So Sad.. I've Failed my TP Driving Test..


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Not sure if I should be posting here. But, I have been so depressed, cos I’ve failed my TP test for the 1st time. Took my test last week, after 20 lessons & 3 revision lessons. Even the morning of the test day, I was still doing revision, to ensure that all is well. I am a school student btw. Everything went on smoothly on my parking & circuit.. Even the warm up session ½ hr prior to the test, I did everything well, and the warm up instructor even praise me that I did most of the things well. But who knows, the moment I was inside the waiting room, I freak out. Being the last few names being called out is like a criminal waiting for my sentence. I don’t know why, it is just so scary. By the time my tester called for me, I am already breaking out in cold sweat.

Walked towards my test car and seeing him seated next to me is freaking scary. I can feel my heart thumping like mad and palms getting sweaty. And sure it was, within 6 min, game over. Did the crank course and kiss the kerb. 10 points gone. Was in a shock, because I never ever strike the kerb from the day I learnt. I have been thru S & crank for more than 12 times I believe. Never happened. Super suay. Proceed to do my directional, slope,S course & vertical. The moment I reverse (thought I aimed properly with sufficient allowance)- 3 tries. My left wheel kiss kerb again. Once I end inside the lot, my tester told me, “ You know you already fail the test ? 20 points ?†OMG, at that point of time, I felt everything is over. I turn away from him and wept. I don’t understand why I am such a loser. I just cried while grabbing the steering wheel. Tester told me “ never mind, we just continue†But after moving a few metres, I stopped the car and told him I can’t continue anymore. Was crying very badly and at that moment, I just felt like opening the car door and dashed out . The tester must have seen my depressive mode and had to direct me back to the test area, if not with my state of mind, I most probably end up in car accident. =(

I felt so shitty & sore now, not just because I failed, but because I am such a sore loser that I won’t even want to (or in the right state of mind) continue. My freaking $150 gone away in just less than 6 or 7 min. I should had just go on for a ride or at least try other sections. Haiz. .. My next TP is a month away and I am really fearful. The phobia still remains, till today. Wonder what will happen again on that day. I am not that timid sort of person. I can speak confidently / present in front of a large group ( few hundreds) of people but yet was so fearful of an old uncle tester.And I am not like 18 or a young kid, I only thought of learning driving when I am 30. Felt so dumb, cos I am just learning auto and I can’t even get things right. If I never overcome my fear, I doubt I will never get my license. Sob Sob.

How ? Any kind souls have any tips to help me ? I am desperate.


you shouldn't drive even if you passed. as a fellow road user, i really don't like the idea of you operating a motor vehicle. public transportation is great and you'll do your bit for the environment.


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Practice makes perfect...try harder next time.i am sure u can do it..I am a school student too.. failed my 1st time too..strike kerb in circuit ,hit pole during parking, already failed but tester still ask me to continue too end up i got a total of 40points at the end of the test.. passed the 2nd time.

during the test jus take it as another training session,dun kancheong, be confident ,dun aim to pass the 1st time,it give u extra pressure only.

Hope this video help to build up ur confidence.
Listen n watch from 0.35min to 2.20min...Listen from 1.29min .


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I can understand that feeling well! What I can say is to jiayou jiayou!!

To fail might not be a bad thing afterall. More practise will boast your confidence when you are in the road next time! Stay optimistic!


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mint leaf,

1stly, it took me 3 tries.. no point mentioning why i failed, since fail means fail regardless if my fault or not. fact is that passing driving test means u get a licence... whether or not u are competent, the licence means little. in fact it is the most ineffective means of proficieny tests amongst. All the tests i know exists in spore. and i'm being serious, no offence to testers and schools.

i'm with Toma on this,mif u're this nervous, u're probably just gonna freak out driving on the roads with hundreds of other pple. Do note that passing the test isn't just abt passing another test and collecting another qualification. it is Real, the day u get behind the wheels and freeze up, some father/mother/son might pay for it with his life.

so really, isit really abt u failing, or isit really abt u not being suitable? u gotta figure that out.

anyway, it's ok to fail... u seem rather adverse to it. my fren took like 12 times, maybe he should jump... but no lah, he wanted to get his licence and he kept trying. just take it as practise... maybe it's cool to pass on 1st time... but then it's not cool to be in an accident on your 1st drive.

take it in your stride... it's just Life.


