so troubled! any advise is greatly appreciated


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hey guys. i had been bothered with some problem in our relationship

the story goes like this

my bf and i went to taiwan for holiday.
we went to a pub with special performance.
so there was this lady who go around selecting guy and then do seduction actions/dance to the selected guy. seduction actions include things like smashing her breasts to the guy's face
then...the lady picked my bf. my bf showed some hesitation but did not say no.
i was upset. i question why he did not say no,
he said it was for fun and for an experience and he expected that the lady cant do any seduction actions to him as he was seated on a high long bunch chair. true to that, she only did some dancing around him.
but i'm still very upset and pissed off.
he had apologised and claim that he learnt his mistake and it was not fun. zzz

can i know what's your view to this and what would you do if you're in my shoe? am i too sensitive? shld i accept and move on or break off?



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You dun break off with someone becos of this.He probably feels it's fun and does not think further.just let the matter off.perhaps you can let him know you dun like him to be involved in such events.


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Understand your reaction. Women tend to get jealous even when guys stare at other women. Got to recognise that it may be simply harmless fun to him as he is not cheating on you. Just have a word and make sure he knows what is acceptable and what is not. Different for everyone.


such small issue and u thinking of break off??? perhaps u should so the guy can be free. the both of u decided to go to such places and your bf were lucky to get a lapdance performance. And you are upset? why go to such place in the first place then if you are so possessive and emo about other girls touching your guy?

imagine if the situation is reversed and a guy is gonna do a lapdance on u, what would u do and what would your bf would react?


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agree with pipitbj, if you want to go out for some fun, expect it. Just as we pose with all the lady boy in Bangkok. Do you think you bf is going to be a bi-sexual because of that?


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Break off now... Don't wait... Because what I can see is trouble coming into your relationship... Sooner or later... You may literally kill him one day because of these kind of matters...


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Next time, go to a cowboy club and let the cowboy seduces you and get touchy
infront of him turn around and whisper to him sexily "you know it's in name of fun rite"


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Depends on people. Have been in a strip club and ended up chatting with female friends in one corner instead of watching the strippers. I think as bf, it would be right to ask for ob markers before going to such places.


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I think you need to loosen up a little more. You might be over-reacting in my opinion. Honestly, I might feel uneasy if this were to happen to my wife but there are different ways to look at it. I might see this as a holiday and be more relaxed over certain red tape. I can see it as a prelude to a sexier night back in hotel. You can flirt and talk about the experience. Maybe we have different personalities but I urge you to try to see the fun side of it. That said, You always have the right to veto in a relationship. This is a common problem in many relationship - when one party doesn't like certain things, they EXPECT the other to know it. I am afraid it doesn't work like that always.