Survey: Wedding costs & budget


Hi Ariel

Sorry, imho your friend is the female version of an MCP. I hope she doesn't complain about not getting equal opportunities compared to a man, etc.

Don't worry... i think your friend is probably quite extreme to have an opinion like this. Anyway if she goes around telling other people (based on just one mere incident), they'd probably think that she's extreme too. It only reflects badly on her - not on your fiance.


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who pays what for the wedding is a bit of blur between my bf and me. sometimes i pay, sometimes he pay.

we take turns to pay for everything...and never take note also. we just keep track the cost in our spreadsheet to see how's our budget coming along.

as for our house, we have joint account where we deposit fixed amount monthly. that will take care of reno/furnishing when our BTO is ready in 2012.

i don't expect my bf to pay everything, if he requests that i pay i will definitely do it. though usually when i offer he will turn me down instead. so i always say i want to earn points on my CC in order to pay. haha.
Sorry, held up by a meeting………


Money draining? sure sound expensive to have a baby…I did asked my mom about the cost but she tell me not to worry….during her times…people are poor but they still can have 4 or 5 kids..ok..but I was thinking…that is different ma…then and now...i have heard from my colleague sending their 4 or 5 years old to this course that course…spending close to 1k a month….


Keke…breastfeeding?...i was reading about it these few days and also understand the difficulty of juggling with it if you are working…some women may have not enough of it…but like the way you put it free and best..

Ok..didnt know baby grow so fast..have yet to read to that part it doesn’t matter whether it is for gal or boy..all wear the same?..i was thinking to know the sex of the baby before buying any clothing..ok..may be not necessary….


Ok…milk powder $80 per week +diaper + doctor… I understand why Bluemoon can only afford one kid…in accounting term, baby is a cost center not profit..


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ariel, like I've said u dun have to be bothered by them...u can't stop them from gossiping behind ur back anyway. I'm never bothered by what others say abt me, as long as I have a clear conscience and am fine with what I'm doing.

its your life, u live the way u want it to be.


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sharepoint don't forget the pram and baby cot and breast pump and what not. and yah better to know sex before buying clothes ur boy wont be too happy if his clothes said cute gal in baby photos! don't ask me why i know! =)
kekeke..jz...sound like your personal experience..

I have the same thinking like you…eg.boy match with blue color…gal use pinky and cute cute stuff…kind like matching their sex…although I tend to like those girlish stuffs…ok..may be I am not realistic la…may be can wear ok liao…


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well, it is expensive to have a baby by today's standards.

coz after the baby is born, you must still bring the baby for check ups and vaccinations. it's also a cost.

and see whether you can still use cloth diapers. that will help to save some $$. and also instead of pram, get a baby sling instead.

little bit here and there can stretch your money.
wah think about it i got not much money in the bank and my entire saving leh.

so scared. where to find money for wedding?

ahhhhh.... old and poor is a curse


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sharepoint: actually breastfeeding also hv another gd point, it helps u lose weight fast!

hmmm just get a pump n pump during work time, every 3 hrs like tt. im sure your boss wont mind, cos its quite fast once u get the hang of it, like 15mins each. =X
actually for breastmilk, demand=supply. there isnt really such thing as no milk, only too lazy to pump n latch baby on. hehe.

for FM, stage 1 is always the most exp, iirc, abt 50+ per tin, n depending on how much your bb drink, sometimes 1 tin wont last 1 week. like my girl, she is a milk monster, 1 mth 5 tins when she was an infant. only recently mths then 1 tin can last abt 2 weeks plus.

i personally think diapers r better than cloth nappies, cos babies pee n poo alot, like almost after every feed, so imagine hw many times u need to wash n change the nappies? so adding the work n water needed, i think it might cause more than the cheaper range of diapers.

sharepoint, for home clothes doesnt matter what colour, they usu come in white, blue, pink, yellow.
for the rest, u can just wait til u know bb's gender (at 5 mths) then u buy, no rush.

for vaccinations, if im not wrong, there r some which r FOC if u take it at the polyclinics too.

actually there r many things which r redundant n no need to buy, best to check n ask arnd if it is necessary b4 buying.


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Hi Jefferson Yong,

one way to earn extra $ is to let out an empty room to tenants. I did that once i got my house keys. I rented out 2 empty rooms to different tenants and got almost 1K monthly but got back 1 room for my baby when i got preggie. Now getting $420 monthly for the rental.

Hi Sharepoint,

no more than 5K as i am just a O level holder and i am working part time instead of full time. So my hourly pay is pathetic. I was offered admin position at 1.5K last year but due to my child keep falling sick at childcare every single month, i switched to part time instead so that i do not need to feel bad for taking so many unpaid leave. I do not have helper at home and no one can help so no choice i can only work part time & get only few hundreds a month.