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Thanks for the advices. My problem is, I am never nervous when I am with my instructors. In fact, I enjoyed driving while I am on the road. Never kena kerb/ near accidents (touch wood)/ having them to step on brake on me. Thats why, I am very very disappointed with my performance that day. Maybe cos my expectations are too high, thats y the pressure. Or maybe because I am not used to setbacks. Or maybe I am always the one who is on the upper hand on taking control at work/ no one ever show a black face on me etc. Sigh. To have someone telling me straight in the face that I failed - on the spot, how horrible is that..

Just feel that I need an avenue to vent.. (-_-)I have & learnt a lesson. But if it is going to happen again, I hope I can take it better. Still figuring out how, maybe someone should really wake up my idea. Psychological hurdle is what I need to overcome.

I know it is just the test, and if thousands of pple can do it, why I just cant..???


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correction, thousands of pple do it, but may take more than 1 attempt. get over it, there are any more things in life that take more than 1 attempt... the beauty of Life is that u do get more chances when u're young.


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Hi mint,

I agree with powder on the view whether is about the failing or suitability part.

I spent close to $4000 and failed 3 times. In the end I choose to give up not because I'm a quitter but because I can't muti-task well.

If I check the front, I forgot the back or blind spot. So many checking and judgement skills, turn or no turn, decide now, angle of turning. Blah blah blah..... I think I will a hazardous to others on the road.

I question my motive for driving. I learn driving not because I want to drive, it's because all my peers are driving, I feel left out.

Up to this day, I'm still tease by my colleagues abouting not being to drive. Guess how I reply?
I just tell them I'm a public transport girl.


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I tot it is damn easy to pass nowadays.

My daughter's classmate.. 3 of them, all passed on first attempt recently. They are all only 18 years of age.

I guess confidence is important.


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Hi SM, I thought so too, thats y everything went on smoothly during learning & revisions. Who knows in the end I screwed up everything. Screwed up still not that bad, I just hate myself for calling it quits within that few minutes. Stupid me.

I am giving myself a time frame till Dec 2010. Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec. Another 4 more times before I re-evaluate my suitability..


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dun treat it like a test... treat it like a proficiency evaluation... just show proficiency in doing those little manoeuvres and u should be fine.


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Doll, No leh.. School students are allowed to book for TP only after completing about 20 lessons (which is roughly about 30+ subjects. Once cleared, can book. Private ones I came across, average 15 lessons can already.


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Oh, I think I got the number of lessons and subjects mixed up.

Anyway, I had 6 or 7 practice sessions before my first TP test and failed on mounting curb. At my second attempt I could only manage 2 practice sessions as I sprained my ankle but still passed the test.

Imagine when you are on the road and encounter obstacles or danger there is no such thing called giving up or reacting emotionally. It's important to be able to keep a cool mind on the road cos you won't know what will happen next.


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Albee, you probably could manage Class 3A licence. No clutch to take care of means less work for your left hand and leg.


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actually i had very little regard for the test... it's not only unrealistic, passing it within circuit isn't gonna make u any better... particularly when i see those markers that some of these instructors put on their cars to mark out certain things... hate those poles they used to use... it's actually easier to park in real life, than in circuits. and the number of cars in the circuit during my time was ridiculous... Soooooo much waiting. i failed twice becos i instinctively overtook some slow-assed student in front of me trying to figure out what to do next.

well i can't blame them for failing me even tho i wouldn't be penalised in real life... but it's instinctive. and in real life u have 2-3 fcuking lanes to overtake... u can get down the car and help that idiot in front of u park HER car and move on with your life, after seeing her try to park her car for the last 5mins right in front of the carpark exit.

just reminiscing of cos... tk goodness i had a pretty relaxed instructor, he just let me figure out things myself, play around with the car. was actually driving at 80kmh in my 1st lesson after the first 15mins... of cos i had a bike license, felt so silly driving at 40kmh... so we had a simple pact, i'll just drive around and do what i want... whilst he gets to dig his nose and ears... how cool is that!? haha

anyway it took me 3 tries to get my licence. to me it's a matter of time and not proficiency... If u know u can dirve, failing a test doesn't change the fact that u Can drive. likelwise, passing the test doesn't mean u can either... the system here isn't exactly the best, by-default u just drive slow like a tortoise around and pple give way to u. the bike test was alot more realistic.

just enjoy the process... i'll be waiting for u to drive a car... not hold a licence.


