Speech for Emcees


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hi... loh tze wei louis

im oso having my solemnization during dinner... wonder if u hv a copy of the emcee script aready? if so can email me a copy?

If any kind soul t there have a copy of speech with solemnisation,

kindly email me to [email protected]


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<center><table border=1><tr><td>
Emcee Script 3
Emcee Script 3.doc (38.9 k)</td></tr></table></center>

Hope that helps.

I have got 2 other versions. PM for info.


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I'm supposed to be the emcee for my friends wedding, would appreciate it if I can get a copy of some sample scripts! Thanks! Please send to [email protected]

I might be the only emcee. I've seen scripts that have chinese and english versions which require two people. Would it be weird if one person does both versions?


Hi Edwin,

Usually the emcee script will come in 2 languages, taking the old folks into consideration that they probably wouldn't understand much English.

It would not be weird for 1 person to do bilingual hosting but you would be a bit breathles... Recommended still 2 pax. Just nice.


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i need christian style wedding dinner's emcees scripts, anyone have?? please PM me, thanks


Hi all,

Does anyone of you have an emcee script for solemnization (immediately after first march in)??

Thanks alot