Taiwan F&E


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wonder if there is any taiwan people here in Singapore..need some help


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Hi anyone going to tainan or taichung, need help.I was tinking shld we jus go there n find hotel instead of booking online cos I cant seem to find much info on taichung n tainan hotel.

Anyone stayed at the futurestar hotel? Broadband internet access all day?


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Hi All,

I have NTD$5536 for exchange into SGD$251, rate is at 22.06, better than outside rate...

Interested parties, PM me, thanks!


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hi all, i've planned a 4D 3N trip to TPE in Aug.. any idea wat the weather there is like?
also, any one to share itinerary on shopping and eating there? (it'll b my 3rd time there, so not planning to go sightseeing)

also, anyone know how to reach wu lai from TPE? tks!!


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from Taipei Main Station take MRT to Xindian station
outside of MRT Xindian station 新店站 take Xindian bus æ–°åº—å®¢è¿ to Wulai bus terminal (abt 30mins trip, bus comes every 20mins interval) cost TWD$40/pax

check out my wulai trip


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Hi All

I am new here. Would like to seek advise on travelling to Taipei as I am planning a F&E trip to Taipei in Oct with my family, including my parents and a 20mth old toddler.

1) Can anyone advise the places/itineary to travel in Taipei?

2) Is it advisable to go to the outskirts areas like Jiufen, Danshui, Beitou with a kid in toll.

3) Should I bring the pram?

Anyone travelled with kids, can share experience? Thanks so much.


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Hi there,

anyone knows of a good 4 or 5 star hotel in Ximending area? Thanks. Going for honeymoon and husband wants a nicer hotel instead of 3star.

Thanks in advance


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As the mrt goes directly to Danshui, i think it is quite convenient for you to push a pram there. A sidenote, Danshui is very packed during weekends.

As for Jiufen, we took a train ride from Taipei (1hr) and thereafter transfer bus to Jiufen. The road up is winding, similar to going Genting. Though it may not be suitable for young kids, i think your parents will like it coz it has a good view.

No comments on Beitou as i did not go there. We went to Wulai instead.


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Thanks vernwyen

Danshui is the "Yu ren ma tou" and the "Lou Jie" right? Any good stuff to get from there?

How about Jiufen - wat's good there?

Oh yes, heard that wulai has hotspring too. And less sulphur than those at beitou....


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yes, 'yu ren ma tou' and danshui laojie is there. Many stalls selling bbq sotongs, ultra tall ice creams and tie dan (iron eggs). The sunset is beautiful
I heard from our hotel staff is best to visit danshui on weekends coz there are more people.

Personally i dun fancy Jiufen. There are stalls selling the meatballs and small yam balls. Nice view up there but other than tat there is nothing else.

You can view my blog for the pictures



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Hi FrenZ

I be going to taiwan F&E in Oct for 12 days..
Can share share ur itinerary?
Share share any gd resturant & its location?
Share share hotels too


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ilove18th - the link all in chinese....chimmmm

spoiltbabe - enjoys reading your blog
see that u have a great time in TW. Hualian's Tarako Gorge is beautiful. Too bad, not including it in my plan/itineary though i think my parents will love the scenic view. But with a kid in toll... its not possible.

At the moment, just planning to cover:
Danshui/Yu ren Matou
101 tower
Yang Ming San
Wu fen pu & Raohe nite mkt
shilin nite mkt
CKS memorial Hall
National Palace Museum
Mirama Ferri Wheel
Xi Men Ding
Taipei Underground Mall (heard that the shoes there are cheap)

Have not plan the sequence yet.

Btw, which hotel u stay? I am considering between Cosmo/ Rainbow and TS (Ta Shun). Any recommendation?

Oh, my flight reaches Taipei in the morning at 6am. So I cant have an early hotel check-in until 12pm, wonder where can i go in between???


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we stayed in TS hotel, 5min walk to XMD, opp the hotel is the 24hr family mart and 85deg (we loved its coffee and pastries!) Rainbow is in the heart of XMD which i find it's... erm... crowded.

it's a dead down in XMD in the morning. Shops are slowly opened from 10plus am. You can request the hotel to leave your luggage at the lobby first so you dun have to pull them all around.

Oh! remember to try the famous 'ah zhong mian xian'
It's in XMD... very delicious!


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i saw ur blog... wahhh...
impressive.. seems that u all r enjoying urself..

i saw the hello kitty cafe... @ where are?

btw i had email u wonder if possible can share share ur itinerary for the 10 days trips.


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we bought the air tixs as early as 4months prior to the trip (once we saw good deal on Jetstar we grabbed it :p). Hotel wise, we shared among the 3 of us (add a bed to the room) hence save on the accommodation also.

Car restaurant is called PS BuBu. It's in Tianmu

the hello kitty restaurant is in zhongxiao fuxing, near to the green SOGO, along Da'an Road. You can see the prominent signboard from afar


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Can I know how much u pay for the promo airfare per person? and which month u went?

Hello kitty, I love it. Must visit it when i was there


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IIRC, we each paid $395, incl tax. Our traveling date is 28 Feb 08.

The pastries aint fantastic in the hello kitty theme restaurant, but its deco compenstate all


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Did you book the TS hotel online?
How much you pay for it? Got discount?
I asked for 4 deluxe rooms for 5 nights and was quoted the same rate indicated on its website.


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i emailed to TS hotel, yes, the rate is same as wat it is printed on the website.

i got the namecard.. tonite i go find


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Hi there..

is there anyone can advice me on the taipei trip?
my hb and i are aiming for F&E for our honeymoon for next year march 2009.

