Straits Vista @ Marsiling


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Tender awarded to Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd!!!
Finally after so long.... phew....
can take lots of photo liao...
Lin and IL,

There's a bus stop beside Straits Vista. You can take bus 903 from woodlands interchange, alight at 3rd bus stop.
2nd bus stop is facing Admiralty Park and Republic Poly.
Hehe my hb & I also go for site visit every week.

We are renting a room in Woodlands until the flat is ready, 3 years to tahan!

Do you all have your own flats now?

There's a tight credit flow now. Contractors will not be able to get loans so easily from the banks to buy their building materials. Hope our flats will complete within 3 years.
Yeah quality is impt! I dun want those school buildings at Szechuan.

Why our contractor so slow hehe? Senja Green BTO(released 2 months later) 's contractor has started doing measurements & markings on the land.


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ops, yah.. we called HDB... they told us the wrong information the other time, so screwed up.. anyway they said they should be starting next month, i'm from second phase, yet to receive AOL letter.. was hoping that everything will be built within 2 years. cross fingers


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Hi Green,

Im staying with parent at the moment.
According to myHDB, the estimated completion year is 2012 oh.. you are going to spend quite an amount on rental...


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abit worried, its been three months and we have to receive letter to sign the agreement... is it common or we have missed it?


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Hi everyone.

We have choosen 04-71 last Jan 28

Hm... i just sign the agreement and paid the 5% yesterday moning. And as spoken to the customer service, contractor will strt thier job once all selected units owners have sign and paid the downpayment. Im wondering if they have called all of the owners...

Haiyo.. so long.. we passed by the road bt nating was done.. Only the market have completed renovation...


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Hi All

I went to see our new hse yesterday.

They have started but i didnt took any pic yesterday as i was rushing!!!


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anyone got pictures of the optional components? (tiles and timber door)

wish to show my friends but everytime go hdb hub forget to take picture..