Teochew customs


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mine is abt the same as <font color="ff6000">coven's</font> except for
3) ang bao instead of a spitton (something to do with appreciation for bringing up the bride)

it's also an ang pow to show appreciation, but it's not to replace the spitton, but to replace fresh whole pork trotters.

while what we've mentioned here are what the GUYS have to bring over, do not forget the "jia-zhuang" which the LADIES(MOTHERS) have to prepare.


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Hi Angelia,

Can you provide me with the address and contacts for Gin Thye Cake Maker?
Any min buy required?


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Hi Adeline

The shop is at 423 Sembawang Road Singapore 758392. Tel:2571566/67583742. It is one of the shophouse along sembawang road.

This shop was shown in the TV recently. There is no min required. If you order more boxes, they actually can lend you the traditional box basket for Gou Da Li. They also have other cakes. If you need advice on Gou Da Li, they are willing to help too.


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Hi gals,

Would appreciate some advice here. If I'm Teochew, and my husband is not, do we still have to follow Teochew customs? Am in conflict with my dad because of this...

And if we do, what are the standard Teochew practises?



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Hi celia,

Thanks for ur answer.

I'm kinda confused, does that mean my FH's non-Teochew culture is not taken into account?


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nope, since you're marrying into the family, the bride also taken into account the in-law's non-teochew culture. That's y its important for both side to agree upon and compromise each other's culture.


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can anybody help out?? what is supposed for the groom to bring to bride's house on actual day? My mum said got to bring oranges and 3 red packets for my parents. When i come back to my house again, i got to bring cake. find it ridiculous to ask me to buy cake and bring it back on actual day.


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Hi Karen &amp; love_blue,

I've got the following from s'one from SB for my wedding last year. Tot i'll jz post it here and share it wif u gals! I hv some other wedding-related templates too which i can forward to u if there's any in particular that you need; templates for reception/ceremony schedule, seating plan, jiemei duties etc... e-mail me at [email protected] &amp; i'll see if i can help you.

<center><table border=1><tr><td>

Guo Da Li.xls (26.1 k)</td></tr></table></center>


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Hi coralfairy,

Thanks for the templates. i will check with my bro whether he still need anythings else a not.

I will email you if he need it.



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Wanna check with you guz.
Between Pin Jin and giving dinner tables to the bride parents, which did you guz choose?
Cos what i was told is that if girl parent don't want the pin jin, they can ask for x number of dinner table. The boy parent will then pay for that x number of table, but all ang pows collected goes to the girl parent. Is that rite?
And if so, what is the norm number of tables that the girl parent can ask for if they don't want the pin jin?


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Table> i thought pin jin is a must but the bride's family would just take a bit and return the rest of the pin jin to the groom's family.eg. half of the offered pin jin.

As for tables, its up the the groom's family. Some offer 5 tables, some offer 10 tables or maybe more, and of course the bride's parents get to keep all the ang baos since the tables are occupied by bride's relatives. If bride's parents wanna have more tables then they pay for it and also get to keep all the ang baos.


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tot the norm was to have all of the followin';
pin jin
si dian jin
bride's parents ask for X number of tables and they keep all the angpows

my wedding was like that. my in laws are teochew =)


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10 tables? Wow that's a lot of money. If that's the case, the couple will lose quite abit of money right?
Imagine this scenario
$700 per table
Bride fam ask for 10 tables
$7000 goes to the bride family.

In that case, after the couple have paid for things like wedding package, ang pow for whoever applicable, house etc they still must give $7000 to the bridge family. Then how couples survive? I thought it was normally 3~5 tables. At least that wld work out ot be $2100~$3500. Still alot but manageable rite?


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but what is the norm figure? as in normally how many tables bridegroom's side must give to bride side?

also i heard some ppl don't give "4 dot gold" anymore. some give jewellary instead, since gold is so out.


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Hi table, mine was 10 tables as well.. at Conrad =) and we had 2 nights of banquet so we have an extra night of red table to cater for.

and yes, usually i see more brides (my frens) receiving white gold jewellery as SDJ. The jewellery shops will tie a red ribbon on the white gold jewellery to make it look more auspicious.


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hi guz
It seems to me 10 tables is a norm. I have been asking arn and reading up some posts as well.

If that is the case, probably I shd try to work something out for the bride's parent. Also, I have to narrow my choices. Places like Pan Pacific are out. Buy I think my gf's parents are understanding la. Cos they don't want pin jing.

I used to think when getting married, the only irrecoverable costs are wedding package, misc ang pows for helpers like best men, photo, house and honeymoon. I thought wedding dinner shd be ok, cos got ang pow to cover. Now I realise pin jing and tables to give is another forgotten cost.


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hi ladies of teochew

when we return back to our mum's place for tea ceremony do we need to eat tang yuen or just tea ceremony can already?


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What's the typical amount for the dowry (pin jin) for Teochews? Also, how expensive is the si dian jin? I know it's up to the parents, but would like to know so that neither party gets out of hand. :p To me, these are really just customs to appease both sets of parents. The money and jewellery really don't matter to me.

Oh yes, in my case, my fiance and I are paying for the entire wedding ourselves. Does this make a difference? In this case, there should be no requests for tables, right?



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both myself and hubby are teochews.

can i check how many months before the AD both families must meet and discuss about pin jin, cakes, tables etc?

i am totally lost.


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Hi! I am a 100% teochew (as my mum loves to put it:). I like to clarify on one item: Is it true that our mothers have to buy the tea dress for us? Cheers!


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hello BTB, I'm so happy to find this forum! Hope it will be as active as the other wedding salon forum which I am in

Anyone can share where to get Teochew wedding biscuits? my mum dun wan cakes. so we getting wedding biscuits for our relatives and cakes for my HTB's relatives


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dor - my MIL gave me $5000 and ask me get my own SDJ. She bought a set of jewellery for her daughter last yr and I told my fiance to hint her that I rather pick my own. This is separate from the long fong zuo

femme - you dun have to leave house early. such practice only for teochew bride. But i'm not following. i want to zzzz....But i asked for sao zhu from my cantonese HTB hiak hiak

PK : sorry I can't help you. I only know our mom has to buy us the sleeping gown where we wear for hair combing.


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hi Jol,

i will be ordering mine from this shop

Gin Thye Cake Maker
Address423 Sembawang Rd Singapore 758392,
Singapore , 758392
Telephone 6257 1566


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Ling Ling : yah, I was researching via google yday and this name popped up. There is a branch at Bt Batok which I am checking it out this weekend coz its near my place
How did you find their service and rates? Btw, did they give you a basket to hold the oranges?

This morning at Jurong Point, I found a provider of Cantonese wedding biscuits for my HTB's side.

Anyone heard of a old custom to have suckling pig on GDL?