Taiwan Photoshoot pkg with free 2N hotel stay


We are letting go our Taiwan package.

For those who like to tour TW and sign on their package, pls note we have bargained for a very good package as our friends were their previous clients also. Include 2 nights free hotel.


- 5 bridal outfits, ornaments etc from VIP area
- 2 suits for groom, accesories
- 5 different makeover/hairstyle for couple
- 18" album with 40 PHOTOS!!!
(those experienced will know additional photos are very expensive eg. 1 for $60; we have 40!!)
- 24"x30" oil painting portriat in large photo frame (instead of 20"x24")
- 60"poster (instead of 50")
- table-top photo frame
- CD-rom of all selected photos
- 400 exquisite Thank you cards

**On the Proof of receipt, they have added in additional terms to ensure our satisfaction. =)

1) Photographer will be chosen by their director. (A photographer is very important - to know how to shoot and which angle to shoot, and to create the ambience).
2) Ensure the customers be satisfied with the photos. (very important if in the end, you don't like the way the photos turn out! i have experience in this)
3) No add'l charge for exceeding photo shoot time
4) No add'l charge for night shots
5) No add'l charge for infra red shots (they are nice!)
6) No add'l charge for choosing your choice of phtographers!! (choose your own photographer by looking at their works! IMPT!!)
7) Choose the outfits from any area including VIP
8) 2 Nights FREE ACCOMODATION in Taiwan!!
9) valid for 5 years


You can choose 1 of 2 of the hotels. These are within 5 mins from the studio.


走路至捷運民權西路站約 5 分鐘
* 新仕商務飯店
地址: 台北市中山區民生西路 8 號
電話: http://www.shin-shih.com.tw/

走路至捷運雙連站約 2 分鐘





Will send you the receipt photos, company name and company website. (Brides: look at their latest collection of wedding gowns)

Original price at S$3280. Now selling at S$1850~~
->Pls note this is actually worth $600 more in value because we have 10 more photos than usual! + 2 night free accommodation.
95% of the time couples buy more photos as too little photos will seem less presentable during your banquet, And they really like the once in a lifetime photo shots =)

Hi hi. If anyone is interested in BlueBay wedding, drop me a note and I'll share my package details and experience with you. Very satisfied with their service so far. And the photographers portfolio has been consistently good.

There's this referral program and upon successful referral, both of us will get 6 additional photos each (worth $80 per photo). In addition, I'm also offering cash token in appreciation for using my referral.

Contact me at [email protected]