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I think you can try Chinatown. I think is Ppl's Park complex (the one near OG).

There is this money changer (a small counter) near the staircase to the OHB leading to Lucky Chinatown. They give very good rate.

Most of the time is crowded with many ppl.


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I'm new to this thread and will be going to taipei in june. Appreciate if anyone share with me what are the local products i can buy back for my families, relatives and friends?

I heard that their 太阳饼 and 黄梨酥 are nice, but where can i find it? Thanks


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hi xy,
the taiyang bin is nice but cannot keep more than 2 weeks,otherwise not fresh. i dint like the huangli su thou..
i bought taiyang bin at jiufen there, very nice.. tink its NT160 per pack ba..forgotten..

the ikan bilis there also very nice(jiufen), then ah pao niao dan at danshui old streets also famous..


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Hi xy,

I bought the ikan bilis at jiufen.. my hubby like it esp the extreme hot one..
We also bought the Taiyang bin at Danshui... taste soso.. like S'pore 'Pon bian' but outer layer is softer..


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I've been to a dept store called "Flawless" in taipei. Brought there by the tour guide. They sell quite a number of local pdts, tea, chocolate etc. There's a sample tasting table where customers can take a seat and try some pdts. However I didn't have time to walk around, so not too sure if the same stuff can be found cheaper elsewhere.

I did buy the 黄梨酥 handmade ones. It was very expensive compared to the factory made, but taste is better, cos I tried both.


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for me, when I was there.....

As Wingo provides me transport to and fro Airport on my arrival and departure.

On my departure day, I was bought to a warehouse (not too sure of the name) where many of local delights are gathered.

Food Tasting is available for all the food sold there and the price is cheap as compared to Shopping Mall.

I will go see if I still have the receipt...if i have the address and name, I will post it here.


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me going TP next Friday, 11 May (for 2 wkends, back on 22 May) but hvn't book tix, hahaha.. hubby on biz trip for 4 wks so thot go for 1 wk n tap on accomodation. but hor, his hotel is at Beitou, so can't go Shilin NM every night
prob hv to travel to & fro to TP Main station almost everyday and venture the place at a slow pace.

is it safe to go night markets alone? me abt 6 mths preggie. will hv to venture TP city alone on weekdays as hubby working (might even work late till 8+pm).

will leave Danshui and those further places on wkends so that can get hubby along, and help wif carrying shopping bags

till now still dunno how to plan my itinerary cos on weekdays, can't go NM till late cos hubby sleeps ard 11pm, and he might not be able to knock off on the dot.. hiaz...


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btw, my mum asked me to get a couple of blankets (like those thick ones u see at the wake). anyone has any idea where i can get them cheap? i also quite like bedsheets from TW, kekeke..


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I'm going to Taiwan on 7th June with my husband and sincerely seeking help with my itinerary cos' very unfamiliar with the place. Have came up with a rough itinerary and hope that the more "experienced" Taiwan travellers can give me some comments, thanks!

7th June Thursday
Reach Taipei 5.40pm
Buy train ticket for Hualien (http://www.railway.gov.tw)
Taipei highlights:
1. Danshui (sunset best)
2. Yu Ren Ma Tou (Fisherman wharf) (got public bus outside Dan Shui MRT)
3. Shilin (Jian Tan Station)

Stay one night at Taipei (Wan Tai $76?)
(saw this from asiarooms,any better hotels to recommend?)

8th June Friday
Taipei to Hualien (6.45am train, 3 hours ride)
Book into Min su and book Taroko Gorge trip
1. Taroko Gorge trip (7 hours)
2. Marble showroom?
3. Chi Shing Tan (reef walking and rock collection)
This beach is located on the north east side of Hualien City.
4. Nanbin Park (marine sculptures)
5. Water rafting?

Stay one night at Hualien :Moonlight Ocean ($70 to $90)

9th June Sat
Proceed to Kaohsiung in the afternoon (one afternoon enough)
1. 2 famous markets: Liu He and Sin Jiao Jiang Market
2. Spring and autumn pavilion
3. City of Lights gallery?

Stay one night at Kaohsiung (any recommendations?)

10th June Sun
Early morning:
Kaohsiung (Zuoying station) to Chia yi by bullet train,
then cab to Beiman Train Station to catch train to Alishan (3 hours)
Alishan train to Chiayi everyday 1 trip: 1.30pm
Train journey: 3hr 20 min
Single journey NT399

Stay one night at Alishan (any recommendations?)

11th June Monday
Wake up for sunrise at 3.30am! Opt for Yushan not Zhushan
Go Alishan museum (3 brothers, 4 sisters, sister lakes)
Alishan to Chia yi and back to Taipei (bullet train)

Stay one night at Taipei (Wan Tai $76)

12th June Tuesday
1. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
2. Martyr’s shrine
3. Wu Fen Pu wholesale market
4. Xi Men Ding
5. National Palace Museum?
6. Taipei 101
7. Shilin market
8. Other night markets: Longjiang, Shida, Gongguan, Longshan, Raohe, Tonghua

Stay one night at Taipei (Wan Tai $76)

13th June Wednesday
1. Yang Ming Shan (need a whole morning, go early come back early!)
- take public transport from Jian Tan station to YMS bus terminal the shuttle bus
2. Beitou hotspring and spa (transfer from beitou to xin beitou)
3. Miramar (Ferris Wheel)
4. Xi Men Ding
5. CKS Memorial Hall
6. Jiufen

Depart Taipei 6.25pm
Home Sweet Home!!

