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  1. doraemon16

    doraemon16 New Member

    Dear All!

    Me and hubby are now planning a F&E trip to Switzerland this early May. We are currently searcing for the accomodations.

    Would lve to exchange pointers with any of u who had been to Swiss and who plans for a trip there.. [​IMG]

  2. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

  3. starfruit

    starfruit New Member

    Hi Suncather,

    I amalso planning a F&E withmy hubby to switzerland this July. Can you share your itineary with me? My email: starfru1ty@yahoo.com
  4. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

    Hi starfruit, sure, will be happy to share. However, thought you might want to know that my itinerary is planned around the use of the 15-day Swiss Pass, ie not self-driving trip. Would this still be of interest to you ? If yes, I'll email you my itinerary.
  5. sisi

    sisi New Member

    hi all,

    me n hubby have short listed Switzerland for our honeymoon ard Dec 06 or Jan 07 after our wedding in Oct.cant go immed cos wedding n house prove to be v "shiong" for us..must recuperate awhile 1st.haha.

    got some qns to ask: is it winter season ard Dec to Jan? which travel agency did u gals book frm? thk u for answering [​IMG]

    Suncatcher: mind sharing your itinerary wi me? [​IMG] hope to get some ideas to start off the preparation. thk u so much!my email: demikoh2005@yahoo.com.sg
  6. nowforever

    nowforever New Member

    Hi Suncatcher,

    Me and my hubby will also b going to Switzerland but in late July ... ... Do u mind sharing wid me ur itinerary too? hope to get ideas cos we're also thinking of using the swiss pass as well.

    Many many thanks! and here's my e-mail : benjeanworld@yahoo.com.sg
  7. ting1977

    ting1977 New Member

  8. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

    Hi starfruit, galgal, nowforever, have emailed you my itinerary. Hope you find something useful in there for your reference and happy holidays planning....[​IMG]
  9. precious_02

    precious_02 New Member

    Hi Suncatcher,

    Me and my husband also planning F&E to switzerland in end Sep.. dun mind can share with me your itinerary?

    Is it a good time to travel is Sep hah? heard is a raining season leh..
  10. precious_02

    precious_02 New Member

    Hi Suncatcher,

    Me and my husband also planning F&E to switzerland in end Sep.. dun mind can share with me your itinerary?

    Is it a good time to travel is Sep hah? heard is a raining season leh..
  11. sisi

    sisi New Member

    Hi Suncatcher,

    I din receive your email.can resend to me again?thks [​IMG] demikoh2005@yahoo.com.sg

    btw, u mentioned ur trip is F n E? hw abt the booking of air ticks and accomodation? u find urself 2?
  12. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

    Oops, so sorry sisi, the itinerary has been sent to you now. About the air tickets, I've booked it direct from KLM (cheapest I can find), at their internet promotion price. And yeah, I booked the accomodation myself after surfing around for lodgings that are within my budget and then corresponded directly with the B&B and Hotel. Have booked all the accomodation for the 3 places that we are setting up base at.
  13. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

    Hi precious02, you've got mail.

    Actually, if not for work schedule, my initial preference was to go in early-mid Sep as I've always prefer Autumn to Summer. From what I've read, the weather in Switzerland can be pretty eratic even during summer, but probably more so towards end Sep. However, I've also read travellers' account of warm and pleasant weather in Sep, so you never know...
  14. precious_02

    precious_02 New Member

    Hi Suncatcher..

    Thanks a lot.. already received yr email.. dat was very helpful and sweet of you..