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just treat the test as a normal driving lesson lah...u so kanchiong how to pass??? sure kalang kabut and screw up on the testday...

failed once only u like that liao, how about those who failed more than 20 times? I have friends who took more than 8 times and still can't still goes on for them.


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Hi Mint_leaf. I was like you when I 1st took my practical test yrs back.
My practices / lessons were always okay but when it came to the actual test, I was so nervous. Yes, it could be the waiting part that made me even more nervous... & i flunked... I cried too but not in front of the tester lah... but when I broke the news to my bf :p
But I didn't give up... and eventually passed after 6 tries :D
Why I didn't give up? Cos I had spent so much much liao... at least $4k in total... haha!
So dun give up. Just go for the test & dun pressure yourself too much!


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'3-timer' here~ :D
Felt really stressed up during the first two tests and made stupid mistakes to end up failing, first time mounting kerb on 3-point turn and 2nd time forgetting to give way before a long zebra crossing (no one near the car nor crossing but tester said I should still stop or slow down).
Anyway, by the 3rd time I just take things in my strides since already used to failing the first 2 times. In the end, passed without much problem.
So the key is, 'aim for the best but always be prepared for the worst'. If you can accept the worst scenario of failing (so what? the sky won't fall down or what), then your nervousness will simply disappear.
Good luck!


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hi mint_leaf,

don't take things so hard in life..its just a driving big deal took me 6 tries before i got my licence and before my PDL expired..imagine if i didnt pass on my 6th attempt, i still had to re-sit for the theory test..its just ur first try, so relax la..i think ur reaction is really abit ermm..exaggerating..sorry for any offence ya..


Mint_leaf, you shld relax and take your TP as though you are taking your normal driving lessons.

You have already lose the game when you freaked out. Try again next time lo.


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Like you, I also found my first attempt very nerve wrecking! I was also the last few to be called out of the waiting room.

However, for the 2nd attempt, I adopted a "I have nothing to lose" attitude. Since there was a first time experience, and I knew I was gonna feel daunted, I brought along my DS Nintendo Lite =) Another true enough, I was AGAIN one of the last few to be called out, but my fears were tamed thanks to "Cooking Mama"!

Sounds like you're a perfectionist though.. The kind that cannot tolerate mistakes. Try not to be too hard on yourself! Life's too short for that. And soon enough (after enough practice and Confidence in Driving), you'll just get a PASS.


New Member mama.....slice and chop ingredients and fried huh

i took my driving license before 21.
1st time is terrible...also argue wif tester...haaaa
have to cut thr 3 lines..i 'shoo' from left to right..the tester says me shd have cut one line by another.. i say to the tester..but behind no cars what..
then he says i drive too fast..u tik you got license liao is it..can drive so fast..when its only <80km/h
then say me when i seldom check blind spot one..i say i am on e left side of the road..check wat left side blind spot.. e end..this deduct tat deduct..genna

2nd time..i do everything sui sui...gek gek check more blind spots..cut lane one by one.slow down driving..etc

pass liao...who cares...abt blind spot.cut lane fast fast anyhw.
so before get license..b gd gal/boi..
after getting license is another thing..


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Dimpxtt, Haha.. You best.. Still can argue w TP.. You've earned my respect man... =)

Yea.. True.. My 2nd time, I took the trouble to be more goody-two-shoes. TP said "Keep Left, Turn Left" I repeat after him " Ok sir, Keep Left, Turn Left" Check blind spot also must do a bit exaggerated else he cannot see. Most of the time I say out what I am doing or was gonna do. A bit too "wayang" but it helped for me, I guess. Minimise chances of him adding demerit points, increase chances of passing.


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ya..e act of wayang and let your actions be more obvious and be gd boy/gal to listen to instructions

DONT AGRUE..haaaaa
even though heart thumping..must act ai-zai


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Blind spots are blind spots for a reason.. and you have to check them - whether you pass or fail is immaterial.

Even if you are on the left-most lane, there will still be bicycles or motor-cycles squeezing through the left.. so can't totally ignore..

And even if you are on a road that is one-way traffic, you still need to check and keep lookout - there could be possibilities that bicycles, motor-cycles or even cars may turn illegally..


