Songs for Wedding Dinner held in the ballroom


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Hi (",), Yuki, cheo,
have sent the song For the first time and Sometimes when we touch to you all. I do not have 'fallen' song but had sent you the link.

as for the songs "from this moment, dunno why can't send through.maybe, pls clear yr mailbox b4 I resent it.


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Hi all,

can someone pls send me the songs

I pledge my love
For the first time
Once in a million you
Heaven - Ronan Hardiman
A Walk to Remember - Mandy Moore

Thank alot!!


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Hi kn,
Have sent both songs to u.

Hi Cutie Gal,
I do not have the song 2- 5. I only have song 1 and have only sent you the link to song 2.


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hi hi, i desperately need songs.... i dont usu listen to love songs... has no idea which songs is suitable for both for my wedding banquet n my animation montage... can anyone please help.... thanks a lot... or can e-mail me @ [email protected].... many many thanks


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top 10 wedding songs

10. It Had To Be You by Harry Connick Jr.

Choose this one because…
You like grand entrances. A crescendo of blaring trumpets will herald your arrival like a modern day Camelot and his queen. After the climatic blare, the intro slides into jazzy cat cool with Connick’s smooth vocals and this is your cue to glide in. Clever, sassy, sweet. You might want to opt for Frank Sinatra’s version – but we like this one.

Words to thrill:
It had to be you, it had to be you
I wandered around, and finally found - the somebody who
Could make me be true, and could make me be blue And even be glad, just to be sad - thinking of you

Perfect soundtrack for: Cool cats.

9. Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli

Choose this one because…
Never mind the fact that Frankie Valli looks nothing like his angelic voice, also never mind the fact that you’ve heard this song in several lame credit card ads. It’s so darn beautiful. If you can resist that plaintive tone, the quivering desire and the heartbreaking longing, then play PCK’s soundtrack instead.

Words to thrill:
You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off of you.
You’d be like heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much. At long last love has arrived. And I thank God I’m alive. You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off you.

Perfect soundtrack for: Romantics who just can’t wait.

8. Let’s Fall In Love by Frank Sinatra

Choose this one because…
Seriously, it’s as good advice as you can get in a song. At first glance you might think it’s meant for the unmarrieds. But no, “to be or not to be let our hearts discover†– that’s what marriages are really about. Also, you can’t go wrong with the lord of swing, Frank Sinatra.

Words to thrill:
Let’s fall in love
Why shouldn’t we fall in love
Our hearts are made of it,
let’s take a chance
Why be afraid of it Let’s close our eyes
And make our own paradise
Little we know of it, still we can try
To make a go of it

Perfect soundtrack for: The optimist.

7. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Choose this one because…
This is the perennially favourite love song. And you do so admire Elvis the Pelvis. His is the kind of hips…er, voice that sends lurve tingles up your spine.

Words to thrill:
Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you
Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

Perfect soundtrack for: The classic couple with a penchant for popular oldies

6. I Will by The Beatles

Choose this one because…
It’s the Beatles! Besides, in the old days, Paul McCartney did have a celestial voice, unlike his sometimes croaky whispers nowadays. But in all seriousness, it’s a really sweet, fussless love song. Not as widely heard as Yesterday or whatever, but at least you’ll stand out.

Words to thrill:
Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we’re together
Love you when we’re apart.
And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
You know I will I will.

5. When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole

Choose this one because…
You’re a diehard romantic. You love Nat King Cole’s chocolatey rich singing and you like to pretend you are in a Disney cartoon.
Words to thrill:
When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I’ll never fall in love
In a restless world
Like this is
Love is ended before it’s begun
And too many
Moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

Perfect soundtrack for: The tormented artist who has finally found his/her soul mate.

4. I Finally Found Someone by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams

Choose this one because…
You’re a sucker for soppy duets. Besides, you might not want to admit it, but you actually enjoyed the equally sappy movie that produced this song starring the diva with the large honker – The Mirror has Two Faces. Thank god she only has one nose. The odd corny line aside, this song strangely stokes the inner romantic even in the most cynical coot.

Words to thrill:
This Is It!
Oh, I Finally Found Someone;
Someone To Share My Life;
I Finally Found The One - To Be With Every Night; Cause Whatever I Do
It’s Just Got To Be You!
My Life Has Just Begun, I Finally Found Someone...

Perfect soundtrack for: Lovers who started out as, would you believe - pals.

3. Especially For You by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

Choose this one because…
You and your darling underwent some kind of trial or separation and now everything’s just bloomin’ beautiful. Also because you’ve only ever loved Kylie when she had bad hair and a bod that wasn’t surgically enhanced.

Words to thrill:
Especially for you I wanna let you know what I was going through
All the time we were apart
I thought of you
You were in my heart
My love never changed
I still feel the same

Perfect soundtrack for: Those who never quite got out of the tacky ‘me’ decade that was the 80s.

2. You And Me Song by The Wannadies

Choose this one because…
You want a more contemporary song that doesn’t make you puke your guts out. Also you like the slightly obsessive lyrics – “You and me always, and forever…†It’s a quiet yet loud song…soothing you with calm verses, then hollering the refrain. It rightly signifies the boring everyday bits of every relationship and the manic highs that follow.

Words to thrill:
Then we watch tv
Untill we fall asleep
Not very exciting
But it’s You and me
And we’ll always
Be together
You and me always
And forever

Perfect soundtrack for: Realists.

1. We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters

Choose this one because…
This is the definitive wedding song. It heralds the excitement of what a new life together might bring. What can you expect? Happy Ever After? Well, watch and learn along the way.

Words to thrill:
We’ve only just begun to live
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.
We’ve just begun.
Before the rising sun we fly,
So many roads to choose
We start our walking and learn to run.
And yes, We’ve just begun.
Sharing horizons that are new to us,
Watching the signs along the way,
Talking it over just the two of us,
Working together day to day

Perfect soundtrack for: Those with a sense of adventure.


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Hi Eric,
Nice breakdown n analysis of ur top 10 songs.
Btw, can you advice me where I can find them, d 10 songs, in say a shop?

Thanks a lot. Cos mi AD in 2 weeks time, rushing for time.


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Hi Eric,

If you're still here, just like to say thanks for the recommendations!!

You've got good taste and sound analysis.

Personal favourites include "I will" and "Let's fall in love".


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I would really appreciate if someone here can email me the songs for my wedding dinner:

1. From this moment on (with vows) by Shania Twain.
2. Because you love me by Celine Dion
3. I Do (Cherish you) by 98 Degrees
4. I finally found someone by Bryan Adams & Barbra Streisand
5. When I fall in love by Celine Dion & Clive Griffin
6. Be my guest by Disney
7. Let's never stop falling in love
8. Perfect Moment by Martine McCutcheon
9. I wanna love you forever by Jessica Simpon
10. Always & Forever by Luther Vandross
11. What a Wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
12. You Light up my life
13. Endless Love
14. Tonight I celebrate my love for you
15. The Moment by Kenny G
16. Heaven by Roman Hardiman
17. The last of the Mohican

My email is [email protected]

Many thanks in advance.



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HI Gals, may I know how u guys organise the songs. Like which come first, will it sond weird when it move from slow to fast songs?? I'm lost...