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hi smoke,

yeah, i frequet madridman also, trying asking some about shopping. I think the website icebaby has is very very good. the barcelona-tourist-guide one. I just chanced upon it yesterday only and so informative, that's how I found the rosta village that I wanna go.

Hey icebaby, kam xia hor. I got time must read up during this weekend plan plan abit liao. I wanna eat the churros!!!


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Hi Icebaby
Thanks. The instruction is very clear. Good I can save the money on guided day trip which cost almost Eur 50.


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Srumpee! we went during Mar 04
yez...abit cold....but we like it...heee....nothing beats huddling n cuddling close to each other for warmth...e e e LOL. What's more, for our spain trip our last stop was in it! I alwasy tell frens...must at least hv a F&E with hubby in Europe...that sort of experience is unbeatable....

sollie to ramble on...yup your monsterrat qn was answered! we took the train to the place, very easy to navigate! Once there we just followed d trail n walked up n up n up....
think can also go by funicular but must pay so of course we cheapo chose to walk up LOL

Oki want to tell u this place to hv great food in granada...hence i searched for the hostel report i posted in madridman forum n pasted below:

WOW....finally we did our trip...and unfortunately, now back....
I truly wish we are still back there...Spain is incredible! It's lovely and has everything taht will delight any visitor...

1st, this is how my trip goes : 2 nights Madrid -bus and 1 night Toledo - bus back to 2 nights Madrid - flight n 2 nights Granada - Train n 2 nights Ronda - Bus n 1 night Sevilla - Flight n 4 nights BCN - Bus n 2 nights in Espot, a rural village which is a gateway to d Aiguestortes nd Sant Maurici Lake National Park.

Now, for the hostals...

Madrid - for 1st 2 nights, we stayed at Hostal Mirentxu, and I must say that for the incredible 35 euros we paid, truly value for money! We had a double room with own shower and toilet n heater. Room was made & sheets changed everyday. The couple owners were always cleaning around the place! the son Carlos spoke Eng n friendly : ) Of course the flip side is the shower&loo has no proper door but drawn curtains but it's no bother to us. It's also centrally located (calle zorilla) in a very safe street, near the Congress n police station! We felt very safe.
Marid - the last 2 nights we satyed at Hostal Villar, we paid 42 euros, n we deemed it another great place. Clean, with TV too! Again, rooms were cleaned everyday and the place is centrally located .

Toledo - We LOVED this glad we stayed a night there! We stayed at hotel Santa Isabel, and it's the BEST hotel we stayed for Spain...doors operated with magnetic cards! It's only 46 euros for a double room with pte bathroom. We get a truly hotel style room...very clean n neat n brand new.

Granada - we stayed at Hostal Nuevas Naciones (calle san juan de dios, placeta de trivino),
Again another great place value for money....38.50 euros for double room with TV n own shower n loo. Clean n room made everyday. Very friendly owner who even let us have hot water to make our cup noodles! It's located in the down hill from Alhambra, but to us it's great location as it's near many great shops n eateries. here i MUST side-track - we had our BEST meal in Granada....simple fare- paella, garlic mayo stuff baked potatoes etc, BUT everything so heavenly! Including their garlic-soaked olives!!! It's called Antigua Bodega Castaneda along 5 calle Elvira...yummy...

Ronda - hotel royal, Another great place! We paid 46 eu for double room with pte bathroom, n TV. Clean n great location, mere mins away from the gorge, n it's just infront the park! Lovely....

Seville - we stayed in hostal arias It's great location as it's just behidn the cathedral, along calle mariana de pineda, and it's actually amongst many other hostals e.g. hostal picasso. We paid 46 eu for a double room with TV n pte shower n loo. but...we found it not that...we were given the ground room next to the recep, which we didnt protest since just for a night. Needless to say, it's quite noisy. But the heater was VERY strong.... : )

BCN - for 1st 3 nights we stayed in Plaza Hostal...and well, this is the only hostel which we wouldn't go back again...we paid 60 euros for a double with pte shower n loo, no TV n the heater didn't seem to work. Not very clean. We rejected the 1st room and asked to change as the bed was really squeaky. But still, it's in a good location. The last night after we came back from Espot we stayed at Hostal Goya. NOW...I 'd great rec this place!!! We paid 56.71 for double with shower n loo. Clean. Though no TV, there's a common room with TV and mags n guess what, electric kettle and coffee etc n cups for use! Friendly staff. Also hair-dryer for borrowing.

