Switzerland Honeymoon anyone ?

Discussion in 'Honeymoon And Travel' started by Amandakriez, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Amandakriez

    Amandakriez New Member

    Hi lovelies,

    Am planning a swiss honeymoon (summer) , any good recommendations to share ?

    PS: anyone else planning swiss honeymoon in 2017 ?

  2. ruachgall

    ruachgall Member

    M planning to go there too in June!!
  3. visitsingapore

    visitsingapore New Member

    I have been there last year. Its a beautiful honeymoon destination. Amazing mountains, beautiful Lakes and sanctuaries. Greenary everywhere and perfect atmosphere for honeymoon couple. Don't miss the following places which are truly worth visiting.
    1. The Jungfrau Region
    2. Swiss National Park, Zernez

    The Rhine Falls

    Have a wonderful honeymoon.

  4. ezfashion

    ezfashion New Member

    I was in Switzerland last year. You may wish to consider to visit more countries if you have the time. I only spend 4 days 3 nights and i stay in Interlaken.

    You may wish to check the above links to know about my free and easy trip in Interlaken if you are heading there. Jungfrau probably the place you shouldn't miss if you are going switzerland

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