


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Hi all BTBs,
Please be careful when you place deposit with any bridal boutiques. If you're not sure, just don't sign anything or pay anything. Simply walk out. This is even if they offer you a good "promotional" price or pressure you with other throw-ins etc.

I know this has probably been mentioned by other brides many many times but sometimes when you're there you just get psycho-ed/cannot say no.

I won't be sharing the name of the bridal boutique here but here is my story.
I hope this serves as some learning points for other BTBs.

I came across XX boutique's facebook and saw that they are offering "promotional" packages due to them reaching a certain milestone. Went down with my Fiance and all was good until the time when we discuss package (what's new..).

SA1 told me that I have to sign on the day itself to secure promo price. Fiance and I were hesitant, did not want to sign because we have not visited enough bridal boutiques and want to shop around more. After a long while of discussion with SA1 going to SA2 (probably boss) to discuss, finally decided to offer me this:

- Placing $x amount to secure this promo price.
- Promo price is valid until my wedding date. (this is after my Fiance specifically asked her when is this valid till).
- Can use $x amount for other items in the boutique (like renting of suits/gowns) if i don't sign with them in the end. (Note that SA1 also quoted me the amount to rent suits/gowns etc.)

But guess what? Just 2 weeks later they called and wanted me to place a "full" deposit to secure the promo price because the other time i only paid $x amount. and i was like what?!?!?! Wasn't the understanding $x to secure promo price? If not why did i even pay you $x then!??

AND GUESS WHAT AGAIN. SA1 actually told me, oh but the other time you paid $x you didn't even include the GST.

Uh what?!? Sorry but what's the logic? Means if I pay them the GST amount they will let me continue having the promo price is it? By the way, the GST is not even $25 bucks by the way. The deposit, as you can already tell, is only a couple hundreds. Which is the reason why my Fiance and i were ok to place in order to secure the promo price. Sounds like a good deal no? It allows us to keep the price and buy us some time to look at other boutiques.

But no. SA1 said they need us to pay the full deposit in order to secure the promo price because promo period is over. (Why she suddenly mention GSt then I really dont understand.) Basically, they went back on their words and decided not to honour what was agreed upon.

I was so mad because I felt so cheated!
How dishonest is this?! Just 2 weeks ago we agreed that $x is to secure promo price until my wedding date and then 2 weeks later you decided to change the policy?!?

The last straw came when I asked her - "so if i dont use your package, the $x i can use to rent YYY right?
Previously you quoted me $N for YYY. So I can use $x to rent 2 of YYY and top up the rest?"

AND LO AND BEHOLD the price for YYY has changed to MORE THAN $x FOR ONE PIECE.

The story is much longer than this lah but I got lazy of typing. I am sure you got lazy of reading. But anyway just be careful dont be like me..

To be fair, the lady boss got try and provide some service recovery after I rage at them over the phone but it's too little too late man.

I decided to just forfeit my $x because i really dont want anything to do with this boutique anymore.

Sorry for the long post..
We work so hard to earn money.. don't let them take it so easily.