Espot - this rural village n the national park was our FAV....we stayed at hotel saurat, We paid 74 euro for double with pte bathroom n balcony n continental buffet breakfast n TV n heater. Worth every cent! karol the staff was most friendly in her emails n in person.

Ok...that's it for now....sorry if the above seems delirious ....I tot I should get the above out before I put it off !

Do let me know if you need any other details.

I must say a BIG thanks to all of you here. This board was Fantanstic in helping us to put this trip together! Thank you!
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And yes, Ryes, CHURROS! we had cafe con leche (spain word for cafe latte) and churros for breakfast everday whilst in Madrid! Heavenly!

K that's it for now! Ladies, enjoy your Spain trip!!!!


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I will only be visiting Barcelona not other cities. I heard about hostal Goya too, the rooms are lovely but eventually chose Hostal Fernando cos its cheaper. Hostal Goya cost 80.75 Eur for a double room with pte shower which is ok actually but I later found that hostal Fernando cost only Eur 62 so i took the cheaper option. Hope I don't regret. Both Hostal Goya and Hostal Fernando are recommended by

Which hotel did u stay in paris? I chose Libertel Montmatre in 9e and Parisiana in 10e.


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Srumpee, possible to squeeze in others apart from BCN? U can take their Iberia domestic airline to fly fr BCN to Madrid...should cost less than 100euros for 2 . Then fr Madrid u can go Toledo!
wow! Goya had gone upscale! we paid 56.71 for double with shower n loo back in Mar 04!

In Paris we stayed in hotel saint honore, 74 euros a night. It's located in 1e, very near to metro Chatelet. U can view it at:

BUT, we had wanted to book HOTEL DU COLLEGE DE FRANCE! Coz it's in 5e, near to the Tower! Even when we emailed 2 mths ahead, it's full! Details:

7 rue Th幯ard, 75005 PARIS, FRANCE
Direction : MARC and Laura
Reservations : SADR welcome you here for more than 20 years !

tel : + 33 (0)1 43 26 78 36
fax : + 33 (0)1 46 34 58 29
Email : [email protected]
Site web :

That's all for now!


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haiz now travel agency say we have to by reversed itinery liao. so my last stop will be at barcelona instead of madrid.

We will touch and go at toledo. How is ibiza? Nice or not?

And hor, how much to pay for the public restrooms har? I very scare my da yi ma come during HM...


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Hi Ryes
If you like party by the beach, I think u should go ibiza. I wanted to but no time and my Da yi ma will be visiting while I'm in Barcelona. Have to miss the beach liao

If you are not planning a baby, u can actually get pills from doc to delay your da yi ma. That's what I used to do when I travel. But this time, am not going to do that cos will be trying for a made-in-Europe baby.


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eh eh

you all mentioned this hostal Goya hor, I visited their website, it says
Hostal Goya Principal
Double bedroom with ensuite 75€ means got own bathroom in the room one is it?

It also says
Hostal Goya:
Reopen next July 2006

these 2 hostal are they the same hostal that you girls are talking about?

Hi scrumpee,
I'm planning for a bb too, but then alas, my O date would be on the day i fly back to Sin, so cannot have a MIE bb leh.


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Hi Ryes
Same but just that they have rooms that are renovated and rooms that are not. Don't know the Principal refers to renovated ones or not renovated ones. Why don't u send them an email to ask for rates and find out more. I sent them an email once and got a reply from them the next day. They are very fast. I had wanted to book with them but found Hostal Fernando which is cheaper at 62Euro though not as stylish and nice as Hostal Goya. I thought since we won't be in the hotel most of the time, might as well take a cheaper version...but if Italy's accomodation isn't so exp, I will definitely go for Hostal Goya. The accomodation in Italy really eats into my budget.

I don't know how to calculate O days not sure if it is my O day when we are there. intend to seek a gynae's consultation before I go.


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HI srumpee,

okay, I emailed them already. Where is hostal fernando located?

