Tarots cards readings

i have been introduce to tarot cards reading recently and would appreciate if anyone of you here had prior experience and also where to find good tarot readers in Singapore

I went for my own tarots cards readings with a Ang Mor from south africa and she has been doing it for 30 years.
I was at my crossroads in my relationship path at that time and to me, the readings are quite accurate and i m satisfied as some of the things she said came true.

during the session, you will be very surprise that the cards all turn out to be referring to your series of question in which i also asked about my career, health, famiy etc

but the cost is quite steep at $100 per hour


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i had my reading done twice by a lady named Monica at Prinsep St. Not sure if she's still around though. But the readings were really accurate (for the past). Future wise, I believe nobody can tell you what's gonna happen since fate is really in your own hands. Everything you do (including knowing your future) might just steer you away from what was predicted.


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Hi denial,
Dun know any tarot card readers around in singapore but have been playing on my own for quite a while. some time can be amazed by the results.
hi cancerian,

recently i bought a deck and try to learn but is still not good at the readings

how did you learn the tarots? from books or you went for some lessons


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There is a tarot card reader that I've been going to religiously. You may want to give her a try.


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Hi cancerian0407, i'm looking for a tarot card reader for my wedding party in jul. To let my guests hv fun having their fortunes told. I don need prof readers, they r too ex. Or anyone has recommendation? quick bucks n free buffet dinner at posh restaurant. pls email [email protected]. thanks!


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Why do u want to have a tarot card reader at your wedding? Are you having a circus theme wedding? I feel tarot reading is pretty creepy.


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Actually why not just get a friend/relative to buy a deck from kinokoniya, follow the instructions and do the reading? Save alot of $$$, since not looking for prof and also don't think guest would want to know if bad luck will be fall on them soon.


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bunnyow, you may want to contact -

Aunty Irene at 9423 3751. she is located at katong. not sure which building. i understand she does astrological tarot, charts, palmistry etc etc.


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Hi Latino thanks

Is this Aunty Irene accurate in her tarot reading?


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i dont know if Aunty Irene is accurate cos i hv never tried her.

have you heard of this thing called bazi? i know of someone who can give quite accurate bazi. bazi is not fortune telling...erm i dont know how to explain to you.

if you are interested, i can give you her name and contact but i wont place it here. just PM me.

may i add, if you do listen to such things, pls listen with a pinch of salt ok


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hello, i have been to aunty irene before and i think she was quite accurate.
she is a little gypsy-like. very straight forward lady.
her tarot cards are self-made. the symbols are not those that you see on the usual tarot cards.
after the tarot reading, she will also ask you to pick out something that resembles ice-cream sticks with drawings on it and she will talk about it somemore.
sorry not able to provide more info cos i did it awhile ago already.
it was at katong shopping centre.
she lives in marine parade and if she is not at her shop, she may ask you to go to her home instead.
this is all i can remember.....
there is this ang mor reader i went to before
her name is beverly and you have to call 62210300 to make appt
she only does readings on weekdays, only few hours per day
she charge $50 for 30 mins and $100 for 60 mins

when i see her early this year, some things she predicted came true
the things she said rather specific and she will tell you when it will happened
she is very approachable and the whole session is very interesting as she also used astrology and numerology to do a more complete check


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There are also fortune tellers who use normal pokre cards to tell fortune. Any of you have tried such fortune-telling? If so, which one do you think is more accurate, the tarot or the pokre cards?

Latino, agreed that we should listen with a pinch of salt. There are also times when what we hear can really affect us. For eg, my colleague went for a job interview and was already offered the position. But she went to see one of those fortune tellers and was told that it's best for her to stay in her current job, so in the end she rejected the offer and stayed in her current one.


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May i introduce my tarot card master, LYN, she has a shop at INTERNATIONAL PLAZA which she does reading for her clients.

LYN uses Aura Soma cards for her reading and charges $68 for one session, minimum of an hour consultation. If needed, she does not charge extra for over an hour reading, as she feels obliged to help those that are in need. Included in each consultation, besides getting to understand worldly affairs from a spiritual approach, LYN also performs a color healing session, which she uses a laser crystal beam pen to heal each individual aura.

My name is Ron Koh and is assisting LYN in her appointments schedule. You may SMS me at 9272 2534 to arrange for a consultation.

Good Luck.

Ron Koh


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i went to monica at prinsep street too.
she charge like $60 for 1st hr.
she do give advise, and i find her quite accurate thou. at least something she mention had came true.
so true that i don't dare to go back to see her again to know abt my future


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an advice:

dun rely too much on such "fortune-telling" stuff.

it will affect you somehow mentally.

end of the day, you contol your destiny, your life path... dun fall into unnecessary "holes"...