Dun think i can afford 2 kids and yes milk powder and diapers are getting more costly. I didn't manage to breastfeed successful last time due to many reasons. Was having depression after delivery due to my inexperience and there was no one to help out, no confinement nanny as i thought of saving that 2K (Stupid me again)
To do & manage everything myself, coping with a difficult baby, etc. Tough period i have been thru dat i lost all my pregnancy weight in a month even without breastfeeding. Husband can't help much as baby only want me to carry all day/night. Imagine doing my business in the toilet while carrying my baby in my arms. Cannot put baby down else will cry non-stop.

I oso agree with Shanna's comment about disposable diapers better than cloth diapers for the same reason esp. if you are the only one caring for the baby without any helpers.

Other expenses like buying supplements (colostrum, multivitamins, manuka honey, cod liver oil) to boost up immune system, etc... Baby's clothings oso from hand downs and i pass on to others after outgrown. Save alot. But certain stuff have to buy BN due to hygienic wise.

Sigh.... otherwise i do want a 2nd child so that my boy will not feel lonely. I myself an only child too..


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Sharepoint> It's quite expensive to raise a baby nowadays. But i think the joy is priceless. hehe...Yup, agree with the rest, you need to know the sex of the baby before buying the clothes. You won't wanna dress your boy like a pinkish barbie doll right? hehe..

Jefferson Yong> Don't worry about not having enough savings for wedding. Wedding is not just about you, it's about both of you. Discuss with your partner and see which area u can cut cost. Actually wedding can be very simple and affordable if you want it to be. ROM only cost $26? Remaining items are optional add on. Try not to over stretch and stress yourself. There are alot of other things to get stressed about in future. hehe...

Agree with bluemoon that you can try renting out your room for extra income. But you have to buy your house first before you can even rent it out. If you are not in a hurry, apply for BTO? Now, there are alot of BTO coming up. Jia you!!!


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If let say i 'heng heng' get preggie again, i will tell my gynae not to reveal the sex of my next baby so that can keep me and everyone in suspense and surprise us on actual day... I am yearning for a girl!!! No need to buy so many clothings lah becos i can bet with you, during full month party, sure there will be some guests giving you clothing gift set!
Hi, shanna

Yes...getting back to the pre-pregnancy weight is very important and a priority....i was told by Rem that she gain 20kg during her pregnancy and I was like…ok…never been so heavy before in my life…and I can see my weight is increasing bit by bit every day/week…kind of scary when think of it….how long you took to get back your usual weight?

Keke…I want to laugh when you talk about pumping milk at the office…was thinking of daisy cow then…still got interval and the time taken for each…keke…may be I am that type that is too lazy to pump…not sure whether to breastfeed….when did you stop?

1 month 5 tins?!....ok...thank you for the information……will check with my mom………

I will most probably know the bb gender on my next visit to the gynea…
Hi, Bluemoon

I empathy with what you have gone through and it make me laugh when you said ‘Imagine doing my business in the toilet while carrying my baby in my arms’ but it also put things into perspective for me…..being a mom is not easy and a very tough job…………

I think I am better than you as I have my mom and maid to help out……….

I also prefer to have a gal……and all signs pointed to that….like radiant and smooth complexion…but Rem told me not true lei…

I don’t think I will have full month party…my situation is different from you and other normal couples…..aiya….think too far away……….

Why ‘heng heng’? you are trying for one now?


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Hi Sharepoint,

Yes you are very lucky to have both mum & maid to help out. If i am this lucky too, confirm i will TTC this year Oct cos i wanted to try for a july rabbit girl. I told my hubby, unless we can afford a helper else i won't try to conceive anymore. Phobia liao after going thru the depression 3 years ago. If not because of my supportive husband whom took long leave from work to help me out with chores/cooking, etc. I might seriously have gone crazy and did unimaginable things..

Not trying but secretly hope can suddenly strike toto before Oct.. haha.. i know i am dreaming away..


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hi sharepoint, sad to say, i didnt BF tt time, cos i was lazy n quite un-motivated. my supply also came in pretty late, so baby wasnt really cooperating well. im gg to try harder for my #2 though! hehe.
as for weight gain, for the first 3 mths, i lost 3kgs. so i started off at 47kgs and in total i gained only 9kgs+. was abt 56kgs+ when i delivered. but after delivery i lost 15kgs strat, was abt 42kgs after i weighed myself a week later.
so i was even slimmer than my pre preg weight.

haha actually for FM, depends on the baby, my girl was a milk monster, even til now she drinks n also eats alot. some babies dont drink as much maybe 1 tin per week. first 5-6mths sure to spend more on milk, but after they start on solids, will be lesser.

hehe, exciting isnt it? to know the gender. i prefer girls too, but hor, girls will tempt u to spend more, cos they hv soooo much pretty clothes n shoes!!!