Solumnization before the banquet dinner


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Hi elyn,

Actually i had the same intention to hold solemnization before wedding dinner. But after attending a few wedding dinners like this, and realising everyone is busy talking, i decided not to go ahead with this plan.

Cos for relatives and elderly, they usually prefer to carry on their conversations instead of listening to the vows. Prefer to have a small group of close frens and family members who really feel happy for us, and wanting to listen to us saying our vows to each other.

U might wanna think twice abt holding both together... Mayb separating the 2 events might be better...


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hi, i also intend to hold my solmnization before wedding dinner. But I am unable to get a free function room from the hotel.

Is it possible to do it on the ballroom's stage at around 6pm? Will there be enough time for the hotel to prepare the stage after my solmnization? Only immediate family members and close friends will be attending the solmnization..less than 20 of them..that's why i dont want to spend $$$ booking the function room or taking up the hotel solmnization package which cost over 1K

another problem..after the solmnization..where to " house" everyone?? all squeeze inside my bridal suite?


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Hey Poseidon gal,
I am holding my solemnization before the wedding dinner too. (prolly abt 5-530pm for an hour).
I dunno abt your hotel, but my hotel offered me the following for free:
1. seminar room that sits up to 30 people
2. Bridal room (since i am given a room anyway - but this sits at most 20)
3. Ballroom (but she says might be too "empty" if not that many people.
I am getting family and close frens so after the vows, they can help with the reception table, setup etc. Also cocktail should start abt 7pm, so there isn't that much time anyway!


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Dear all

Urgent and desperate...can anyone share with me the emcee script for introducing/inviting the JP at the solemnisation?
thanks much!


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Hi ladies!

Which is the correct sequence :

1) tea ceremony with relatives - solemnization?
2) solemnization - tea ceremony with relatives?

I see from above that many BTB had their solemnization first then proceed to TC, then dinner.


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Hi Lousia,

Don't think there is any fix sequence for this.

You can have the traditional tea ceremony in the morning period as usual and the solemnization before your dinner.

Some will do the solemnization then tea ceremony before the dinner.

Is more on what you want and how you are going to plan & organise it.