By the way is Sun Moon Lake nice? Think I'll be giving it a miss due to the tight schedule. =)


I think to travel from Hualien to Kaosiong quite difficult and time taxing.. becos in between is a mountain.. a huge one.. so it's to travel by train back to Taipei (3+ hours) and down to Kaosiong (depends on u take the bullet train/normal train), or from Hualien to Tainan and to Kaosiong.

I checked before and to my knowledge, no public transport from Hualien through the mountains except for Taxi/Private Tour Coach. The last time I wanted to travel from Hualien to Puli which is even nearer than Kaosiong.


First day you reached Taipei( Taiyuan Airport) is 6pm. By the time you reach your hotel and check in, probably is at least 730pm (Journey from Taoyuan to Taipei is about an hour,depending on traffic condition) I think to do Shilin Night Market is enough to last a night or you might want to combine with Miramar (Ferris Wheel) since it is nearby, a shuttle bus away from Jiantan Station.

err.. notice you pack alot of activities into your last day. going up YangMingShan can be a 1 day activity or half a day, so don't recommend that. You have to factor in waiting time for transports and transfers.

I recommend latest you have to leave for Airport is 250pm from Ximending and do arrange for the Coach to come pick you from the hotel, unless you are staying at Taipei Main Station where plenty of buses to airport.

I comment on the rest when I have time..


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hi summergal, tried to email u mi itinerary but ur mail kept bouncing back. so sorry.

HXL, jule is rite. you wont be able to make Danshui and shilin all on the same day as it is quite far fr airport. too rushed to go anywhere. you might want to skip kaohsiung as it might be too rush plus tog with the visit to alishan.
last day oso not advisable to put in beitou, yms, CKS, miramar altogether. plus Jiufen is a daytrip away from taipei so def not able to make it as u are going back that day.

u might want to either plan juz side trips away from taipei instead of rushing all the way to Kaohsiung and Alishan. or either Hualien without Kaohsiung, I think it will be a very rushed trip if you visit all 3 places.


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Hi pierced and jule,
really appreciate your advice.
If I skip kaoxiong, is there a way to go from Hualien directly to Alishan?


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oh i see..
no wonder so many pple go to EITHER alishan/ hualien, but not both hor.
I guess both are good, but which one in ur opinion should I choose if I can only go to one?


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There is a way from Hualien to Alishan, but its by driving yourself through the mountains. its not a faster route, but its a very scenic (and dangerous in rainy season like now) road tht runs thru the central region of taiwan mountains. Extremely beautiful.

I think unless u hv minimum of 9day trip, Hualien & alishan together is a bit rush. If you only choose to go one, choose Hualien & go Taroko Gouge. Mainly reason is tht its not as time consuming as doing a alishan trip and there's still other activities in Hualien itself to enjoy.

If you really really like mountains, from hualien u can do a trip to Lishan and stay there for the night.


I planning to go in Sept for 5D4N.
Got airtickets and hotel reserved.

But hor...now headache in planning.

Day 1:
Reach hotel, check-in, then go Shilin market for dinner

Day 2 onwards, not sure.


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Their high speed rail and normal train is run by 2 different operators? I can locate the high speed rail svc (which runs erm on the left side of the taiwan map, hope you gals know what i'm saying)... For the normal rail, there is not much info in the sense like different classes of seats... am confused...

Could someone help to clarify mah? Thanks~~ =)


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HXL, i would also recommend Hualien coz there's more things to see and do there. u can visit taroko, plus do whitewater rafting now in summer. the rafting is quite an experience if u havent done it bef.
Alishan is more of seeing the mountain views and sunset/sunrise.

skywolf, the normal rails dont have different classes of seats avail like some other countries. all the trains has the same type of seats. Only thing is that the train has 2/3 different types, the express ones which only stops at major places, and one which stops at a lot of different towns so the trains will either take a longer time to reach the destination or a faster time.
so when u buy the tics from the counter, u juz have to ask for the time and the express/slow train. they normally will advise u over the counter.


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Hi pierced,

Thanks for the clarifications! My grasp of Chinese is quite bad, so I couldnt understand the info from the website... After I chged it to English, quite a no. of info were not included, so i gotta go back to slowly read the chinese words... *torture*


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no prob, skywolf, i had the same prob too in taiwan coz not used to reading all the chin characters. so dun worry, juz have to talk to the staff when u r at the train station.


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Had anyone tried staying in Kaoshiong, Hualien and perhaps Alishan (or ard there, forgot the name of the city for now)?

Need some recommendations for decent hotel as i'll be there for 9 nights... most prob will stay in Taipen for 4 nights (2N after landing frm Jetstar flight, 2N after going one round...)

Anyone? =)


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Wah, all chinese *faints* Need my hubby to go thru liao. Haha.

