Suggestions for simple wedding please?


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My HTB is not Singaporean, both of us got baptised in the country I am working in, and we are thinking of getting married just recently. He had proposed some time ago and we were thinking of taking our time to get married but his sister is just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and I really wish she can attend our wedding so we decide to get married within the next 9 months.

We would like to have a small church wedding in Singapore but both of us do not belong to any churches in Singapore and the church we are a member of isn't affiliated to any churches in Singapore as well.

At the same time, since he is not Singaporean, we will have to split our funds to do another ceremony in US. We are also practical people, we rather put our money into the payment for our first home instead of a lavish wedding. I am totally clueless about how such matters work, I am currently not in Singapore so I can't attend any shows or seek consultation with any planners. Can i have some suggestions?


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Hi iota, i know that you can rent armenian church (near funan). Just google on this church in singapore.

Not too sure about the pastor part though.

All the best!