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hi guys, just to share. I have book jetstarair tic online (15th to 20th dec) for 6D 5N + hotel from octupustravel.com. Total cost (tic + hotel(rainbow) + taxes) is $605. There is current promotion by citibank credit card, 10% off hotel rate.

This is a gd deal i think, travel by budget airline n splurge on food on clothing!



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hey ladies.. i booked my taiwan trip ler.. went for tour package instead of F&E

on the high end but i very lazy go plan my own loh


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Hi Minicutie,

There are 2 branches of Din Tai Fung in Taipei. The main one is along Xinyi Road. The easiest way to go there is to take a cab. If the cabby doesn't know where it is, tell him the junction of Xinyi Road and Yongkang Street.

As for the other branch, you can take the MRT to Sun Yat Sen Memorial station and then ask anyone along the street. They should be able to direct you there...


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hey ppl

i was just browsing thru my photo album....

maybe i can share some if dun mind .....

white crow

red house
red house sink


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Hi Kat,
I had only been here for like 2 weeks, just settle the hse issue becos the previous one was too creepy. :p Now I stayed at near Yong Chun MRT. Havent been too much places except the shopping centres but I am going to dan shui tomorrow. :D

I will be here till next yr march. But seemed like u are heading back to sg. My hubby is on a 2 yr training, 6 mth in every country. My last stop was over at Bangkok (also riot place haha)


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Does anyone know if those night markets and shopping area in Taipei operate as usual during Chinese new year, say eve and first few days of CNY?



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Hi all,

Would like to know if anyone has booked ASA tour for the 8 days trip to Taiwan? Any comments?
I have booked & will be going on 22 Oct & hope to receive any feedback & comment as this is the 1st time I've booked with ASA, not sure how will the tour be.. thanks a lot!


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Hi all, I am planning to visit Taiwan early December.. Still looking for cheaper air flight & hotel. Planning to stay there for 8D7N. Will visit Taipei (YMS, Yeliu, ChiuFen, taipei city), Hualien (Taroko Gorge, Hualien city).
Still thinking should I include Alishan as well in my schedule. Will it be too rush? It is worth to go Alishan?
Anyone here been to Asia Pacific Resort's (Ya Tai) Hot Spring before? Any Comments?

Share with you all some of the info/map that I found in net.
1. Night Market's info/map

2. Taiwan's info/map (got Ximenting hotel map, tourist sites by MRT,...etc)


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hi tp,
i am over at tp as expats, havent been much yet, except dam shui, shilin, zhong zheng memorial hall, me also planning iternary for my parents for 8D7N. Somehow quite filled up without ailisan already.

last week there was a good promotion at jetstar, i pax just $260, now it is over, just keep looking out.


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Hi All,

will be visiting Taiwan on 31Oct - 4Nov.
Will be staying at TS hotel in taipei...near xi Men MRT bah...

Can someone help for planning my sight seeing schedules?
thinkin of visiting Taroko gouge also,how long it takes to go there Hua Lien?activity will takes up 1 whole day? How to get there?


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Hi All, just came back from Taiwan trip last nite on F&E trip. There are lots of nice food there...

88rio, Taroko gorge is a real nice place. A must visit place. From Taipeh to Hualien, the train journey about 3 hours. Our activity at Taroko takes about 7 hours. We took local tour recommended by our hotel.


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Hi Cute koala,

thanks...how much did u pay for to local tour for visiting Taroko Gorge?
Any Must Go place to visit in Taipei as well?


88, It depends if you are staying overnight at Hualien. There are early trains from Taipei to Hualien, where you can catch the Taiwan Tour Bus which starts at 1030, for a half day tour to Taroko. Or you can arrange to stay at a mingsu and take a day tour with the local cab driver.


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Hi pple,

I am planning a F&E to Taiwan with my wife in Dec. Can anyone recommend me any hotels to stay which is near MRT so that we can travel ard easily. ALso near shopping centre.

also how can i get from the airport to the hotel?


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I also failed to get the $74(one way) jetstar promotion.. only managed to book my flight @$350(incld taxes)/pax.. One hundred dollar more, so heart pain. I dun like Eva Air and China Airline's flight dep/ret time. As for SQ, too expensive liao, out of my budget.
Start planning my iteranery. Can't fix Alishan in.
. I will stay a night at Hualien and rent a scooter to tour around.

Day 1: Arrive @5.30pm. Walk ard XiMenTing
Day 2: Yeliu, ChiuFen
Day 3: YangMingShan, Beitou Hot Spring, DanShui
Day 4: Building 101, Marmara Ferry Wheel, LongShan Temple
Day 5: Hualien
Day 6: Hualien
Day 7: Taipei
Day 8: Back Singapore


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Day 1: Arrive @5.30pm. Take Freego bus to taipei. Reach taipei ~7pm. check-in hotel. Walk ard XiMenTing / go shilin night mkt. Remember to get the "ezlink" card in MRT station for ease of travel thru'out stay in taipei. Tonight can be late nite

Day 2: Take 9am train to hualien. Reach ~11:30pm. Book minsu "shitou" hse. Owner will pick u up from train station. Reach her hse and hv lunch. Set off 1pm, (rent scooter?) and go taroko gouge. spend 3-4hrs slowly touring there. evening time (b4 sunset) get back to hualien. Go to night mkt / see local performance if any. At nite, talk to minsu lady abt next day plan

Day 3: Taroko is north of hualien. Today head south of hualien. Follow minsu lady's recommendation. Again, remember to head back hualien b4 sunset. or earlier if bored. if earlier, can go hualien cycling path & enjoy beautiful pacific ocean. after nite falls, visit there "triangle" area. lots of food & shopping!