Btw Tiffy, its a room for us? As in, no need to share a rm with others?


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skywolf... yes... its a room for u... this B&B is juz like a hotel made out of their big house..

if u really want it.. let me know lor..I still keep in touch with MR & MRs Chen over the phone..I can check for availability with them..I really like them & they dotes on me too..Mrs Chen even offer me free lodging if I'm plannin to visit them with my fiance.. kekek

So far all my frens who have gone there have very good comments on this B&B. Coz Mrs Chen will pick them up frm the airport or railway station in hualien upon ur arrival...& trust me.. her cooking is really Yummy!! She'll provide u with a nice breakfast to start ur day..

Mrs Chen is an artist.. that time i even learnt how to do this fibre paper painting frm her...Oh.. but they have quite a few cats & dogs at home.. so if u r scared of furry animals.. pls let her know.. For me..I love her super fluffy furry cat called QQ!!

Hope U'll like them too..



Is it a good time to go Hualian during Sept? I have a 5D4N trip during Sept. With your good comments, I am tempted to stay a night at the B&B.

I can't really read the chinese words well.how much per night lodging?
And when u mean fetch from Airport is from which airport?


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Hi Icebaby... I juz gave Mrs Chen a call to clarify about the prices shown on their website.

The first one u see 定價 is the pricing for Holidays like chinese new year, x'mas. å‡æ—¥are the price for Sat & Sun. 平日are price of the normal weekdays mon-fri.

Also, I've checked with Mrs Chen about the weather in sept. She said its gonna be rather cooling coz its the end of summer & beginning of Autumn..so weather is good.

My own personal experience there is Apr...& it was great!

There is a domestic airport in HUalien.. so its the Hualian airport that I'm talking about.

but if u r going to hualian frm taipei.. think its good to take the train..nice scenaries on the way...

hmmm if u still need a more detailed pricing.. u can let me know which room u r interested at den I'll do a rough calculation for u.. :eek:)


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Wow Tiffy, you still keep in contact with them ah? No worries on the meows & woofs... we rather like them. =) And its nice to hear that they'll pick you up from the railway...

But... I haven confirm the exact day @ which area. I'm still thinking whether to go clockwise or anti-clockwise. =) But my trip's in almost end Oct. Not sure if it's too early to ask for the rates (assuming they are working on hotel kind de). =)

Like Icebaby, i'm tempted. Heh~~

Oh QQ!! The drink's icon! Wakaka...


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Oh... skywolf.. their rates will be pretty much as what they've shown on their website...

Well...for Mrs Chen, actually i call her Chen Tai or Chen Ma Ma...We're still pretty much in touch..hahaha.. she is very hospitable..took great care of me & my fren while we were there..

I was there with a gal fren & Chen Mama is really kind... They even brought us gals along to Tai chung in their car via the Zhong yang shan mai...coz they going to pay respect to their ancestor in taichung & she tot we should go visit taichung since we've never been there...so they let us tag along with them.. kekeke.. but i missed out alot of the mountain scenaries coz I got horrible motion sickness... puke until i also cannot recognise my parents liao..

They brought my friends to view fireflies when my bunch of dance mates went to hualian!

*shhhssshhh....share with u gals.. kekeke.. the yuan zhu ming in hualian are very cute!!! aiyo.. all nice sharp features.. ekkeke.. the ah mei tribe & some other tribes...*

My fav is Zhao feng nong chang... its a very big farm with different designations.. got flowers la..an animal farm.. a fruit farm where u can go & pluck the fruits urself.. kind of fruits depending on season...hmmm... Y didn't i think of uploading some pics here?? kekekek (but gotta wait for a day or 2.. tmr i got a design deadline to meet...)

If u are a shopping queen & dun really enjoy nature scenaries.. den I'll suggest u to go gao xiong or juz taipei.. kekeke


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hi all,

besides taking a cab from the airport to town, say XMD area, is there any other cheaper alternatives that are available, say bus or train?

is it convenient for these other modes of transport as compared to taking a NT1200 ride into town if I dun have much luggage.



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HI Rally,
There is coach service counters within the airport that bring tourists to their hotels at XMD and other areas .... you can try "Free Go" coach service. The ticket price is abt NT120 to NT130 (~ S$6-S$7/pax), takes abt 45min to reach XMD.


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Oh.. another save cost tips... if u r bringing your hp & wanna save phone bills from roaming .. go to the counter at the airport's arrival hall to get a prepaid card...its called "tai wan da ge da" its cheap & good reception if u wanna call singapore frm taiwan..


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The coach for "Freego" from airport to XMD is actually NT$135. Takes about 1hr in good traffic to reach XMD from airport.


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Hi Tiffy,
Can you tell me where zhao feng nong chang is? In Hualien? Am leaving for Taiwan very soon would like to go there...sounds great!


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Ops.. sorry cant really remember the actual price... cos being there last sept.. but the coach I took is abt 45min , it was during the evening time 7~8pm (traffic was slow during 1/2 way journey) but I think they took the expressway road so it was not too bad... they just drop us at the road side n we need to walk abt 5min to our hotel..