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    Do you ever heard of someone go to Korea from Singapore for a wedding photograph? If not, lets us tell you how amazing the journey was.

    Like most of the couple, we were looking for the pre-wedding photograph for our wedding preparation. To decide where to take the photograph? in Malaysia, Taiwan or Singapore really drive us crazy. After a few months of discussion, suddenly a romantic pre-wedding photograph advertisement in facebook attracted me. That is,韩国婚纱摄影,TAEHEE WEDDING Photograph from Korea. I straight away asked my husband to consider taking our wedding photograph in Korea. After I reviewed the outcome of other customer from them. Guess what, my husband is like :” What, Korea!! Do you know how to speak Korea? What if they cheat on us? How about the price, bla…bla… “. Well, Women is always right, and finally we decided to try this out.

    Start from the first stage, the customer service from Taiwan was efficiency and patient. They were tried to answer no matter what kind of curious question that we asked, even how to take the Korea subway.

    After we reached Korea, we were arranged to choice the wedding dress first before our pre-wedding photograph on next day. And you might think everything was going well. No! it is not, we were late due to unfamiliar of the Korea’s subway route. We were lost and late for more than half an hour. You guys just can’t imagine how I felt at that moment. This is only once in my lifetime and We are going to ruin this. We thought the wedding dress shop owner might start angry and may blame us. Nope, wrong again. Once we reached the Ria Bridal wedding dress shop, the owner, Ms. Sarah fetched us at the train station to their shop.

    She extended the time for us even there is still another appointment with next customer(we don’t suggest anyone to be late). Sarah is very professional she help me chose and fit the wedding dress nicely and patiently. We want to express our thanks to Ms. Sarah for such hospitable.

    The photography was started at 11 a.m. on next day, and the other nice person we would like to introduce is our translator, Ms. Krystal. A young, talkative and adorable lady from Hong Kong who study in Korea. She was not only helping to translate but also take the photo using our phone so that we can know how are we as well as the background in the photo. The next one is our dress up assistance ,there is only one word that I can described her, MOTHER. She took care of me like my mother did. And the most important person we would like to introduce is, Mr. Aiden. Our photographer, A cool but nice person who serve us the whole day. He posed the pose he want before us, made the environment comfortable so that we can show our true expression without nervous. It been a long day for us, and took almost 5 to 6 hours only for photograph. But the only feeling we can feel at the moment is joyful and happiness.

    After the photography, we took flight to Jeju Island, and sightseeing the Seoul, Korea for a week and back to Singapore.

    The customer service updated us about the status once we are back to Singapore. What we don’t expect is the outcome was done within two weeks. We satisfy on the photos we took and enjoy the this cherishable Korea wedding photograph trip. And I am sure you will never forget in your lifetime for such experience in Korea.


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