String Curtains


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Hi Wendy,

U can try calling M&L furnishing @ 6 2858 469.
I have got mine from there, less than $300 and quality is decent. Hope it helps.


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just went to a showflat and saw what i thought were string curtains. looks quite decorative and nice - string curtains don't block out sun light right?


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that's wat i think too.
string curtain shouldn't block out sunlight, of cos dun buy the dark color one ba

i'm also thinking of buying string curtain to 'partition' my dining n living area


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Hey all,

U can get them at Lim & Arts or Robinson. Come in standard size though, about the size of a door opening....I used mine for the entrance to my WIW....think it's about $80+


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String curtains are also available at SPOT LIGHT. S$ 99 for 1m x 3m and S$ 149 for 1.5m x 3m. However there are only 4 colours to choose from. They are beige, brown, maroon and black.


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u mean the SPOT LIGHT an Plaza Sing? Does it come in package, like string curtain and the mounting bracket?


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string curtains are only $85 per pack for 3 meter
the rest are just mark up for workmanship

I was quoted a range from $100 to $210

it depends on how much they choose to mark up


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neigbourhood stores. I enquire at Toa Payoh near HDB hub

$85 excluding workmanship

I don't know whether is that a special price because I was getting quotation for the whole house

I only need string curtain for one small area & the boss said $85 for 3 meter so got to pay for whole pack even though I don't need 3 meter

I didn't engage him eventually because I got a better price elsewhere for whole house quotation


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hi all string curtain lovers,

today i saw string curtains on sale at robinsons centrepoint. $99 less 20%. 5-6 colours available. i think the size stated 90cm x 200cm.
Check it out at centrepoint store


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Ya i recently asked a shop in toa payoh and the quote is so much better than most quotes shared here. 1.5m long x 2.5m high for $79. That was before bargaining.


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Some neighbourhood shops selling curtains have string curtains too. And they're usually comparatively cheaper - $39 for 30 inch (width)x more than 2m (length). The length is usually very long and is up to you to cut.

There's a shop at Sembawang Shopping Centre (3rd floor) selling string curtains from Korea and China. The ones from Korea are slightly more expensive - like $45 if I remember correctly. Can't remember the exact dimensions but definitely wider and longer than a standard HDB bedroom door. There's a curtain shop on the same floor selling string curtains too but I didn't enquire from them though.


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hi darren, do you mind sharing the name and location of the toa payoh shop selling string curtains? thanks a million!


Hey Rains

Thanks for your info about SSC.
Went there today, and managed to buy the string curtains.
Not sure is this the store you mentioned but feel that the price are reasonable.
Brought the Korea ones.



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The other shop @ SSC sells 1m string curtain @ $49. It claims the string curtain is from Turkey. But it looks similar to the China string curtain on display at the Meexx shop (that sells the Korea one).
Anyone got the same reply?


Hi, didn't really ask that shop but same opinion as you, it look identical to the China made.

Once we stepped in Meexx, the lady did not hardsell her products but instead started an nice conversation with us and she really patience to explained to us about curtains. Anyway, my hubby feel that the Korea's material is softer and feel better so we just go ahead and brought 2 sets without browsing further.


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Hi Criz

Yup. The lady was nicer, compared to the one in the other shop...
But there is no stock for the color that I want for the Korea curtain...sighs...I searched Clementi, SSC and TPY...still cant get what I want..some were too exp, some no stock..


Hi, you must be looking for the pure white?
Did you ask her when stock coming in? Maybe can request her to reserve?

Actually today, going there to get quote for curtain but last minute tied up by the sofa delivery guys.

Well, saw 1 shop in JB (Jusco Tebaus) selling, quite good material but very ex. Think around RM$350.
Length think is 3m(H) x 2.5m(w).

Also planning to get my colleague to buy from Chengdu but the export stock (europe made) there also very ex., cost rmb1400. Anyway now China-made is a no-no to me. The sample they brought back was similar to the Meexx store china import.

Now if planning to get extra set must source around for more lobang. keep in loop.


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personally I think China is good enough, don't have to pay through your nose lah

around $80 for 3 meter at neighbourhood curtain shops


hi hippo2002

not meant to offence anyone, so far for me, I had yet got the luck to come across the good ones for china made. I had friends who brought good ones from beijing, but too bad I don't had any contact who going there at any nearest date, so no luck for me.

btw, the ones my colleague planned to buy for me is 3m(h) x 2.5m(w) quality wise don't feel soft enough but colours are limited, so I still undecisive whether to buy or not. Oh, it cost around S$80.


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hi for all string curtain hunter
you can get at my showroom at MEGA CURTAIN AND TRADING ,JOO CHIAT RD, JOO CHIAT CPLX, BLK 2 , #01-1155

they come with standard size
1. W 1m X H 3m = $49.90
2. W 1.6m X H3m = $69.00
come with 4 colour ( beige, brown, maroon and black)

if you like to know better aout the curtain, you can always question me at [email protected]

best regards,


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I've got 2 sets of dark brown string curtain to sell.
Each set is approx. 86cm (length) & 3m (height).
These are brand new. Selling it due to change of color theme.
Price for two sets = $80
There is a 'pocket' that allows you to hang up using a curtain rod, or u can use normal curtain hooks to hang it up like normal curtain.
For those interested, pls kindly contact me at solo_adel@hotmail.

p/s: Curtain shop lady told me it's from Korea.


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Hi all,

I've a batch of string curtains on offer. Comes in various colours.

Going at 3m x 3m at S$ 390 including installation.

You can call or meaasge me at 8333 9699 / 9459 1132.


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i just bought a set of Black string curtains from Tampines st 80smthg. Cost me $55 for 1.4m x 3m. Is this considered a good price?


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anyone know where to get nice and cheap string curtains? my budget is ard $40 , the price here seems kinda ex for me, trying to save up coz have alr spend a bomb on my wedding =/


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michelle: i suggest u go buy from those neighbourhood curtain shops. definitely cheaper there than those town areas. Some mention joo chiat complex got sell. I got mine from a neighbourhood curtain shop in Tamp for $55. HTHs


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I just put up the strings curtains recently. But as we needed a little flexibility for us to hang other type of curtains too, we din opt for using velcro and we just use the normal curtain rod from IKEA instead. The string curtains help us to partition the room away from my work desk and perhaps future kids as we are staying with in laws so space is mainly constrain within a room itself. A platform bed is also used to help us save space too. Hope it helps other couples who runs into potential space prob like me n my hubby if they stay wif their in laws too


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Hi, you can call my guy Anthony at +6016-7373161 or +6016-7105877. he showed me string curtains before but i had other designs in mind. hes really affordable and good workmanship. hope this helps you people :D


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Has anyone seen 'string curtains' anywhere?
They're like a sheer curtain made up of... string (sort of)!

I've googled, and found something like it at Textile Traders, but not quite like we saw in a display home at the weekend.
The top of the ones we saw can be attached to a curtain track. Any help would be appreciated.