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  1. dearienmyprecious

    dearienmyprecious New Member

    My wife and I will be geting married on 9th May this year. 3 months ago, which is 8 months to our wedding, we engaged this Photographer named Alan Ng from alan photography (his number is 93854888). We got to know him from a friend's wedding. Photos taken by him were slightly above average. The main thing is that his price is relatively low as compared to other photographers, he also assured us that photographs will only be taken by him.

    We met up with him, saw his works and told him that we need to consider his offer (we sort of decided in using him after discussion), 2 weeks later he called me telling me that someone wanted to book the date we wanted so he told us to pay him the deposit to block the date, we agree to it but told him that we would like to meet him in person to pay him and sign the contract at the same time. However, he told me that we should trust him and transfer the money to him and we can meet up later to sign the contract. We oblige to it thinking that he is reliable since our friend also used him.

    2 months down the road he tried to contact us but unfortunately we were travelling overseas afterwhich when we return, we tried to call him to arrange for a meet up but he told us that he will be going overseas, and will contact us when he comes back.

    When he came back 2 weeks ago, he called me saying that he has just agreed to take up an assisgnment with a coperation (which obviously is paying him higher rate) and would like to call off our dealing. It is 3 months to our wedding date and we have to look for another photographer in such a short time!!! So I argued with him and he told me that even if he signed the contract with us and he has another asignment he will get someone to take for us. Which is so contridicting to what was conveyed to us earlier and we find him lack of professionalism....... so please beware of him.... NOw we have to find another photographer............

  2. stanelaine08

    stanelaine08 New Member

    hi richard, u should check the contract and make sure that what he has promised u tallys with what are written on it. [​IMG] just my opinion on this.

    if you need a photographer, let me know. just trying to help. [​IMG]
  3. spice_boy

    spice_boy New Member

    poor...He agreed first then cook roti prata at last....
  4. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member

    people always say, there are bound to be hiccups during preparation or on the actual day itself.. well, mine happened after the wedding.
    it's been 5 months from my wedding, and we still have nt gotten hold of our actual day album... hMmm..how does that sound?
  5. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    that's bad ms_bubly..did u chase ur PG??
  6. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member

    hai......... i did. things jus happened...and they just have their reasons. I believe it takes time to produce good work, but im nt sure how they survived thru the years, taking 5 months for each album....
    Today, i sent an email asking again. they respond with, the time they said to be ready, is only estimated, and will get back to us when ready. i've received so many times such a reply that im numbed. hubby instead got mad and called up.. monday will be the day we'll see the album in the bridal. why in the bridal not from photgrapher instead, you may ask... PG asked if we wanna collect from bridal instead. possibly i thought they may wanna avoid us and confrontation. whatever, i jus feel, this is far far from professionalism. they dont even feel the need to show some initiative to deliver to us. whatever............ i jus wan my album, and will definitely NOT recommend them to my friends.
  7. pearlypearl

    pearlypearl New Member

    ms_bubly> oh dear... sound really bad!
  8. pearlypearl

    pearlypearl New Member

    I'm actually looking for PG/VG for my AD too... and i'm also worried about getting those unethical and unreliable ones!!!
  9. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    u took e AD PG from the BS?
  10. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member

    nobody would expect/want such things to happen. moreover, i decided on this PG because they're in this industry for quite sometime...Unfortunately, this had to happen...Im still very bothered by this matter, and i guess, this feeling will stay with me till i've gotten my album.
    Smtimes, pp give excuses for laziness or whatever. However, in such service line, you just cannot afford to give such excuses.. i dun mean to bring harm here, just.... very very disturbed by this matter. Isnt this supposed to be a joyous affair? now, every now and then, when i thought of the "missing" album, heart jus sinks...................
  11. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member


    yea we took PG from BS.
  12. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    y would you take PG from BS? From what i know, BS usually outsource their AD PG de, and they are usuali freelance PGs. When u mean reputable, do u mean the BS or the PG?
  13. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member


    this PG has his own business in wedding photography. Jus ties up with my bridal. Saw their album in the bridal, with recommendation of their photography skills by bridal, i decided to use them. they're not freelance...
  14. ms_bubly

    ms_bubly New Member

    ....i jus received album. from my bridal. a mixture of feeling.. well, firstly of coz a relief after waiting for so long. second, utterly disappointed with it. it was nothing i see that needs 5 months completion.. it was far from good. it's jus what you shld expect to get from a photographer. nOthing fascinating, pics laid poorly, totally no sense of design whatsoever.. some pics missing.. its jus gonna be an album in the wardrobe..........."argh!"
  15. aceng

    aceng New Member

    ms_bubly (ms_bubly): may i know your BS is? its truly disappointing to recieve not so good photo after such a long wait
  16. tannie2811

    tannie2811 New Member

    yeah, pls let us know w BS & PG..so tt no1 falls into e same prob..thks..
  17. mysticfayyy

    mysticfayyy New Member

    yea, I wish to know which BS too? Becos I too took up PG from BS.. My wedding is on June 2011 thou..

    Possible to email me? ah_xiu85@yahoo.com.sg

  18. dannywedding

    dannywedding Member

    Which BS u take? They shld b held responsible for it too
  19. chocolatemilk

    chocolatemilk New Member

    Hi Ms Bubly,which BS and PG are they?can email to me pls to d_gui@hotmail.com
  20. houseoflove

    houseoflove New Member

    ya why not u just share it here? curious..

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