I need advice on:

the weather during early March,
air flight
and the itinerary.

Wonder is it ok to book airflight from Jet Stars?
And hotel to book eg TS hotel online?
And the transportation from Airport to hotel, can we arrange with the hotel to come and bring us?


If you have any of the above info, could you please send me via email -

[email protected]



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weather in early March is cold... need to wear jacket still... the temp will fall btw 17 - 20deg.

Flight, hotel and itinerary... tat's very vague. Do you have any particular choice in mind? For your info, we took jetstar and stayed in TS Hotel. For Jetstar, surf its website or look out for any offers on the papers. For hotel booking, you may drop them an email to confirm your booking and nearer to your stay the hotel will give you a call to confirm your booking.

We took Freego bus service from airport to TS Hotel, which dropped us right outside the hotel. IIRC, is NT140 per pax for the coach ride.


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Will be goin to Taipei later this month, thinking of staying in KHH for 2nights.....anyone has any hotel to recommend?

Thanks in advance ; )
Hello, does anyone has any advices if I want to go to Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge from Taipei? Which form of transport should I take? Should i stay one night in hua lien or at sun moon lake? Which one should I go first before returning to Taipei? Thanks!


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taroko gorge is via train ~3hrs ride. stay in minsu there for 1nite.

SML is via bus, cant remember how long the journey, she be at least 4hrs. also stay 1N minsu there.

either one 1st is fine, coz taipei is in betw, so u go 1 then go back taipei then go 2nd one


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hey there!

just wanna share w u my itinerary for my trip to Taiwan in May 2008. I had a GREAT time there and will be definitely returning for a second visit.

We got a 4d3n package at Focal Travel consisting of airfares and hotel at only 800+ per person. (and taking Cathay Airlines with good timing - Reach Taiwan early afternoon, return spore at 11pm)

Day 1 - Taipei Ximending
Day 2 - Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Memorial, Eslite Bookstore, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
Day 3 - Free tour to Yehliu, Jiufen, Martyrs' Shrine, Shihlin Night Market, Hot Spring @ Tianmu
Day 4 - Went to National Palace Musuem and then took cable car to Maokong, a mountain town famous for its tea and breathtaking scenery of Taipei City!
Day 5 - Was fetched by staff from Yilan Prefecture to go to Yilan Shangri La Resort
Day 6- Packed our bags and took taxi down the mountain to train station and took train to Hualien. Reached Hualien Jyunda Resort.
Day 7 - Took a day tour to Taroko Gorge. Really gorgeous scenery. One of the highlights of the trip. And also went to Seven Star Lake. Shopped and walked a bit in Hualien City before heading back to Jyunda Resort.

Day 8 - Took a train to Kaohsiung.(about 4 + hrs)
Day 9 - Visited the various sights of kaohsiung and its port and harbour

Day 10 - Took High Speed rail back to Taipei for some last min shopping at Wufenpu and Eslite bookstore

Day 11 - Flight back to Singapore

Not to mention, the trip involved lots of bubble tea!
Any queries, feel free to pm me. =)


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Oops, i forgot one impt thing we did on Day 10...silly me!

Besides last min shopping at Wufenpu, we went Danshuei, north of Taipei. It's a really interesting place to go for history and scenery, and of cos, good food!
Too bad we met with a heavy storm, so we couldnt take much photos...
Hello Sue, thanks for sharing. I have only 4 days so I want to visit SML and Taroko Gorge. If I have time I would also like to go to yeliu.

How far is Hualien Jyunda Resort to Taroko Gorge? Is the resort good?


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Hi all,
i'll be going to taipei next week. Does anyone know what is the weather for taipei next week? Thanks.Dun know what to wear or bring. =(


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no, u cant go from SML to taroko. and even if u wish to try driving this way, i wouldnt advise it.

4days only u cant visit both place. pick one, i recommend taroko over SML. SML is just a big lake. taroko is a world class natural wonder, tho isnt listed as such due to political reasons. u'll know wht i mean if u visit enuff scenic places and will agree taroko is unique.
Hello Idono

Thanks for the advices. Do you happen to have any idea how to go to yeliu also? Is the place interesting?

yuanfen, there is slight rain in taipei now and the weather is still not too cold for now, at around 25 degrees.


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the only way i know to get to yeliu is via bus from danshui MRT station. its abt 1hr via bus from there. the bus heads towards keelung. so in theory, there shd be a bus to yeliu from keelung too.

yeliu is pretty interesting rock formations. is a very windy place, i think go now still ok, later part of yr i think waves will be too strong. maybe a bit scary to go then.

i'm not sure wht others do, but i'll package yeliu visit tog. with danshui visit.
Hello Idono, thanks for the information. Actually this is my second trip to taiwan, so I have visited some places like danshui before. I heard that yeliu is very nice too. I might plan to go yeliu if I skipped SML. I will be going in dec.. maybe the weather will be too cold? Half day trip to yeliu should be enough right?


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yar, 1/2 day shd be enuff, the time killer is transport as the bus frequency is every hr i believe.

places tht i tend to go again & again in taipei are as follows, maybe u can reference see if there's any in the list u hv not visit b4 & want to do so.

1. XMD
2. Shili night mkt (not the eating place only. i notice SGian may mistake the eating place as "the" night mkt)
3. Jiufen (i sucker for this place)
4. Keelung (for food only)
5. taipei 101 area (more for catching a movie)
6. danshui area