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I'm thinking of signing up my photoshoot with this company call Sunrise Experience (they specialized shoots in Greece, france and Switzerland) anyone can share ur experience with them?

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Hey, i paid a deposit for my package with them and did not come to fruition. Negative experience for me, and I am not alone in this, as there are other individuals who have also been impacted and mentioned they are super unresponsive after signing package.
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Same here. Super unresponsive after paying deposit, feels like I’m the customer trying to please and get their reply instead. Apparently very different from the sponsored “influencers”


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I lost my deposit of approximately S$7K. Had requested for a refund but was rejected as I believed they have spent all my deposit to sustain their business during covid. They have asked me to pay for the remaining 50% given the reason as to protect myself from any price increases once the country open up for the tourists. Even told me that many of their clients have did that which I did not. Just be aware if you plan to engage their services as we consumers are not protected as they are based overseas.


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There were a long list of complaints before this thread but were removed. Seem like alot people are not happy with their service.