Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+


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Hi Yiting,

Update mi with the contact also, i want to increase my bust size. But will it cause any side effect? Only by massage?


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The SPA is in Batam, not Singapore.

You can contact the SG Agency to arrange for ferry and transportation to the SPA.

Alternatively, you can buy own ferry ticket at Harbour Front Terminal, than take a cab from the ferry terminal to the SPA.


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thanks Yiting for the info..


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If you are booking on your own:
Address: Komp. Rosedale Blok E No. 116 Batam
Telp. 0778 - 462979 Email: [email protected]

If you are booking through SG Agency:
Enquiry and booking only through email.

Either way, just mention you are going to the SPA. No need to mention breast treat. You choose the SPA services (massage, facial etc) only when you reach the SPA.


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mhwhahahaha...if TCM for breasts enhancement so good how come chinese have small breasts throughout 3000 chinese civilization?????

after my observation of chinese in prc, taiwan, hk, abc

don't waste your hard earn money lah


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Hi all,

It has been a long since last log in. Then recently I discovered this discussion thread about Tan Kan Ming Bust enhancement. Wanna know if the results remains after so many for who had done it?