Solemnization on a yacht *Please Read*


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To all couples who are planning on doing your solemnization on a yacht, please read this before you proceed.

We met lots of issue and it caused the happiness level for such a special occasion to drop tremendously. All thanks to for giving us a hell lot of problems!!! :mad:

I would like to encourage all couples to not look for for any yacht services. They have such a lousy and bad customer service:mad::mad:. They don't listen to your calls, no and slow response in terms of emergency. Not helpful enough and have made my whole rom turned out to be something which I don't really want it to be.

Shall keep the story short and sweet.

On 8 Nov, my wife and I went down very early to ROM to collect our marriage certificate as we wish to settle it as quickly as possible so we got time to do other stuff later in the day. But ended up, we spend the whole morning from 9am - 12pm in the ROM room waiting to solve a BIG problem with our venue. The ROM officer don't allow us to hold our solemnization on the yacht as we need to produce a valid MPA form which we have no clue what it is. We decided to exit the room and I made a call to Derek, one of the boss of He did not picked up my call at all. At that point of time, we are so stressed as there is a problem with our venue and we could not hold our solemnization on the yacht which we already paid for. The worst part, the next day is our solemnization. After an hour of waiting, i finally got in touch with Derek through email and he send me the MPA like FINALLY!!! He didn't even send it to us before we went down or talk about this form which we have no clue about it. He even told us many couples have done it on the yacht before and don't have a problem. So am I right to say, the rest of the couple who done it on the yacht is breaking the law?? and possibility go to jail for solemnizing on an illegal territory??

Once I got the MPA form from Derek, I went back into the room and i handed over to the officer in charge. After some checking, the officer rejected it again and said the "Port of Registry" stated in the MPA form must be in Singapore or a Blank. The "Port of Registry" written in the MPA form I got is in US and not Singapore. Meaning to say I cannot solemnize on a US territory but should be a SG land. What nonsense is this!! I asked Derek through email - Since he don't pick up my call about my situation, the only reply he said he will help me and see what he can do.

We are so stressed and frustrated at this point of time and don't know what to do. The officer insisted us on doing it on the land instead. But we know we did not booked or paid for the land venue at "One Degree Marina Club" but only the yacht only. How is it possible to hold our solemnization on the dock without permission from One Degree??? At this very last min! But we ended up did it on the dock instead. The space is so squeezy and limited, the decor that we planned didn't turn out well, photos and video don't have the nice sea view, our guest couldn't even see and hear the whole solemnization due to the lack of space. TOTALLY NOT WHAT WE WANTED!!!

Our supposedly dream solemnization on a yacht ended up holding it on the land behind the yacht which is very ugly in photos and videos. I would not have book the yacht at the first place if i know this would happen. I even made a complain to but what they can offer me is a $200 OFF for my next yacht chartered with them. WHO WILL WANT TO BOOK FROM THEM AGAIN!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Wedding is supposedly a happy occasion. It is once in a life time. What I wanted to encourage all couples who are planning on doing solemnization on a yacht to do some check and get the valid MPA form before you proceed. You wouldn't want to have the same thing that happen to us.

I have also attached 2 photos of what it looks like on that day. Look at how limited the space is and where are my guest suppose to see and hear??

1 of the photo also show what is suppose to look like in front of the yacht where guest can be seated properly with the tables set up infront.

- Thanks for reading and hope this article is beneficial to those who are planning on doing their solemnization on a yacht


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