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Hi all,

I need some opinions regarding timings and what comes before & after on AD due to a lot of constrains by the hotel we chose.

Some context for my wedding, we have decided to do a dinner banquet at Regent hotel.

We do NOT have gate crashing.

The problem is, we do not have a venue for Solemnisation ceremony.
The hotel is giving us a tiny small function room (only which is not ideal as we plan to have a Christian solemnisation ceremony and there will be quite a lot of people attending. The bigger function room will only be confirmed to us if it's available 1 month prior to the actual wedding date and i feel that is ridiculously close to the AD & impossible to plan by then.

Therefore, we are thinking of doing the Christian solemnisation ceremony right before the dinner banquet at the grand ballroom itself. However, if we do that, we do not have time for Tea Ceremony after the Solemnisation.

Is it okay for me to do the Tea Ceremony BEFORE the Solemnisation? What do I wear for the Tea Ceremony then? Is it weird that the groom will be seeing me in the white wedding gown before the Solemnisation? If the Tea Ceremony comes first, and I am wearing the veil before the Tea Ceremony, I will have to unveil before the Solemnisation itself. Wouldn't me unable to wear the veil for the walk-in of the Solemnisation be a waste then? :( Is it okay for the groom to pick me up with me wearing the KUA/ Tea Ceremony dress instead of the white wedding gown? Would it be acceptable to only wear the white wedding gown and put on the veil right before the Solemnisation?

Hope to hear some opinions regarding this as it's quite a big issue for our case :(