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i would really like to know how do i contact auntie irene or monica soon... really need some help.. thanks!


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In this day and age it's amazing people still spend such ridiculous amounts of money on such things.

Fortune telling, horoscopes and the likes work based on two principles - first, people's confirmation bias. We are struck by the things are turn out true (hence confirmation), but fail to realise that the things that don't turn out true are just as significant (that's why it's bias). Second, they are based on correlates of behaviour. Just as certain personalities tend to lead to certain behaviours, certain behaviours tend to lead to certain futures. Predictions are just based on what's possibly likely to happen in future given what is already known about a person now.

Put the two principles together, we are misled into believing that certain people or tricks can predict the future. Other than going to these people out of curiosity or interest, there really shouldn't be any reason to read further into the predictions.



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to each it's own.
we can choose what we like to believe in, choose what to listen to, choose what to follow with.
to each it's own.
while we know that some of these might be just purely hoax or playing on the weakness of the reader's mind/ state, some needs it for reassurance or interest.
to each it's own.
while some might think it's foolish, others might think otherwise. so why scrutinize these people?
to each it's own.


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andee low, yes, you're right. I don't disagree with you.

I suppose it's abit like religion. Some think it's real; some don't think so. Some people need it; others don't. But yes, do whatever makes one happy.


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I have introduced Lynn at International plaza and feedbacks from few clients have been good.

i would like to further recommend people from here to get a reading from Lynn 9750 0133 at International Plaza #02-24 and just mention my name RON to get a tarot/channelling reading at $50 nett, irregardless of hours used for the first consultation.

Only for the period April 2008.
I went to see Monica at Prinsept st 2 years ago and just went again on last saturday.
Total saw 2 times and my friend saw it too.

She is kinda accurate and true. But abit old fashion minded -.- She charges $70 for the 1st 45mins and thereafter at $15 for each 20mins. But actually she won't calculate that mins, just do her part and finish the whole reading.
Below is her details:

Monica Raj
66 Prinsept St #02-06
HP 93893551


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my friend went there .. really full of crap .. she is those tarrot card readers that just say something really general and it may be revelant to your life and make you believe it.. really a waste of money...


I went to Auntie Irene, twice. Very good. My friend went to her and Monica, and her verdict was Auntie Irene was better. Auntie Irene should be in her 80s bah I think....

Yup, self-made tarot cards. You won't understand even when you see the cards. I think the price is $30 onwards for a reading. I can't remember as it was 2 or 3 years ago already...

My friend had Auntie Irene do a full reading for her. As in complete with charts and such. It'll take aome time and she was invited to her hse for interpretation. She told me it was super creepy one time when she was asked for her birth time. She couldn't remember so she said about 8.30.

She said Auntie Irene looked at her and said she didn't look like a 8.30 baby, and adjusted to 8.27 (not much difference if you ask me). When my friend went home and ask her mum, her mum said she was born at 8.25!

She said that was the most creepy part she encountered when she saw Auntie Irene.

It depends how much you believe....for fun or for a guidance....take it with a pinch of salt.

Better than some Masters who kept asking you to spend $$$$ to erect statuates and pray right???


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hi, aunty irene speaks english only? $35/session is 0.5 hour? is she approachable & with patience?
what are the usual info she will ask?


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Ok.. let me answer on behalf.. yup.Auntie Irene speaks English. I went to her place a few weeks back at her marine cresent home. Around 1/2 hr $35. She is quite a nice lady, so no worries about asking her questions if there is things which u do not understand. Just need to prepare yr birthdate and hour of birth.


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I went to her b4 few years ago. Just call her hp 94233751.

Her shop used to be in Katong Mall but if she did not go to the shop, she would ask you to visit her home @ Marine Crescent. She will tell you where she stays.


i don't believe this... is this where the mentally challenged hang out? if someone turns off the lights, will you guys be able to locate your own behinds? why would anyone in their right minds pay good money to hear old ladies talk hocus pocus? please! stay home and talk to your mum instead. better yet, save the money and bring her out for a dinner!

do you people just like the scent of candles? is that it? self-made tarot cards oooooo... my knees are knocking themselves silly. charts, what charts? pie chart or histogram?

of course she is patient you imbecile. she charges by the half hour. why do these people adopt titles like aunties or masters? why can't they have nephews or go to grad schools like the rest of us? i have said this once and i will say this again - if their predictions have an ounce of veracity in them, these fortune tellers won't be doing what they are doing. they are much better off out there trying their hands playing the stock market.


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is it not creepy or scary to have go to these so called fortune teller thingy?

i wanted to go, but i'm too afraid to do it. lol.