Which is the best place to stay at, nearby the metro lah, city area, shop shop etc.


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hey srumpee,

are you interested to get OPK to test to know when you are ovulating? I have extras if you are interested.

I have made my bookings at Hotel Cuatro Naciones, 2 star, ard 90 euro per night. Hopefully it is okay and acceptable to stay in.
I want to go Montserrat also see the black virgin is it? have you found out how to go liao?


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hi stepford,

did u go spain in dec? If so, hope you enjoyed the trip.

I also went madrid in last dec, still in madrid, will be back to Sg in early feb. Did you go toledo as they mentioned earlier? its is really a beautiful place to visit, i love the place the 1st time i went there in 1999. I went there again iin 2005 and hopefully will go there again next week, its just a 1 hour drive form madrid. i like salamanca and avila too, bout 2 hours drive from Madrid, not to be missed too.


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Anyone has experience in watching soccer match at Camp Nou Barcelona? Any ways to purchase tickets rather than purchase on barcelona fc website?


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Hi, like to check if anyone went Spain, Portugal with tour groups? What is your feedback regarding going with package tour, eg.
How is the itinerary
Is there sufficient time to see the sights
How are the hotels, and the location of the hotels

Would like to decide between F&E or package, cos concerned about the travelling distance and language. We don't drive, so would have to rely on public transportation to get around.

Any advise welcomed. Thank you.


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hi.....can someone share with me the tour itenary for the HM?

Am interested to go there in Nov next yr...

thks in adv!


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hi everyone
I am also in the midst of planning my HM in Spain and Italy. We would be going for 26 days. Personally, I don't like those package tours or even the F&E tours organised by the agencies. In fact, it is more interesting to plan your own itinerary and to explore off the beaten track places. But then again, it's just my personal opinion. My friend just came back from a holidat in Spain, 12 days and she just went "city dotting". For every city, she just stayed for one or two night. But if your idea of a holiday is purely shopping and museums, I think it should suffice.
It is quite easy to get around in Spain, with the train and bus services. I have done some research when planning my itinerary and found, the forum very helpful. The Fodorites have been the most helpful in answering my queries. You can also go to and read up more


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Hi everyone,
has anyone been to spain in Dec? How's the weather? How many days would you advice would be enough to see at least 1/2 of spain?


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Hi Jasmine, gives you an idea of the type of weather to expect.

To see at least half of Spain? Probably months, if not years. It is somewhat bigger than Singapore, and you cannot reduce Spain to just Madrid and Barcelona.


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thanks again Raymond. As you can see i'm really not a travel person so i really have to ask the ple here. Definately not reducing spain to Madrid or Barca.

I would like to hear from people who have been to Spain in the dec period to find out what it's like there during that period. Anyone has that experience?


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Spain is huge (have you seen the map?), and each region is unique in its own way. I would guess that it would take at least two to three weeks to do a whirlwind tour of Spain, while at the same time at least having a decent feel of each region.

I would think that December is a good time; put it this way, in December it's best to visit the Mediterranean countries since the winters are milder and the daylight hours are not as short. Also it is not peak season and accommodation would probably be cheaper.


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I am planning a trip to Spain in April and May 2011, any advice? is that a peak season?

Do you think we should get a Eurail pass? or it is cheaper to buy per trip?

anyone visited Lisbon before? worth travelling?
Fly from Madrid is cheaper than the night train.....

i intend to spend 10 days in Spain, what are the places that i should not miss?

Thanks in advance!


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I'd say that if you are planning on spending just two weeks in Spain and want to visit some "off the beaten track" places then you might want to consider concentrating on one area of Spain. Which area you choose depends on what you are interested in.

Personaly I like the flexibility of driving in Spain and certainly if you want to visit small villages and towns then having a car can really free you up since often in these sorts of places there are only one or two buses per day.

As for flamenco , A few years ago some friends took me to a small bar in Valencia called "El Duende" which had live flamenco nights (guitar and voice , no dance). Assuming its still there I'd say its well worth checking it out.



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Not exactly in December, but early February, during CNY. Weather is about the same as in Dec.

Spain is suitable for travelling even in December because if you look at a map, you will realize it is not too far north. So it isn't very cold, especially Southern and Eastern Spain.