Straits Vista @ Marsiling


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hi all future neighbours!

wohoo! foundation completed? these few days like not much works there, only 1 huge crane plus 1 or 2 smaller ones.

all praying hard for it to be completed earlier. =)

Hehe we are still lucky to have 93 sqm! ;) Toa Payoh 4 room units are only 75 sqm.

My parents stay in sengkang. The 4 room units there are 85 sqm. Yes, their neighbour doesn't has any room for a dining table. They eat on their coffee table.

Singapore is seriously getting over-populated now. We must fight for school, housing, jobs, public transport etc. The units are getting smaller and smaller LOL. Recently there are super small, mickey-mouse apartment units launched; each unit is only as big as a typical hotel room.
Hi there! It's good to have this forum, we can share ideas together

I'm tired waiting for the BTO site to be completed. My hb and I are forking out 40K cash to buy a resales unit to stay in the mean time, getting its keys in 5 months time. We are renting a room now. Heart pain pain cos all savings will be gone.

Haha u're watching the site everyday? Do u stay in woodlands?


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Green> hi hi! yup, gd place to mit all future neighbours. =)
my fren gota unit in Jurong area, only 80+.
wa... buying a resale 1st? we dun haf that cash, that's y bo bian, haf to wait for the BTO.
my hubby stays in marsiling area oso, so when i stay over at his place, i'll always pass by the site on my way to work. but dun wish to look too much le, like no movement. pretty sian ah.
hopefully, more movement can be seen there ba. =)

Have u held your customary wedding?

True. Check the site less often, means more movement/progress to see haha.

I wonder how much the renovation of our BTO units will cost in 3 years time? We must start saving for it. I see other people renovating their 4rm between 30K to 100K.

Btw Govt is increasing the property tax from next year onwards. Everything seems to be increasing except our pays lol.


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I would like to share my experience when i went to the area last saturday around 9pm+

I alighted at bus stop and started my stroll by walking the lane between the SITE and blk 15

- Blk 15 AND surrounding blocks, alot of litter on the window/kitchen side(seems like people there like to throw litter out of the window)

- saw an adult male pee-ing at a corner of blk 15 (so urgent?)

- saw an old man slping at the void deck directly beneath the kitchen of blk 15 (super scary.. because it was dark and suddenly see someone lying there just few steps from me)

- not a racist remark, but we seem to see a higher percentage of indian residents..

- new playground and shelters at nearby blks (are they new? or its just me?)


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As the estate grows older, you will find all sorts of people staying together. The littering problem happens in other part of SG.

Marsiling is a matured estate, old folks are expected.

The high percentage of Indian residents are everywhere. Like the my parent place, estimated 2 Indian families on every floor...result of mass production.......
The littering issue is pretty serious in Marsiling estate. I rented a room there for 6months. There was this dangeous zone which I walked past daily. Everyday, there would be some thing thrown down from an unit's kitchen window, curry gravy, macdonald left over, toilet papers,etc. It was a horrible sight.

I stayed at 5 different estates last time. Other matured estates, which I previously stayed also have this littering problem, except for Bishan. New towns like Sengkang and Punggol are definitely cleaner.

When moving to a matured estate, such sights are part of the package. Bopian have to close 1 eye. Anyway we are free to move to other estate after MOP 5 years.

1 important thing to take note is that crime rates in Marsiling and Woodlands are relatively higher than other estates. So when you are walking home very late, you need to be extra careful. It will be safer to take a feeder bus instead of walk from the interchange. There's a bus-stop right beside our blocks.
I know ppl who stay at Marsiling and Woodlands areas. Not all crimes will get reported in newspapers. E.g. I heard Woodlands Ave 9 area had murder case, Ave 6 and another spot had rape cases last year.

The Marsiling area where I rented a room last year, had hooligans gathering at the void decks and using their motorbikes to make loud noises in the middle of the night almost everyday. There were also theft cases.

Well every estate has crimes. We just have to be more careful when it's late at night.


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i agree every neighbourhood have its flaws,
take for example tpy, its a very hot zone
for buyers, but look got so much of
problematic families and drug cases, i deal
with such cases, sori unable to reveal my
nature of work though


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Hmm If it helps, I stay at woodlands for the past year... Not much issue... I stay near Woodlands MRT but is still considered Marsiling area...

Haven't seen any major crimes or being disturbed here....