Day 4: Take early train back to taipei. Afternoon visit Yeliu & Jiufen.

Day 5: Take very early train to Chiayi. Catch 11 (or is it 11:30) or 1pm bus to alishan. Reaching alishan just go tour the alishan national park area

Day 6: Next morning go see sunrise and then transport all the way back taipei (can catch 9am bus to chiayi). Arrive taipei late afternoon, visit taipei 101. At nite go shilin or if done tht liao, visit the other night mkts like huaxi night mkt

Day 7: YangMingShan, Beitou Hot Spring, DanShui

Day 8: LongShan Temple, Marmara Ferry Wheel. Go airport. I think the ferry wheel can also visit in day 6. otherwise, i dun find this worth visiting anyway.


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Hi Jule,

was wondering if i will to take half day /1 day taiwan tour bus ( Taroko Gorge )from 1030. Do i need to do advance booking ? or just travel to Hualien by train, after reach Hualien train station, then go search for Taiwan tour bus?


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HI tp,
yeah, my parent also pay $350 to come over next week, my cousin paid $260 per pax. Here's my iternary for them, according to quite a nice guide book here.

No Main Location
1a æ·¡æ°´
æ¼äººç¢¼é ­

1b 士林夜市

2a æ•…å®®åšç‰©é™¢

3a 中正紀念堂
3b é¾å±±å¯º
3c 西門盯
3d 迪化街

4a 信義商圈

5a 林語堂故居

5b 北投溫泉
5c 天æ¯å•†åœˆ

6a ä¹ä»½

6b 金瓜石

6c 基隆

7 çƒä¾†

And must come to wu fen pu - distribution centre, if u love shopping.. because the clothes, bags and belts are very cheap. I went yesterday and spent SG$200 for 9 items. :p



I didn't book advance when I went for the half day Taiwan Tour Bus. If you travelling from Taipei, only got enough time for half a day tour.

The Tourist Center is on the right after you come out of the Train Station. Be slightly early so you don't miss the bus. I just pay when I board the bus. But it doesnt include lunch.


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hi icy, may i check with you how do i get to

迪化街 and 'shida' night market. What's the nearest metro?

I can oni find buses that lead there, but no nearest metro.



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No the trip to taroko only needs 3-4 hrs at leisurely pace. So an afternoon is sufficient as there's no variables unlike shopping whereby some pple will just take longer :p


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Hi, what would you all suggest for transfer from the airport? The cab fare is almost 50-60 bucks i heard...is this true? Thanks.


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hi pmum,
Both have to be travel by bus. U can use this bus guide for help - http://www.taipeibus.taipei.gov.tw/

dotz dots,
yes, it is around $50 because it is like 45-1hr trip in the taxi.. and they surcharge 50% for trip leaving the airport. There is coach leaving the airport at certain timing but i am not sure if it is convenient if we had lots of luggage and the thing is they only stop at certain stops at taipei.. so u had to transfer bus/taxi again. Taxi is more expensive in taipei.

anyway here's the coach schedule and fee - http://www.cksairport.gov.tw/CKSchi/transportation/taipei_c.jsp


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hi dotz...promo is until 31 dec this year. i took quite some time to find the exact website too...many links...


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Hi dotz...sorry, have not been visiting this webpage as i had planned my trip well enuff i think..

anyway, u go to www.citibank.com, then 'credit cards', then 'citibank world previleges', then new browser opened up, then click on octopus travel, then 'taiwan' and u r there..


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hey....anybody still around.....

will be travelling to Taiwan mid dec.....anyone can advise on travelling time via coach from taipei to hualien, hualien to kaoshiung, kaoshiung to taichung, taichung back to taipei.....basically i hate coach rides so gota prepare myself for it.......


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thanks GCY for ur reply.....tot no longer anyone ard in tis thread......=)

given a choice i would definitely travel via trains but unfortunately as tis a company trip arrangements are not by ourselves....feedback oreadi but all still remains.....


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Jetstar having promo to taipei..50% off airfare...i only managed to book one way $74 but return is $148...after taxes $334 per pax. Intend to stay 4nites...the hotel is $109/room/nite so abt $552 per pax for 4 nights hotel + Airfare... anyone can advise other than taxi...any other mode of transfer frm airport to ximenting area??


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Hi Sunrays

The tickets are quite cheap...mi planning to go Taipei via Jet*Asia too but the ticket (Return) is around $400 plus...of cos it's so much cheaper than SIA. Btw, where are u staying? Which hotel?


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I'm planning a F&E trip to Taiwan...any reccomendations on airlines & hotels?

Thanks in advance!!


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I remembered a commercial with Zhang Huimei on advertising Taiwan/Taipei... there's a url in it... anyone recall the url address? I'm actually hoping to take a look for more information to plan a trip there...

Had not got the time to read thru the old treads... erm, bear with me if it had been asked before...


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Hi all,

Need your advice. As I'm also planning for a F&E trip to Taiwan, is it cheaper to book the airline and hotels thru travel agencies or book everything on the Internet by ourselves?

Appreciate it!


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Hi, if you dont mind spending more, San Want is a very good hotel, centrally located with train and in the midst of the shopping area. if you have a budget constraint, go for cosmos, it is so far the best i think, cos of the location, it is within the mrt and train vicinity.... and the hotel is really not bad.... as compared to fortuna which i have stayed years ago....

for me, i normally go to agency to book the F&E, so that no need to worry about the hotel and air ticket confirmation etc.....


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hi, i did not go san want cos it is much more ex, around 100+ extra per night, i did not think it is worth while... but if you do not mind spending, it will be a very nice hotel.