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hi... i'm thinking of giving a thank u speech to the guest n to my dearest parent for bringing me up. I'm thingkin of present them with bouquet of flower too. Can anyone out there, email me a sample of it too? [email protected]


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Can you email me the wedding speeach at [email protected] too?
Thanxs a lot!


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here's my speech. But i wrote it on point form the night before and forgot exactly what i said that day on stage already! the strange thing is that usually the groom will say the speech first, but he wanted me to say it first to make our speeches more unique.

here goes:
1) thank guests in general
2) thank out-of-town guests
3) thank hubby parents
4) thank parents
5) thanks helpers
6) thank hubby
pass mic to him

the MOST impt thing for your thank you speech is that it must be personalized, not like it's written off some template and that it must mean something to your guests. I have been to weddings where by the guests just chi chat while the couple is giving speeches.

Mine was erm, quite memorable because i delivered the speech in 3 languages! They were directed at different ppl, like my IL and Parents and out-of-town guests lah. but some guests thought it was quite special.

Also, never ever thank your bosses. (it's really put off to other guests who will think you suck up to bosses) just thank specific groups of people who really mean something to you and your wedding. (no one cares who your boss is and how much time he took off from work to attend your wedding, unless he provided much valuable help like bringng you to bridal shops, secure banquet venue)

Dun feel compelled to thank EVERYONE, or name everyone who helped you. just like a general group name (like my sisters, our helpers for today, my uni-buddies who helped me with my video montage) unless they are specific people like "debbie for helping me with the wedding since the first day I got engaged, she's the best bridesmaid i can ever get"

K-I-S-S keep it short and simple. the speech shouldn't be any more longer than 3 minutes, else you are saying too much stuff and your guests will lose interest half-way. For those who are having your speech written out word by word instead of point form, you can do a word count. it's usually 3 worlds per second, ie, 1 minute speech means no more than 180 words.

Cliches, and in-side jokes whereby no more than 50% of your guests know are big NO-No. guests will lose interest. Also remember when addressing to your significant other, use NAMES. same goes for parents, don't just "i want to thank my parents for bringing me up" say "i want to thank my parents. (then look at your parents) Ba, ma, thank you for bringing me up" see, got big difference, right?

To make your speech unique instead of normal template, you might want to include something like a little love story (usually the best man or your hubby will say... make them say it) like how you first met (I first met her during a car accident!), or significant milestones (today is the 5th year we have been together, the couple has survived 4 years of long distance) etc etc. just a line or 2 to say out how unique your r/s was to your guests. Probably your relatives, colleagues, childhood friends didnt know all this!

Good luck!


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I'm new here.

Just wondering if there are anyone of you out there who will not be planning any thank you speech? My FH has stage fright and he's the shy type. So he's very adamant about not having the speech. Sigh...


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Hi Minn
My HB is also the same type. Die die also doen't want to do the speech... No choice.. really would like to say somthing, esp. to the loved ones. Will try to Pshyco him.... Sign
BTW, attended a few wedding dinner without the speech, guess it is ok la.. really up to individual..


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Hi Lavis,

Glad to know that we are "in the same plight"..hehe. Had tot of doing a pre recording of our thank you speech and then incorporate it as a segment in my montage..and I think he's ok with this idea
Worst scenario will be to get the emcee to thank the guests on our behalf lor.

BTW, when's your big day??


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Thanks, Minn
U just gave me a good idea of pre-record the speech... interesting, can discuss with him.. but he is also camera shy ....

My AD is in coming July. urs?


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your information really useful to us... now I have a roughly idea for my wedding speech, thanks so much !


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hey ctc,

no problem! hope ur got ur speech out already!

hehhe... if the rest of u gals are scared, just do a one-liner to thank everyone for coming down. say english, chinese or ur own dialect (for older relatives) think it's still very impt to thank them personally for sharing the happiness of this special day with u.