But littering is a problem... guess its hard to control in mature estates... Not sure why people like to throw things out of window but thank god, its nothing heavy and its usually during the late night....


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Happy New Year everyone!

Green> paiseh, just saw ur last yr's msg. heee
nope, only ROMed in June last yr. Customery will be in dec this yr. how abt u?
ya man, i totally agree, everything is gg up...
somemore i didn't opt for the flooring and doors, so additional cost of reno.
Actually I find the floor and toilet tiles from HDB quite ugly. I opted for them to save $$ bopian. My parents' house in Sengkang came with the obiang floor and toilet tiles from HDB. :p

If you can afford to pay a bit more, it's definitely better to choose & install your own tiles for the floors n toilets later. Your house will look prettier with nicer tiles!

My customary was over in last Jan hehe.

Yeah lor. All the prices tags are going up, including utility bills, property tax. Only our price tags (salaries) don't go up lol. My hubby got pay cut last year and no increment for him these 2 years.

Congrats to your upcoming wedding. It's good that u settle your customary this year cos the prices for banquets are going up too. My friend's sister is currently sourcing for banquet venues for her wedding next year and complaining about the price hikes. She said even restaurant buffets cost $800+ on weekends.


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Hi everyone =).. happen to chance upon this forum page wen i was lookin for updates on Straits Vista... Glad to noe that i would be havin quite a few IT savvy neighbours.. My lovenest will be in 12C.. Anyone else chose the same blk??


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recently there are alot of concerns over rental flats

there are quite a few rental blks near our Straits Vista (anyone knows which blks?)

what are your views on this?
normal? or will avoid the blks?
The rental flats are block 3 & 4. I passed by them today. They are 1 street away from Straits Vista.

Personally, I can accept the existence of rental flats, as low-income Singaporeans need shelters over their heads too.


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Green: My Q number was also very far off but we were lucky to get a high floor =)

Clarice: hello neighbour... nice to noe someone from 12C...

Happened to go to our plot yest and there is gd news!!

They seem to have completed the foundation works... They are now doin up level 2 for one of the flats... Its for 12B if i m not wrong...


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Hi Maya,

what was your queue number?

mine was 330+ and manage to get 10th storey

i believe alot of people gave up as the economic was going down at that point of time


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Hi Green,

only blk 3 and 4? the way i read from the news (Straits times), they report until it seems like got alot of rental blks in the area..
Welcome to the neighbourhood!

My queue no. is definitely worse than yours cos I have to pick leftover unit facing causeway pt(no sea view) lol.

I realise our BTO's expected completion date is longer than other Punggol & Sengkang's BTOs becos our flats are taller. I'm looking forward to our unblocked views hehe.

Thanks. Did you look at the site from the top floor of neighbouring block? I went to the site yesterday and viewed it from the carpark. Wah I didn't notice the level 2 popping up!

The expected completion date at the site is still 3rd quarter 2012.
From what I know, it's block 3 and 4 at Marsiling. Not sure if there're more near us.

There're also rental flats directly behind Champion Courts BTO site.


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Hi Daniel,

My Q no. was also bout 330+...but we managed to get the 19th floor... ours does not face the sea but it faces the park on the opposite side.. I think many pple were put of becoz its location bit ulu and near the factory... this place will be ideal for pple who like a quiet place...


U have to go up to the neighbouring block's 21st floor to see... we tried seeing from the 13th floor blk as well... both had gd views of the site(but only a small portion)...but we saw the 2nd floor windows and walls being put up from the 13th floor blk's lift landin..

*One of the unit's owner(chinese aunty)of the 13th floor blk came out to chat wid us coz i tink she tot we were trying to steal things from their coridoor.. aft we explained y we were walking around, she was giving us info bout the place... she said no foreign workers issues as there are not many of them there... but she said many China PRs living there and she didnt sound too happy bout it(not sure y??)... she said place very good coz market and coffee shop all.. it was very nice and windy also...
Yah, as long as we have a house, can liao.

There're homeless people out there sleeping at Sembawang park and void decks. Some of their houses were repossessed as they were unable to pay their monthly instalments.

I always see 2 poor men sleeping at the void deck opposite my rented room at Woodlands.


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hi daniel, you can actually get a copy for free from your HDB officer, thats how i got my floorplan for my unit which is under construction. She email it to me in pdf format