Solomnise @ home


can someone pls tell me where is Blanco Court now?


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Hi Mag,

It has been demolished and replaced by Raffles hospital. You may go to concourse to get those decoration stuff.



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Hi cass, sorry only juz sent out the pics coz mi AD juz over. hope itz still useful.

caramel gal, can leave ur email for mi to send?


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hi rabbitwsk2, nice to hear from u again..

now planning for customary.. cannot escape liao.
most prob this november.

How r u?


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Hi pierced and minapple,
I thought of having ROM and housewwarming on the same day at my new house,
Can share ur photos with me?
Thanks alot very much....


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Hi pierced, Thanks alot. Saw ur pic.. veri sweet..
where did u buy the Just Married Banner? Urs is in the function room. My is going to be in my house but i wonder how can i deco my house for the event.
Hi miniapple, is urs also at the function room too? care to share ur pic...Thanks.
wanna to start planning ROM while doing my house reno cos my is going to be in Oct and will be the busiest time for me so maybe not time to plan for ROm then.


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Hi fun, i bought the banner from Concourse at beach rd, one of the shops selling party ware. they have quite a few selections of wedding stuff. if u wana use balloons, thk they might have it too, otherwise u can go to far east flora, they have very nice, pretty big balloons for the wedding theme. didnt see it till like aft mine, so couldnt use the idea. thk u can go with the similar idea of having the table in ur house and some decor, coz mi function rm is act pretty small, and i had the buffet outside near the walkway.


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Can someone share pics with me? I'm also planning to have solemnisation cum house warming on same day.
But i am facing one problem. My new home is a resale flat and we intend to apply for grant and have our ROM on 7 July 07. However offically taking possession of the house is at Dec 06 and HDB can only allow defer of 3 months. Have wrote to them but they rejected my request.Pls help.
Anyone manage to defer more than 3 months??

[email protected]


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sunflower, oic. actually, the website on ROM is quite informative.
basically, u juz decide the date u need and get a contact for a JP to solemnise ur marriage.
Call the Jp up first to check if he's avail on the day and time.
if he's ok, den u can go ahead and file marriage and pay online at ROM.
den they will let u know which day to go down for to verify docs.
den u can collect the docs for ur solemnisation.

As for setting up the area, nothing much needed. the docs, cert for signing. pens. den plus decor if u want to. I had one chair in front for JP, plus two at the side for parents, and two in front for couple. if u need pics, i can share them with u.


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I am also comtemplatin abt ROM @ home too... I am not sure how to go about doing it so tat can have a memorable wedding... I was kinda being throw a wet blanket by my sisters when I told then this... they were puzzled by "why at home?"... I donno if it is a generation gap?? and quite upset by it... To them, doing it at home seems like a super bobian situation like as it I've to be very broke to do it... But cos is not my main concern at all, althought it is a contributing factor... I just think about how more meaningful it would be to do at home than some other "rented" place...

But now I am lost... not so sure if doing it at home is still as wonderful as I tot of initially...

Can someone pls advice as well as share ur sentiment of y u would or had chose to do it at home...


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I am gng to do my ROM@home on 20th july. I get the same 'wet blanket' thing from some of the friends too. But I think it is our ROM, jus dont bother too much. I saw some sample picture by purple sage, ROM at home can be very romantic and grand. I been to a few friends ROM at hotel, i find dat the crowd jus started to dispense after the ceremony. I think it is more meanful and at least you dont need to think of program after the solemnisation.


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My ROM would only be involving immediate family members and close friends... mayb only for 20 pax or so as it is a weekday.. So I think if I do in a hotel, too ex... do in Registry and then go to a restaurant, too troublesome... got to move fr one place to another.... so I tot would have a cosy atmosphere by doing it at home.. But really scared.... my rom would be in NOV, so do share ur experience with me after urs...