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Hi everyone,

I'm in the middle of selecting designer furniture. I came across LUCANO in the new International Furniture Centre (IFC). Its under STAR FURNITURE too! So Star Furniture have alot of brand under their company huh.. LUCANO is selling very nice piece of furniture, too bad my pocket doesn't allowed me to scretch too far. Feel free to take a look!


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bought dining table from star furniture.
really like their service. they are the only company who made the initiative to call us twice to confirm date n time of delivery before delivering. thumbs up.


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We also bought a sofa bed set from Star Furniture and a side table from Mondi. No complain everything went well. Thumbs up


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Thanx guys & ladies for the nice comments. As a staff of star furniture we are glad to help as long as we are able to.

Feel free to drop by Furniture Warehouse by Star furniture

Can look for me Brian. just say u are form SingaporeBrides. anything can ask me here will try to help u all folks here.



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PPL who have bought from STARS this year (2008), can share how's the products so far?

coz it seems that, my friends who bouhg tfrom Vhive 6 years ago, and the me who bought from Vhive this year, had such a vast difference coz i think the wood materials used are different. ...
Hers as good as new. Mine turned mouldy in 3 months.

wanna look for better furniture now. So am looking at STARS.
need feedbacks. thanks


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We are moving to a new unfurnished house and we need to buy furniture.
Can anyone suggest nice places o buy affordable furniture that is not IKEA. Also is it cheaper/better to buy furniture from Malaysia? has anyone attempted?



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Hey, New place to introduce. their chairs are at very low prices. service not bad too. their website ( i when to serangoon side. they have wide rage of products at good prices.


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The difficulties of the furniture design industry have even affected the finishes available on furniture lines. Mirror gloss finishes are high labor, high cost, and easily damaged. A lower gloss finish doesn't change the poor quality of the wood underneath it, and it is time for people to quit being fooled by 'good looks.' So my suggestion, don't be fool and take your time for quality choice.


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Quality is most important thing in buying furniture from and my wife looking forward to buy new stuff for home.This information will be helpful for me...thanks everyone..


time for review. got the dining table and chairs from mondi in 2007 (see post above).

everything is ok except for the cushion chairs. the pvc started peeling after 2-3 years (normal usage) and i have to send the chairs for reupholstery.