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Thank for the tips..! will definately try &amp; see if it can calm me down. Sian, why must the TP tell me on the spot that I failed, maybe it might not affect me that much and I could have thick-skinnly proceed w the rest. Darn, don't know what is coming up next..

Understand now that 1st time failure is ok, but mine is auto leh.. manual can understand lah, but auto ? I got collegues telling me that failing auto I ought to be shot.. Idiot..


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mint leaf...your colleagues just teasing u..dun take it at heart :0

you will succeed one day...u already have e skills and experience (1st tp test) next round u will be more careful n less gan jiong..b good gal..tats it

u only fail when you stop trying one day.....
all the best


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learn to laugh at yourself and admit u're not good at EVERYTHING... else u will find that u do stupid things trying to keep up and win the approval of others... it is easiest to manipulate u if u're too hardup at 'failing' certain things... so watch yourself on this characteristic... ä¸è¦è¿™ä¹ˆå®¹æ˜“给人刺激。


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did someone just mention that blind spots are heckcare-able??? fwah dimpxtt, you are the kind of driver who shouldn't be driving at all - even more so than Mint_leaf. it is obvious that Mint_leaf was more nervous than anything else... so shouldn't be a problem to clear the practical once she believes in herself.

just don't be one of those crazy drivers who cause accidents, which can be prevented if not for complacency and laziness.


ya blind spot is v impt especially to look out for motorcyclist when u cant see them at the side mirror.


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depressed over a driving test? Come on. Set your expectations right. A tester can fail you finding the slightest faults and reason to do so.

Just do your part and leave the outcome on the tester. Nothing you can really do to control that. Getting nervous over mistakes? You have just proved the tester's right decision to fail you. You will make mistake on the road. No one can be completely alert all of the time and remain perfect in every judgement.

What is truly needed is the calmness to handle the situation. If you hit someone, or lost control of your car and its spinning hard. Or it just skidded over some oil patch or burst a tyre after hitting on a rock or something. Do you know how to handle? Many singaporean drivers cannot even take the stress of someone cutting their lanes or following more closely to their hogging driving. And honking them makes it even worser for them. Like someone is out to kill them or something. That is what is important not just for your own safety but other road users and passengers as well. The composure and instant reaction to cope with the pressure.

I agree with Powder about the overtaking part. The manner I passed the test is simple. Just stick to the lane, even when behind buses. I got pinalized for cutting out and accelerating. So, I just sit behind and wait even when the tester asked me to go. I just said its okie, I will wait. Then, I passed. Now, I only drive this way when I'm on leave and not in a rush to anywhere or waiting for the ERP gantry to go off in a few minutes. It takes too long to wait behind all the hoggers.
Well TS, the problem is this is your FIRST TEST and you FREAK OUT.

only 10% of the people pass in the first test.

most did it in the 2nd time or 3rd time.

it doesn't matter how badly u done or how good u done. u just need to follow what u learn and do it correctly.

18 points. just drive through the courses, do the parking well,beware of the E-BREAK. out in the roadjust drive accordingly to the tester's direction. then keep checking mirror, left right, check speed. then sure pass de.


u freak out because you give yourself too much pressure and wanting to pass the driving too much.

U let many people know that you are going for the test (like your parents, friends and everyone u know). so you give yourself insane amount of crazy pressure.

U must also tell everyone u know u will pass and got all those "BLESSING" from parents, siblings and all your friends.


U should not tell anyone about you taking the test on a certain day. just go for the test, and yes if you failed again. nobody know. so the "SHAME" isn't there to pressure you.

do the same for your future. do not tell anyone about you having to go for this exam, this interview, this inportant things. so in the end when u didn't make it, no body know. and since nobody know, it doesn't matter anymore if you fail or pass. just do what you need to do. fail -> book again, burn money.

pass -> well nothing to celebrate since you failed before, might as well celebrate your failure.


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there are ppl failing auto also what's the big deal? are u the one taking the test or your friends? why are u so bothered by their comments?

if I were u, I'd screw them upside down even if they were my friends for making those type of comments.


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Agree totally.. I must had given myself too much pressure on passing it for the 1st time. That's why I flunked horribly. Never so nervous in my life before, even taking major exams, speaking in public etc don't cause me that much of stress. Probably it is a test of skills on the spot that's why.

Also because some of my friends &amp; collegues happen to know about it. Cos i took leave to do my revision prior to the test. Dumb move, backfired cos they happen to knew.