    May I know how much is your air-tickets?
    I realise you don't fly directly to Zurich but to Amsterdam instead.. is it no direct flight to Zurich?
  15. sisi

    sisi New Member

    hi suncatcher,

    thks for your email. [​IMG] u must have started v early planning for this trip. enjoy urself and hope to see ur pics when u cum bk.
  16. suncatcher

    suncatcher New Member

    Hi precious_02, the tickets are S$2500 for 2 persons, inclusive of taxes. I'm not quite sure, but believe there should be some airlines that fly direct to Zurich. Not for KLM though...
  17. irenepeh80

    irenepeh80 New Member

  18. jennifer_teoh

    jennifer_teoh New Member

    hi suncatcher..
    can send me ur itinery too? .. i wil b going for my HM in nov/dec .. so plannin f&e.. at a lost at the moment mann.. haiz.. pls send it to my email addr at teoh_jennifer@yahoo.com.sg
    thks! [​IMG]
  19. sirwin

    sirwin New Member

  20. cloud0829

    cloud0829 New Member

    Hi Suncatcher,

    Can send me your itinery too? Thanks alot in advance!
  21. cloud0829

    cloud0829 New Member

  22. email1706

    email1706 New Member

    Precious 02,
    can email the Suncatcher's itinery to email1706@yahoo.com.sg. we plans to go in Jan/Feb 08. Thanks in advance.
  23. swarna

    swarna New Member

    mee too...so lost..can email me at sagi9@yahoo.com pls? I really want this to be an free and esy trip..dun wanna join a tour grp and rush thru out the whole journey..thanks!
  24. oohlahlah

    oohlahlah New Member

    HI Swarna, I just returned from Switzerland. It's a beautiful country. I travelled around using the Swiss 8D pass and it is absolutely simple!
    My itinerary is as follows:

    2 nights in Interlaken:
    1st day, walk around Interlaken and took a half day trip to Bern
    2nd day, Went to Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg, Jungfrau (Top of Europe) and back to Interlaken via Grindelwald.
    Check out http://www.jungfraubahn.ch/en/DesktopDefault.aspx

    2 nights Zermatt: Took the Gornergrat rail

    Took the Glacier Express to St Moritz
    2 nights in St Moritz

    Then to Zurich
  25. swarna

    swarna New Member

    great thanks alot for that info! little may, can i know how much you had to spend for the trip and how many days did you spend there?
  26. oohlahlah

    oohlahlah New Member

    Hi Swarna,
    We spent about $6.5k for two excluding airtickets and we spent 7 nights in Switzerland and 2 nights in Milan.
    Our expenditure is considered on the high side as we bought 1st class train tickets instead of 2nd class. Accommodation was also expensive as we stayed at 3 different ski resorts during the winter season and we chose 4-star accommodation. Depending on what your budget is, I'm sure you can get your trip planned.
    Let me know if you have a budget and I can probably plan something for you. [​IMG]
  27. pigdapan

    pigdapan New Member

    Hi Littlemay, may I have your Switzerland's itinerary? please...thank you
  28. sunflowerz

    sunflowerz New Member

    Hi all for those planning trip to Switzerland.
    can also plan a trip to Niderhorn. Its a beautiful place
  29. thenry

    thenry New Member

    Anyone knows how to purchase swiss pass and make reservation for the Glacier Express in Singapore?

  30. biskuit

    biskuit New Member

    You can either go to the Swiss rail website: www.sbb.ch or buy from travel agencies. I bought mine from Safe2travel
  31. ultroman

    ultroman New Member

    Hi LittleMay I'll be visiting Switzerland. Can you forward your itinerary to ultroman2@yahoo.com.sg thanks in advance
  32. nxh16

    nxh16 New Member

    hi, can anyone kindly share the itinerary with me as well? MY email is june.x.ng@gmail.com thanks!
  33. jacsmile

    jacsmile New Member

    Wondering if I should travel from Paris - Lucerne - Zermatt - Interlaken or Paris - Lucerne - Interlaken - Zermatt. Can someone advise? Thanks!
  34. rtan

    rtan New Member


    The latter makes more sense, though what happens after Zermatt?
  35. bingqiling

    bingqiling New Member

    Wave at suncatcher,

    Do you mind to send me your itinerary?
  36. ky205

    ky205 New Member

    Hi can share ur itinerary with me. Thank u
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  37. blurbtb18

    blurbtb18 Member

    Hellos all!

    myswissalps.com is a very good platform for planning Switzerland F&E!
  38. Chetterbox

    Chetterbox New Member

    cheese fondue, dont miss it!

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