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    Hi there, I found a lot of the videographers do not include the copyright and broadcast in their package. My banquet coordinator told me without these 2 then the express highlight is not allowed to play at the banquet =( now those persons-in-charge will go and do the spot check at the banquet. If kena caught, the wedding couple need to bear all the fines...,$$$$$

    can anyone advise how to purchase this license and pay the copyright license for the songs we want to include in the video? How much per song?? Blah blah blah

    thank you in advanced=)

  2. yohz_yohz

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    i tot jz bring along the orginal album n the hotel will play for u ? isnt it tat way?
  4. yohz_yohz

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    yaya can play from original CD, but if you embed the songs into your video, or play from your laptop, or play from your burned CD then you need to pay for the license. This is the information I gathered so far from the brides and my hotel banquet coordinator.
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    btw, quick share with al the brides who are interested to know more...

    I received plenty emails from videographers. Some of them do really provide very good workarounds and their suggestions. Here there are
    1) to provide a express highlight without songs, then have to coordinate with hotel ppl to play the songs from original CD
    *this is the solution provided by my hotel banquet coordinator as well.

    2) get royalty free songs and include the songs as background songs for the express highlight

    3) get self-composed music/ songs

    but on the other hand, apparently a lot of the videographers don't even bother about this licensing issues and they simply asked me to ignore this or even asked why is there such rule/ law out there...-_-

    So brides, be careful when you want to engage any VG. Make sure they are cleared about all this law :p

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    Hi to all,

    Great news! The RIPS have finally finalized at $90 per wedding from couple.
    It's state only need this license, so we just forget about MPS & Compass!

    For all couples, we will refund back $90 to couple who sign the Cinematography / Video package with us from now till end of Jul 2010!

    JR Imagexpress Productions (since 1994)
    Contact: +65 96868073
    Biz Reg No: 53107753E
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    Good news! At least this is more reasonable...

    Thanks John! Will call RIPS, MPS and COMPASS again to check out the final pricing... [​IMG]
  8. jrimagexpress

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    Hi Mei guan,

    Glad that all of us benefit from it.
    Hope the application is as easy as possible.

    JR Imagexpress Productions (since 1994)
    Contact: +65 96868073
    Biz Reg No: 53107753E
  9. yohz_yohz

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    Hi appreciate if you could share the link or any scanned doc to prove this official notification/ amendments of the new rule. Thanks
  10. hermes76

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    Best can also inform the media...btw, is $90/event, per venue or per song??
  11. yohz_yohz

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    hi brides, quick share again:p
    One of the professional VG sent me this, but I am still waiting for the relevant bodies to post this online to announce officially:p

    Hope this helps. Thanks Mei

    1) COMPASS (Represent Composers/Writes ONLY)
    Wedding Function Permit: S$50 + 7% GST (per day per couple)
    Application form:

    2) RIPS (Represent Recording Labels ONLY)
    Wedding Videography license for wedding couple: S$90 + 7% GST (3 months from date of commencement per couple)
    Application form:
    Terms & Conditions (Extracted from the License Agreement):
    - One video (verified with RIPS, the video may have multiple chapters so it may contains montage, express highlight etc)
    - Max 5 songs in above mentioned video
    - Media as DVD or tape or VCD.
    - No broadcast via internet
    - No reselling to the public
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    No problem 'yeah_yeah'

    Mei [​IMG]
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    yeah yeah im diying my own montage and was told by compass to pay as well

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