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i quietly quietly go n take my 2b license w/o any1 knowing..not even my mum..haaaa who always kpkp when i go for lessons..tats y i always sneak out..
prior to tat..some of my guy frends say..if go take test sure fail one...
then e same day i surprise them tat i PASSED..on the 1st time...haaaa

so mint leaf, u tell yourself that can do it and give the pple ard you surprise...yi ming jing ren...


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Hi feelingpain,

It's not the end of the world. Possible worse outcome of not having a licence. : Just be a public transport girl or let people pamper you and drive you around.


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"Hi feelingpain, it's not the end of the world. Possible worse outcome of not having a licence. : Just be a public transport girl or let people pamper you and drive you around."

Albee, you are watching Ch 5 while the rest of us are on SCV haha

Btw, Mint Leaf and Feelingpain are different people I believe.


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So sorry. Typo error. Should be addressing to Mint. Anyway just comforting you, it's ok not having a licence, I don't feel disadvantage in any way.


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sometimes as a gal, it is good to be driven...
wayang a bit....but nobody fetch *pout*
who knows.....pple lining up to fetch u...haa


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cheer up mint_leaf!
i was once in the same boat as you, think i really gave myself too much pressure to pass on the first try.

what compounded the problem was a few factors:
1. my younger sister (by 4 years!!) started lessons same time as me, but cos she was still a student and i was already working, she managed to complete her lessons and pass her TP a few months ahead of my TP test. first try and she has no prior experience on the road.

2. everyone expected me to pass because i got my 2b licence on the first try. some more i was one of the 'top performers' with only 4 points.

in the end i failed cos i kissed the kerb, and worse, i didn't know how to correct the car. so it went to and fro and kissed the kerb consecutive times

i was very demoralised too and my mum even accused me of lying when i said i had failed! but ok la, by the time the 2nd test rolled around, i was not so kan chiong already. what's the worst that can happen? fail, right? well it already happened before so i found it something that was acceptable to me.

you gotta keep your spirits up. be less kan chiong for the next test. wishing you the best of luck!!
it's best to let anyone know you taking tests , going interview, sitting for some exams.

when you failed - u got mocked and suan siao by people. friends / parents / sibling will like come and "console" you

colleague, classmate,those not good term one, will mock at you saying bad like sure fail de, look at her face also know she failure face etc...

well if no one know u go for those test, the bad effect will not be there when u didn't make it. it's like who bother...

and when you pass it, also keep quite lah. why make a fuss to celebrate. and when u got the $$$ to get a car in the future, then people ask you, u got license meh, your answer can be " i got it for years" or you can think of your won special reply.

just keep low profile and quite until you pass.
don't mention anything to your evil colleague, you got mocked anyway.


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Mint leaf
Don't be sad at all. I passed on my 3rd attempt and one of my cousins and my hubby's friend passed on their 6th attempt.

I failed my 1st test when I was 17. Two cars were racing with one another and all of the sudden, one of them cut in front of me and nearly hit to my car. I braked and kena scolded by my tester. He failed me because of that.

2nd time failed for dunno what reason. I was penalised for something that I wasn't at fault at all. I suspected the tester failed me due to my age. He kept complaining that I was too young to have a licence. I was 17 also.

After the two attempts, I decided to stop everything totally. I felt super down and shitty. However, my instructor forced me to go for my 3rd attempt but I nearly could not make it again. Luckily when the tester questioned me why was I so desperate to get a licence, I lied to him that my father owned a provision shop and he needed me to deliver goods. I remembered very clearly that he looked at me for about 3 mins and passed me after that. Before I left, he told me that he could fail me because of my age.

Anyway, don't be too discourage just over one failed attempt. You took things too seriously. I only can advise you is that when you are going for your next test, don't think so much. Drive with ease and you should be fine.


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me too, passed on my 3rd attempt

even more silly, on my 2nd attempt i mount kerb in the circuit. immediate failure. and this is the 1st time i mount kerb in my whole entire driving experience.

my tester still took me out of the circuit to drive. so i literally had a practise session with an actual tester.

by 3rd attempt, no more feeling already. just drive normally and passed.

mint leaf, i think u wasted a good chance to practise your driving when you freaked out and couldn't drive. it will be good for the tester to see your driving skills and give u tips to improve for your next test.

Anyway, just wait for your next test. Don't get so stressed up. just sign up for revision and practise again.