Termination of Executive Condo Purchase


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Dear all,

This is my first time posting in this forum and I would like to seek some advice on my situation.

I have purchased an EC with my girlfriend under the Fiance/Fiancee Scheme. We haven't gone through ROM yet. Up to date, we have already paid up 20% of the apartment's price.

Now, I am having considerations about marriage. I am also considering about breaking up (reasons which I will not mention here).

I understand that the EC's T&C stated that I have to forfeit the 20% payment to the developer. I know I have to be responsible since this is a rule set by HDB/Developer. I am seeking advice from experienced forumers who have encountered this problem and what are the available options?

1. Give up the unit totally and forfeit the 20%? If I have insufficient funds, how am I going to re-pay CPF? Is this going to be like a monthly debt re-payment kind of thing?

2. If I am the one who initiate the break-up with my girlfriend, I have to be responsible for her share of her payment. How do experienced forumers handle this?

3. If I try to appeal to HDB to allow change of co-ownership, can this be done? For example, if my parents own a private property, are they eligible to be co-owner of this EC If they sell off their private property?

I understand that I have landed myself in trouble due to the fear of rising apartment prices and shortage of flats last year. This is really giving me a lot of stress and I hope someone could help to advise.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Asphalt,

I am facing the same dilemma as you except that am married for less than 1 year now.

Appreciate if you can share once you got the answers on item 1. I had written to HDB but got their standard reply that I had to check with the developer.

Anyone out there can advise us??


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Hello Smallbelle,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I have not checked with HDB yet but I guess the outcome would be the same. HDB might request me to discuss with the developer too.

I tried to PM you but your Private Messaging is disabled.


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Hi Smallbelle,

I have tried contacting the developer about my situation but it seems like they are unable to help. I think the 20% penalty is inevitable. I am also quite lost about what to do right now.


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i'll be honest here... u are wasting time writing on this forum and asking for Opinions when u should be seeking solutions from the relevant parties.

i dun know if it's your language, but i'm under the impression that u have not made any concrete contact, enquiries, established facts and info to go about solving this problem. and if the initial replies aren't favourable, u dun seem likely to go into Appeal mode any sooner.

the same reason u will stay in hot soup, will be the same reason how u got into this hot soup.

maybe it's time u actually did something that contributes and Progresses into an Outcome?

wat do u mean by "tried contacting" the developer, wat do u mean be "seems like" they are unable to help.

there must be someone whom u can speak to, but u seem to be speaking to everyone else except this someone.

u push all the wrong buttons in hope to get the right answer. u're not really keen to save the money, are u? cos a desperate person would be searching no end for the right person to get the right answers. Then appeal for help.

u are currently speaking to the wrong pple to confirm your assumptions and letting go of the fight.

i'm not saying the outcome will eventually favour u, but i think u will eventually run out of time. u will be the type of pple whom the authorities say, "why didn't u state earlier? u have passed the deadline so i'm sorry i cannot help u".