Surrender of HDB due to Divorce


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Hi there
I’m in the midst of a divorce proceeding and my ex spouse to be is not in the agreement to transfer the flat to me. Hence, probably we are looking to sell / surrender our flat.
As such, may i seek some views in this forum if anyone has the following similar situation before?

1. Successful to sell your flat (within MOP) after appealing to HDB. (current flat will reach 3 years in Nov21)
2. Surrendering the flat. Confirmed with HDB that they will compensate lesser than the purchase price. CPF advised that i will need to top up cash back my account if the balance is insufficient to return back to my CPF. As such, anyone here has appeal to CPF to waive off such payment?
Thanks in advance!
I think a few threads down there is a similar case

It was suggested to write to the big boss of MND to increase your chance of a favourable resolution if your flat is still within MOP.
1. Yes, you can appeal to sell the flat within MOP. There are successful cases

2. Nope. Not possible to waive off the payment since one can choose to sell it in the open market. HDB would pay you only about 90% of the valuation price so do think carefully before buying BTO flats with your fiance in the future. Ensure that he is the right one to avoid all these losses.