Solomnise @ home


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Hi all, I had my ROM at home and it was really meaningful. At first I thot it might be plain compared to have it in hotels. But it turned out really romantic with everyone close gather at home just for us.

I got the florist to decorate our table & chairs and she did a great job really. The ambient was great. If you need, can email me at [email protected] for her contact.


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hi zeeyan,

can send me the contacts of ur florist?
HOw much did u pay for the service?

[email protected]


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Hi Vivienne,
Are u having it in ur new house?
cos i will be having it at our new house,so it's cum housewarming, wana save time, money & trouble to invite ppl twice

Hi zeeyan,
can you email me the contact too?
do they provide rent of table & chairs as well?

[email protected]


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Hey all,

I'm doing my solemnisation at my new house too, it's coming up in less than 3 weeks!!! Oh man.

I think it's great to do it at home, it's so much more personal. Of course, it has been a lot of work, trying to think of ways to decorate the place and adding little touches. We are doing everything ourselves cos most of the florists had a min charge of $500 and we didn't think it was worth it to pay that amt.

Why would people think it's a "bo bian" situation to do it at home? Is it cos they envisioned the worst possible outcome (get a really bad caterer and ask him to just throw the food in metal tins and lay them out any old how?) Think this whole thing can be done quite nicely.


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Hi all, i will be holding my solemnization at home on 10 Aug too! I'm now really worrying abt the decorations part. Anybody can help me here? I would prefer to DIY as it's a simple and private event. Cheers!


For decorations, you can use balloons with "Just Married" or some other lovey dovey messages to hang around your house. Not too many though as it would look more like a birthday party than a solemnization. Pink or white balloons will be great. Then maybe some cloth with ribbons drapping down the ceiling would be nice. Can't possibly have red carpet so rose petals to create a pathway would be nice too. You can use candles too but have to be very careful especially you are doing it at home cos there will be many flammable items around. Cloth, ribbons, rose petals, candles... should cost you less than or around $200/-.


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thanks pink_piglet for ur email. I just have another small ques. Does anyone wear shoes during the solemnization at home?


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pigcess > I had my ROM at home too, that's also my AD. Wore shoes at home. =) family and guests no shoes at home.


New Member it compulsory to wear shoes? For AD can understand cos it's part of the tradition...we were just thinking that it looks so weird to wear shoes at home...:p


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yeah...i heard that it's a kind of tradition to follow...but logically speaking, it's to make things easier for the groom n bride. They r so formally dressed and would definitely find it troublesome to wear and take off their shoes at different places.


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Thanks for sharing, pigcess! I'll need to ask my parents & ILs if we need to keep our shoes on....may dirtytheir place!


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hi pink_piglet, i'm thinkin of holding ROM @ home too, can PM me yr pictures?

anyone care to share like wat's the preparation process like for holding ROM @ home?


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will be having my ROM in Nov at my house. Contemplating to do housewarming on same day cuz there will be too many ppl and will be very tiring? cuz will not be nice if we left out some ppl for the ROM.
Can anyone share their photos of ROM@home with me? thanks [email protected]


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i have finished my ROM at my house. i went to Far east flora,$80 for ~100 rose. Then try to do the flower arrangement myself. I just place the pots of flower ard the house.
i get the table clothes from Arab street. $40 for the organza ribbon and gold table clothes. Plus A wedding cake from The Patisser, something that can be eaten and as a decoration. ~$280. simply delicious and bring up the atmosphere.
I also brought 3 kg of cherry as decoration. Then put those cherry and strawberry in glass bowl. Look quite nice. My buffer caterer was purple sage. They are good.
But if you are doing a housewarming cum ROM, dat day was packed. Decoration on the ROM table will be sufficient.

I just managed to post some photos.


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Hi Ting,

that's nice. But u spent quite alot for this ya?
I have seen the menu for purple sage..but it's not so much of Asian food?


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Ya, purple sage got two type of menu. Asian and western But is nice. I find that the western menu will be suitable for ROM. I check out the other caterer, there are curry, butter prawn, fried rice. The food dun sound "romantic" for ROM.
However, in total, the spending is still cheaper than some hotel. The wedding cake is ex, but is really delicious.
A normal rom table with flower decoration cost more than $100.


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i have calculated the no. of pax...quite alot so prob cutting down alot of stuff.
Purplesage did gave me a quote for solemnisation table design @ $180. But i might go buy some cloth then use my dining table. depends. Thanks for your feedback.


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mine will probably be very simple and plain. just have tablecloth over the dining table for use of signing the cert, and catered hi-tea buffet for around 40 pax, including both families, close relatives and very close friends. we engaged a freelance photographer for 3 hours... the entire ROM (next month) will cost us below $600.


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just outta curiosity...

do u gals still have "march in" for ROM at home? play any music in background etc? any reception?

mine was like totally simple. we invited some close friends, catered some hi-tea buffet stuff, gotten the JP to come, and a table cloth for the dining table where we'll be signing the cert. that's all! anything else i should be preparing?

thanks a lot in advance!!!


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Maple your photo link not working.... :p

Btw some of you gals can try getting some props from (go to "rentals > weddding items")...then let me know if it is good kekeke.

It was recommended to me by a friend, she had rented some props from them for her company function, service and price is good. So considering for my ROM and wedding...


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yea~ copy the entire link and paste. i can see Maple's pics =)

wah qingzi you know the rates for
i dun think i'm getting those props though... i'm on very tight budget and the last time i calculated, we already exceeded our 600 bucks budget. =/

for my ROM actually only have my family and friends on my side... i didn't even invite any relatives. just some close friends... anyone did the same??


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mine is over yesterday!

we spent little and made it very simple... and the angpows we gotten just nice cover everything.

i've uploaded my pics into my multiply site... pm me if u r interested.


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decorating the dining table and chairs~

my "just married" wordings at our phototaking backdrop when ROM at home last dec~

the fake flowers standing by the side is a gift from his friend!
she couldn't attend but got this delivered to us the very morning~ how sweet!!

on the table before ROM, cert still in the envelope when this pic was taken~

aiyo we very jialat. realised we didn't even bother to "fluff up" the ribbons and roses on the ring pillow. (>.<) so flat flat one...

catered food...




the precious moment figurines are all gifts from our friends~


more lovely gifts!
that's my hand bouquet with the couple bears from his friend~

this last one above was in a basket of fresh roses


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anyone did their solemnization at their lovenest on the AD after morning activites??

I intend to do that..scare too rush ley..any suggestions?


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anyone else has experience to share on solemnisation at Home?

My HTB and I especially rush out new hse to be ready for our solemnisation and will like one that is nicely done. Will you choose to have a free standing one (for the guests) or with chairs in the hse?

was wondering chairs nid deco &amp; makes the room more packed. our living room is 6.1m x 7.8m.


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My SIL had her ROM in her own condo (so you can imagine it's abit cramped).

Your solemnization table and 5 chairs will need deco. Your guest chairs can use foldable chairs (not stackable kind, cos look not 'class'). After the ROM ceremony which the guests r sat down, your buddy or relative helper (you must plan to have 1-2 for ur home ROM cos bride and groom are supposed to enjoy the ceremony, not worry about the chairs!) can help to fold some chairs to allow room for ppl to take food, so available chairs can be placed against the wall.

Also, get your helpers to serve food to elderly so as to save them from squeezing with your young friends.

Hope it helps (I was the helper with my HB for my SIL ROM at home. Haha!)

BTW, the guest chairs dun need deco.


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can anyone send me their deco as well and also where to buy all the deco stuffs...
my email [email protected]

And also i like to ask it is very weird to wear wedding gown wis full makeup when ROM at home?