Solemnisation at Tapestry Room - CSC @ Bukit Batok


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I just saw this thread on the tapestry room. My location has just been fully booked and am now desperate for a place.

I have checked the website and I am thinking of having my ROM at tapestry room too. Is there anyone who can share with me some of your solemnisation photos? or the ROM package?

my email add is [email protected]



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the package is range from 0 to 28 per pax.. do check out with jeffery, he is a very nice guy... and can help u arrange JP too... maybe u can add me at multiply, ID: elicia to see my photo


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Hi Iris and kavitha,
You've got mail.
Like wat qianqian mentioned, Jeffrey is indeed a nice and friendly guy.


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maybe u can add me in multiply id:elicia
can see some of the photo taken during my rom there.. it is a wine bar and a function room...

jeffery is the boss there... so unless that place closed down...


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Hi Ade,
Yes. I am looking forward to it. Btw, do u ve any of ROM photo to share with me. Would like to see the decor of the place. You can email me @ [email protected]. Thank you.

Hi All,
If anyone is interested to hold their ROM at tapestry, do let me know.


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hi ruyih (yihyih),

ur photos look great ! and the venue for ur ROM look gd too ! =)

mine sharing how much roughly u spend for the whole ROM ? email me @ [email protected]

my ROM in sept.. but still searching high and low for the suitable venue.. :p
Hi, anyone recently held their solemnization in tapestry within Y2009?? I heard the decorations have simplified, is it true?? Do you add the decorations by your own??