start blacklist of MSF related organisations


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Based on experience,

Fei Yue at bukit batok enables child abusers and allows them to get away with child abuse. If anyone has been assigned to have their child's case investigated there just contact me make firm request to change.

Care corner, recently moved from toa payoh, has a track record of helping women regardless of what they do to innocent children. They will only behave in sexist ways. If any men has been assigned there for counselling to get the courts to make decisions, contact me so I can help with changing the counselling Centre.

We should not allow biased counselling centres to continue allowing child abuse to happen and do nothing about it one day it could happen to you and your children.

If anyone has any bad experiences with these or other centres post here. Thanks for your help. We should gather and make positive changes to MSF as they are hopeless.