Tabletop oven recommendations?


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hey guys.

just need some feedback on this.

saw this tabletop oven from cornell in courts having a promotion.

selling for $99 now.

it has a capacity of 28 litres and 3 level heater setting with timer and adjustable thermostat.

and mainly it's black in color la! :X

was thinking whether to get it as it's having a promotion now with the usual price of $168. quite worth it right? to save around $70.

i want to bake some cookies and i think it would better to get a small oven instead of the big one due to limited space in my kitchen.

any other recommendations please share! thanks.


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i got one from cornell recently. not sure if it's the same one that you're talking about.

it has a 3 level heating element and also has adjustable temperature which i think is reasonably good for a tabletop oven. the features are simple and yet good enough for me.

i got it from courts during the weekend and just buy since it was on promotion.


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thanks dear. i got the oven from cornell already.

since it was on offer and i wanted one, i just went ahead and got it.

quite a steal actually. will test it out soon. :D


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i tried making baked pasta with the cornell oven and it works like a charm.

will try to make muffins during the weekend. wish me luck!


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My colleage just got herself a tabletop oven recently. She got it from one of the electrical appliances shop opposite Queensway shopping centre (the sports shoes place). She told me the saving is very significant when compared to places like best denki and Tangs.

Anyway, I can't remember what is the brand of her oven. But all I know is it's about $360, but as it's a table top, it isn't very big. She needs to be extra careful with the baking trays she buy as some just won't fit in. Now she wants to sell it away and buy a bigger and better one, especially she is more keen on baking after we attended baking classes.

I have heard of baby belling but only once, from my best buddy. I myself is looking of an electrolux, but built-in kind.